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Stunningly Savage Quotes By Mil Millington

Just think of Emily Bronte, for example: psychotically bookish - but was there ever a woman screaming out so loudly for a good f***ing? I even suspect that's why Wuthering Heights carries on decades too long rather than sensibly drawing the curtains a little after Cathy's death. It was Bronte saying, 'Look - I'm simply going to keep on writing this stuff until someone comes and shags me raw. — Mil Millington

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Deyth Banger

I have two eyes, and I go to see the ice. — Deyth Banger

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

Make up a recipe for a successful revolution."
"Take large masses of injustice, resentment and frustration. Put them in a week or failing hegemon. Sir in misery for a generation or two, until the heat rises. Throw in destabilizing circumstances to taste. A tiny pinch of event to catalyze the whole. Once the main goal of the revolution is achieved, cool instantly to institutionalize the new order. — Kim Stanley Robinson

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Harper Sloan

Serious as shit right now, Izzy. You keep looking at me like I'm the last drop of water left over after a long-ass drought and I will take you right here in the doorway. Jesus Christ, I'm so fucking hard right now, I think I really could hammer nails. — Harper Sloan

Stunningly Savage Quotes By William Shakespeare

Tis a blushing shame-faced spirit that mutinies in a man's bosom. It fills a man full of obstacles. It made me once restore a purse of gold that (by chance) I found. It beggars any man that keeps it. — William Shakespeare

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Amit Kalantri

When someone gives you advice, just ask them to give it in writing and they will either keep mum or will run from there. — Amit Kalantri

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Mandy Hale

Happily Single is holding out for the best and letting go of the rest. It's saying "I will and I can" to yourself before you say "I do" to someone else. It means you're not looking for a better half because you are already whole. And ultimately, it means that someday when you do invite someone to join you on your journey, it will be because he complements your life, not because he completes it. — Mandy Hale

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Anonymous

As we practice these disciplines, it's of paramount importance that we keep two truths in mind. First, the disciplines themselves are not the source of spiritual power. Only the Holy Spirit is. The disciplines are his instruments to transmit his power. Second, the practice of the disciplines doesn't earn us favor with God or secure his blessings. Christ has already done that through his sinless life and sin-bearing death for us. That's why the grace we need to live the Christian life is "in Christ Jesus." It bears repeating: we must be on our guard to avoid seeing the practice of the disciplines as either the source of power we need or the meritorious cause of receiving the power. — Anonymous

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Charlie Sheen

You can't criticize Bob Dylan's singing. You have to respect Billy Joel as a brilliant poet. You can't tell me there's a better rock band ever than Led Zeppelin. And if you speak during the Eagles' "Last Resort," we're done. I'm just asking for seven minutes. This stuff really matters, you know. — Charlie Sheen

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

When death brings at last the desired forgetfulness, it abolishes life and being together, and sets the seal on the knowledge that "being" is merely a continual "has been," a thing that lives by denying and destroying and contradicting itself. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Helen Dunmore

They stand close for a while, not touching, but breathing each other's breath. The city is silent now, as if for peace. — Helen Dunmore

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Pietro Aretino

He who has not been at a tavern knows not what a paradise it is. O holy tavern! O miraculous tavern!
holy, because no carking cares are there, nor weariness, nor pain; and miraculous, because of the spits, which themselves turn round and round! — Pietro Aretino

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Marilyn Grey

I so envied the world around me. Don't get me wrong, I loved my own life too, but that didn't stop me from wishing I could close my eyes and slip into someone else's life. You know, explore the world with different eyes, a different heart. — Marilyn Grey

Stunningly Savage Quotes By Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

If we can spend more time uprooting vices and rooting virtues, our world will be safer and better. — Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha