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Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

We're so busy broadcasting our latest cultural disdain that we scantly notice anything we enjoy. 'Oh man, this Rebecca Black kid is terrible! Let's laugh at her!' has become more culturally relevant than, 'I really love this new Bilal record.' — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Timothy B. Tyson

He held his ground like a sweet gum stump trying hard to live in a spirit of love and action, not anger and reaction — Timothy B. Tyson

Stump Quotes By Byron York

Some Democrats and their advocates in the press believe Obamacare, a year into implementation, is no longer much of a factor in the midterm elections. But no one has told Republican candidates, who are still pounding away at the Affordable Care Act on the stump. And no one has told voters, especially those in states with closely contested Senate races, who regularly place it among the top issues of the campaign. — Byron York

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Everyone wants to pretend like they sprang out of the ground with an Animal Collective record in their hands and a David Bowie haircut, and that's just not the case. You discover these things gradually. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Brett Lee

You might pitch a ball on the off stump and think you have bowled a good ball and he walks across and hits it for two behind midwicket. His bat looks so heavy but he just waves it around like it's a toothpick. — Brett Lee

Stump Quotes By Lauren Santo Domingo

In front of the coffee tablethere is a neon-pink stump stool, which I bought because my friend Amanda Brooks told me that every house has to have a 'wart,' or one really ugly piece. — Lauren Santo Domingo

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I was going to record a solo album when I was 15 on a four-track. I started working on it, but then Fall Out Boy happened. The band was awesome and took me in a totally different direction. I don't regret it at all, but the band delayed the record I had been planning. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

There was a stump of a tree, and in the dark, a thief came that way and said, "That is a policeman." A young man waiting for his beloved saw it and thought that it was his sweetheart. A child who had been told ghost stories took it for a ghost and began to shriek. But all the time it was the stump of a tree. We see the world as we are. Do — Swami Vivekananda

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

The song that's affected me the most profoundly is probably Michael Jackson's 'Thriller,' or, more specifically, the couple seconds of instrumental break before Vincent Price starts 'rapping.' — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Sam Kean

Confederate surgeons usually performed "circular" amputations. They made a 360-degree cut through the skin, then scrunched it up like a shirt cuff. After sawing through the muscle and bone, they inched the skin back down to wrap the stump. This method led to less scarring and infection. Union surgeons preferred "flap" amputations: doctors left two flaps of flesh hanging beside the wound to fold over after they'd sawed through. This method was quicker and provided a more comfortable stump for prosthetics. Altogether, surgeons lopped off 60,000 fingers, toes, hands, feet, and limbs during the war. — Sam Kean

Stump Quotes By Dave Brat

The problem with modern politics is everybody is doing sound bite stuff. In my stump speech, I give 20 minutes on why I think we're off track. And I think people do really want to engage in a serious high-level discussion on how to get the country back on track because people care about their own country. — Dave Brat

Stump Quotes By Andrea Portes

If you turned a Labrador into a person you would make Brad Kline. He's happy and gushy and about as interesting and complex as a tree stump. — Andrea Portes

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I love playing our older songs along with newer ones but If all I have is my old stuff, I quit. Creating is more rewarding. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Getting over it so soon? But the words are ambiguous. To say the patient is getting over it after an operation for appendicitis is one thing; after he's had his leg off is quite another. After that operation either the wounded stump heals or the man dies. If it heals, the fierce, continuous pain will stop. Presently he'll get back his strength and be able to stump about on his wooden leg. He has 'got over it.' But he will probably have recurrent pains in the stump all his life, and perhaps pretty bad ones; and he will always be a one-legged man. There will be hardly any moment when he forgets it. Bathing, dressing, sitting down and getting up again, even lying in bed, will all be different. His whole way of life will be changed. All sorts of pleasures and activities that he once took for granted will have to be simply written off. Duties too. At present I am learning to get about on crutches. Perhaps I shall presently be given a wooden leg. But I shall never be a biped again. — C.S. Lewis

Stump Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

Trousers rolled to the knee but still they got wet. They tied the rope to a cleat at the rear of the boat and rowed back across the lake, jerking the stump slowly behind them. By then it was already evening. Just the slow periodic rack and shuffle of the oarlocks. The lake dark glass and windowlights coming on along the shore. A radio somewhere. Neither of them had spoken a word. This was the perfect day of childhood. This is the day to shape the days upon. — Cormac McCarthy

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Fear is killing us, but true love can survive. If we cooperate, we can beat doubt. But first, rebuild trust. Take responsibility. Happiness is still free, though not always apparent when it's right in front of us. So keep calm, it's gonna get better. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Howard Ashman

In almost every musical ever written, there's a place that's usually about the third song of the evening - sometimes it's the second, sometimes it's the fourth, but it's quite early - and the leading lady usually sits down on something; sometimes it's a tree stump in Brigadoon, sometimes it's under the pillars of Covent Garden in My Fair Lady, or it's a trash can in Little Shop of Horrors ... but the leading lady sits down on something and sings about what she wants in life. And the audience falls in love with her and then roots for her to get it for the rest of the night. — Howard Ashman

Stump Quotes By Daniel Younger

The goblin Vince swung at Noah as the Baron came bounding into the tavern, riding a shadow like a skateboard, his sword swiping viciously. The axe rattled to the floor. The old one's head sailed through the air. The body staggered, exploring the tarry stump of its neck, then toppled over.
"That was totally uncalled for!" the goblin's head said from the floor. — Daniel Younger

Stump Quotes By Mark Steyn

Even if you don't mind Romneycare, or the abortion flip-flop, or any of the rest, there's a more basic problem: He's not a natural campaigner, and on the stump he instinctively recoils from any personal connection with the voters. — Mark Steyn

Stump Quotes By William H Gass

It's true there are moments - foolish moments, ecstasy on a tree stump - when I'm all but gone, scattered I like to think like seed, for I'm the sort now in the fool's position of having love left over which I'd like to lose; what good is it now to me, candy ungiven after Halloween? — William H Gass

Stump Quotes By Mark Hoppus

He [Patrick Stump] is been a friend of ours for a long time, and when we were talking about working with different producers and songwriters for the record, Patrick's name came up. We were excited to work with him - he's a very gifted lyricist and songwriter, and a really cool guy and it was a pleasure to work with him in the studio. — Mark Hoppus

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I always thought 'Stump' was kind of like, you dropped something on your foot. It's not the most exotic rock-star name. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By George R R Martin

Bran could not take his eyes off the blood. The snows around the stump drank it eagerly, reddening as he watched. — George R R Martin

Stump Quotes By Carl Brashear

Sometimes I would come back from a run, and my artificial leg would have a puddle of blood from my stump. I wouldn't go to sick bay. In that year, if I had gone to sick bay, they would have written me up. I didn't go to sick bay. I'd go somewhere and hide and soak my leg in a bucket of hot water with salt in it
an old remedy. Then I'd get up the next morning and run. — Carl Brashear

Stump Quotes By Paolo Bacigalupi

Her father would return from China. He'd come back with all his soldiers. He'd pick her up in his strong arms and say that he'd never meant to leave, that he hadn't meant to sail away and leave her and her mother alone in the canals of the Drowned Cities as the Army of God and the UPF and the Freedom Militia came down like a hammer on every single person who'd ever trafficked with the peacekeepers. A stupid little dream for a stupid little war maggot. Mahlia hated herself for dreaming it. But sometimes she curled in on herself and held the stump of her right hand to her chest and pretended that none of it had happened. That her father was still here, and she still had a hand, and everything was going to get better. — Paolo Bacigalupi

Stump Quotes By Frances Mayes

At Bramasole, the first secret spot that draws me outside is a stump and board bench on a high terrace overlooking the lake and valley. Before I sit down, I must bang the board against a tree to knock off all the ants. Then I'm happy. With a stunted oak tree for shelter and a never-ending view, I am hidden. No one knows where I am. The nine-year-old's thrill of the hideout under the hydrangea comes back: My mother is calling me and I am not answering. — Frances Mayes

Stump Quotes By Lev Grossman

Quentin went to work on a bitter single malt Scotch that tasted like it had been decanted through the stump of an oak tree that had been killed by lightning. — Lev Grossman

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I think when you're 17 and you're angry, you're angry about very short-term things. And there's nothing wrong about writing that record. It's a very real record to write; it's the realest record I could write when I was 17. The problem is, when you're 28, it's not the same thing; it can be a put-on. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By George R R Martin

He pushed away from her and raised his arm, forcing his stump into her face. A Hand without a hand? A bad jape, sister. Don't ask me to rule. — George R R Martin

Stump Quotes By Toni Morrison

I know what every colored woman in this country is doing ... Dying. Just like me. But the difference is they dying like a stump. Me, I'm going down like one of those redwoods. I sure did live in this world. — Toni Morrison

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I don't mind if someone thinks I'm a sell out. I go to bed happy knowing I do what I do and I'm not doing anything for reasons of money, and if I were trying to pick up chicks, I'm doing a horrible job. And if I wanted to drive awesome cars, I'm doing a really bad job there too. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Al Stump

Was Ty Cobb psychotic throughout his playing career? The answer is yes. — Al Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

For some people, home is family and their mom's house or their girl or whatever, and I have those experiences as well, but the biggest thing for me is Chicago. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

The effort to make financial or political profit out of the destruction of character can only result in public calamity. Gross and reckless assaults on character, whether on the stump or in newspaper, magazine, or book, create a morbid and vicious public sentiment, and at the same time act as a profound deterrent to able men of normal sensitiveness and tend to prevent them from entering the public service at any price. — Theodore Roosevelt

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Everyday you gotta wake up & be yourself, even if you suck, especially if you suck, because no one else sucks like you suck - Patrick StumpPatrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I think writing is a much more personal thing. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Paolo Bacigalupi

You call me castoff," Mahlia said, "Chinese throwaway, whatever." Amaya was trying to look away, but Mahlia had her pinned, kept her eye to eye. "My old man might have been peacekeeper, but my mom was pure Drowned Cities. You want to war like that, I'm all in." Mahlia lifted the scarred stump of her right hand, shoved it up in Amaya's face. "Maybe I cut you the way the Army of God cut me. See how you do with just a lucky left. How'd you like that? — Paolo Bacigalupi

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

All of the agreed-upon pariahs throughout pop-culture history put their identities into the thing we decry. And yet we derive our own identities from the act of hating. We connect on the things we are disappointed in. Some may argue that nothing in history gathers a crowd like complaining about Lady Gaga's meat dress. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By David Wong

That is how the human brain works, when it looks at a formless cloud, it tries to see a shape, or a face, or otherwise associate it with something that makes sense in some known cultural context, like the proverbial image of the Virgin Mary seen in the grain of a tree stump, or a slice of toast. But make no mistake - the observer supplies the face. — David Wong

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Written by the ancient Chinese philosopher of the same name, the 'Zhuangzi' is one long perplexing puzzle of a rambling collection of enigmatic short stories. It's a strange feeling to laugh at a joke written by someone in the 4th century B.C. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Samuel Laman Blanchard

For the author there is nothing but his pen, till that and life are worn to the stump: and then, with good fortune, perhaps on his death-bed he receives a pension and equals, it may be, for a few months, the income of a retired butler! — Samuel Laman Blanchard

Stump Quotes By Doris Kearns Goodwin

Fearing that Taft would be too reticent on the stump, Roosevelt barraged him with incessant advice. "Do not answer Bryan; attack him!" he counseled in early September, adding, "Don't let him make the issues. — Doris Kearns Goodwin

Stump Quotes By Bernard Berenson

It was a morning in early summer. A silver haze shimmered and trembled over the lime trees. The air was laden with their fragrance. The temperature was like a caress. I remember - I need not recall - that I climbed up a tree stump and felt suddenly immersed in Itness. I did not call it by that name. I had no need for words. It and I were one. — Bernard Berenson

Stump Quotes By Hope Jahren

Our world is falling apart quietly. Human civilization has reduced the plant, a four-million-year-old life form, into three things: food, medicine, and wood. In our relentless and ever-intensifying obsession with obtaining a higher volume, potency, and variety of these three things, we have devastated plant ecology to an extent that millions of years of natural disaster could not. Roads have grow like a manic fungus and the endless miles of ditches that bracket these roads serve as hasty graves for perhaps millions of plant species extinguished in the name of progress. Planet Earth is nearly a Dr. Seuss book made real: every year since 1990 we have created more than eight billion new stumps. If we continue to fell healthy trees at this rate, less then six hundred years from now, every tree on the planet will have been reduced to a stump. My job is about making sure there will be some evidence that someone cared about the great tragedy that unfolded during our age. — Hope Jahren

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I used to work in a record store. I'm kind of a record nerd. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Allow your attention to gently alight on your belly, as if you were coming upon a shy animal sunning itself on a tree stump in a clearing in the forest. Feel your belly rise or expand gently on the inbreath, and fall or recede on the outbreath. — Jon Kabat-Zinn

Stump Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

When I was born, my mother dressed me as a boy because she could not afford to feed any more daughters. By the mystic laws of gender and economics, it ruins a peasant to place half a bowl of figs in front of his daughter, while his son may gorge on the whole tree, burn it for firewood and piss on the stump, and still be reckoned a blessing to his father. — Jeanette Winterson

Stump Quotes By Charlie Daniels

Just take them rascals [rapists, killers, child abusers] out in the swamp / Put 'em on their knees and tie 'em to a stump / Let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest, — Charlie Daniels

Stump Quotes By Cecily White

Caring about him was like trying to love a tree stump - a cold, mean-spirited paternalistic tree stump. With fungus. — Cecily White

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Pessimism is basically being too inflexible or too impatient with your dreams. Thanks for being so kind!!! — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Eh, "Haters," never bothered me. Nothing on twitter is serious. I only dislike when folks attack each other. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I really like pop music, I don't think it's a four-letter word. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

It soon became obvious, even with9in the stedding, that the Pattern was grwoing frail. The sky darkened. Our dead appeared, standing in rings outside the broders of the stedding, looking in. Most troubingly, trees fell ill, and no song would heal them.
It was in this time of sorrows that I stepped up to the Great Stump. At first, I was forbidden, but my mother, covril, demanded I have my chance. I do not know wht sparked her change of heart, as she herself had argued quite decisvely for the opposing side. My hands shook. I would be the last speaker, and most seemed to have already made up their minds to open the Book of Translation. They considered me an afterthought.
And I knew that unless I spoke true, humanity would be left along to face the Shadow. In that moment, my nervousness fled. I felt only a stilness, a calm sense of purpose. I opened my mouth, and I began to speak.
-from The Dragon Reborn, by Loial, son of Arent son of Halan, of Stedding Shangtai — Brandon Sanderson

Stump Quotes By William Goldman

To the pain means this: if we duel and you win, death for me. If we duel and I win, life for you. But life on my terms. The first thing you lose will be your feet. Below the ankle. You will have stumps available to use within six months. Then your hands, at the wrists. They heal somewhat quicker. Five months is a fair average. Next your nose. No smell of dawn for you. Followed by your tongue. Deeply cut away. Not even a stump left. And then your left eye - "
And then my right eye, and then my ears, and shall we get on with it?" the Prince said.
Wrong!" Westley's voice rang across the room. "Your ears you keep, so that every shriek of every child shall be yours to cherish - every babe that weeps in fear at your approach, every woman that cries 'Dear God, what is that thing?' will reverberate forever with your perfect ears. — William Goldman

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I don't want names, but you have to have bumped into some pretty nasty artists with pretty big chips on their shoulders. I'd like an anecdote about the most obnoxious personality you had the misfortune of working with, albeit as anonymously as you feel comfortable divulging. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Good! Hang in there! It's normal! [Low self-esteem] Often it's a sign of intelligence (but don't let that go to your head haha) — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Bill Bryson

The poet Robert Browning caused considerable consternation by including the word twat in one of his poems, thinking it an innocent term. The work was Pippa Passes, written in 1841 and now remembered for the line "God's in His heaven, all's right with the world." But it also contains this disconcerting passage:
Then owls and bats
Cowls and twats
Monks and nuns in a cloister's moods,
Adjourn to the oak-stump pantry!
Browning had apparently somewhere come across the word twat
which meant precisely the same then as it does now
but pronounced it with a flat a and somehow took it to mean a piece of headgear for nuns. The verse became a source of twittering amusement for generations of schoolboys and a perennial embarrassment to their elders, but the word was never altered and Browning was allowed to live out his life in wholesome ignorance because no one could think of a suitably delicate way of explaining his mistake to him. — Bill Bryson

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I don't ship anything. Except when I have to send packages through the mail. Now, please stop asking about fanfic. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Robert Jordan

It has been quite a weight, hasn't it?" Tam asked. "What weight?" Rand replied. "That lost hand you've been carrying." Rand looked down at his stump. "Yes. I believe it has been at that. — Robert Jordan

Stump Quotes By Dan Chaon

Hesitantly, I touched the stump where my finger used to be. In my mind, something almost remembered itself, but the fumes of turpentine were making me a little lightheaded; whatever memory was on the verge of coughing itself up was gone even before it materialized. Out the window, I could see a squirrel was stumbling erratically around in circles underneath the old basketball net. Then I realized that it wasn't a squirrel; it was a brown paper bag. — Dan Chaon

Stump Quotes By Pete Wentz

But a lot of things probably will never change - like our friendships and our working relationships. As far as me and Patrick [Stump, the singer] and all of Fall Out Boy, it's in a vacuum. — Pete Wentz

Stump Quotes By Robert Stump

If you're trying to open a doorway to perception and it seems to be stuck, try opening it the other way. — Robert Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

feel like I've never really been beholden to any genre. FOB's kind of changed on every record — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Thomas Eakins

The brush is a more powerful and rapid tool than the point or the stump ... the main thing that the brush secures is the instant grasp of the grand construction of a figure. — Thomas Eakins

Stump Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

Did you see it?" asked Yarvi.
"I had that questionable privilege."
"What do you think?"
"She is wretched. She is all pride and anger. She has too much confidence and too little. She does not know herself." The figure pushed back her hood. A black-skinned old woman with a face lean as famine and hair shaved to gray fuzz. She picked her nose with one long forefinger, carefully examined the results, then flicked them away "The girl is stupid as a stump. Worse. Most stumps have the dignity to rot quietly without causing offense."
"I'm right here," Thorn managed to hiss from her hands and knees.
"Just where the drunk boy put you." The woman flashed a smile at Brand that seemed to have too many teeth. "I like him, though: he is pretty and desperate. My favorite combination. — Joe Abercrombie

Stump Quotes By John Raese

I'm a native West Virginian and I've been called everything from a hillbilly to a stump jumper. I'm always proud of it; I'm very proud to be a West Virginian. — John Raese

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

When I eat something like vegetable bibimbap, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling of eating stuff that I grew up with. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Self-deprecating or arrogant, it's all selfish. Hard as it is, life's better when you spend more time on the rest of the world — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Brian Spellman

Paradoxes only stump sane people. Nuts have irrational on our side. — Brian Spellman

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

My bucket list is pretty much checked off. But oh, we should play in space! Let's do that. We'll play in space, up on a satellite somewhere. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Fall Out Boy

Blood brothers in desperation
Oath of silence for the voice of a generation — Fall Out Boy

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I don't want to put out something I'm not psyched on just because I finished it. That's the stupidest reason to do something, really. I want it to be up to my standards. I don't want to put out something I wouldn't listen to. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By George R R Martin

If this is true, how is it no one knows?" "The knights of the Kingsguard are sworn to keep the king's secrets. Would you have me break my oath?" Jaime laughed. "Do you think the noble Lord of Winterfell wanted to hear my feeble explanations? Such an honorable man. He only had to look at me to judge me guilty." Jaime lurched to his feet, the water running cold down his chest. "By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right?" A violent shiver took him, and he smashed his stump against the rim of the tub as he tried to climb out. — George R R Martin

Stump Quotes By Kalayna Price

Watch the dog! His hands actually hesitated, and I think he realized for the first time that PC was there. The dog's presence seemed to stump him. What, he's never seen a dog in a purse before? That or he thought PC was some sort of hairless rat - that happened. — Kalayna Price

Stump Quotes By Mitt Romney

In every stump speech I give, I speak about the fact that people who dream and achieve enormous success do not make us poorer - they make us better off. — Mitt Romney

Stump Quotes By Sam Pink

Every time I leave the apartment, I mistake the tree stump across the street for two people kissing/holding each other. I've forgotten every time that it's a tree stump. I'm disappointed every time it's a tree stump. — Sam Pink

Stump Quotes By Richelle Mead

Observing is not the same as experiencing.' Li Wei gestures angrily at my stump. 'You sit there and judge others from a safe distance every day. You assume because you watch us, you understand us. But you don't. — Richelle Mead

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

No one's busy thinking bad things about you. They're all too busy thinking bad things about themselves. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Kristin Cashore

Alone in the forest, Katsa sat on a stump and cried. She cried like a person whose heart is broken and wondered how, when two people loved each other, there could be such a broken heart. — Kristin Cashore

Stump Quotes By Mark Twain

Hi-YI! YOU'RE up a stump, ain't you! — Mark Twain

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Kid problems are when you're bummed because girls don't like you or something silly, but then you get older and people start dying and going broke and whatever. People get sick. When you get older these things just happen. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

What? A family?" Ninefingers frowned, rubbing grimly at the stump of his middle finger. "I did have one. And now I've got another. You don't pick your family, you take what you'er given and you make the best of it." He pointed at
Ferro, then at Quai. "You see her, and him, and you?" He slapped his hand down on Jezal's shoulder. "That's my family now, and I don't pal on losing a brother today, you understand? — Joe Abercrombie

Stump Quotes By Terri Osburn

The man would fight with a stump. — Terri Osburn

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Eh. Hipster's not really a thing anymore. Plus, hipster or out of touch old dude? Same uniform really ... — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Probably the most cold-hearted thing I ever did. There was this spider in my shower - and I'm usually very kind to all of the creatures of the world - and you feel very vulnerable when you're naked, and I didn't really want to be near this spider he was kinda big and gnarly looking. The only thing that I could reach in the shower was this hairspray. So I hairspray-ed this spider to death, which was awful. I felt like such a jerk. It was really, really harsh. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Kazuo Ishiguro

And there was a tree stump outside the Black Barn everyone called 'Dave's stump' because for over three years, until a few weeks before our arrival, he'd sat on it to read and write, sometimes even when it was raining or cold. — Kazuo Ishiguro

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

One of the things that always was Fall Out Boy was trying new things and kind of pushing ourselves in different directions. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I always think about opportunity and how you regret the things you don't do. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Jim Thompson

Well. Well?
What are you going to do? What are you going to say?
What are you going to say when you're drowning in your own dung and they keep booting you back into it, when all the screams in hell wouldn't be as loud as you want to scream, when you're at the bottom of the pit and the whole world's at the top, when it has but one face, a face without eyes or ears, and yet it watches and listens ... .
What are you going to do and say? Why, pardner, that's simple. It's easy as nailing your balls to a stump and falling off backwards. Snow again, pardner, and drift me hard, because that's an easy one.
You're gonna say, they can't keep a good man down. You're gonna say, a winner never quits and a quitter never wins. You're gonna smile, boy, you're gonna show 'em the ol' fightin' smile. And then you're gonna get out there an' hit 'em hard and fast and low, an' - an' Fight! — Jim Thompson

Stump Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

The proper way to eat a fig, in society,
Is to split it in four, holding it by the stump,
And open it, so that it is a glittering, rosy, moist, honied, heavy-petalled four-petalled flower. — D.H. Lawrence

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

There are two types of bands - there are the ones that are basically solo projects anyways, where there's clearly the one guy who's driving the ship and everyone else is just along for the ride. And then there was my band, where you have a few very disparate-taste, creative people who kind of meet in the middle somewhere. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

No, my son. Not she. I. I lay on the rocks and the sun gnawed at my flesh. I pleaded for my life with a useless stump of a tongue. I watched your precious Cveti close up my severed breasts in a silver box. And I listened to the soldiers praise her false name - Ghyfran! Ghyfran! The whore who betrayed her god for power. This body is new, but I am Ragnhild, first of my name, and I am the plague which will burn through the marrow of the Anointed City. — Catherynne M Valente

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

I don't want to be George Lucas and go back after the fact. — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Rachel Caine

Geek cred points for trying to stump me, but sorry, you'll have to do better than that. Would you like to try anime for a hundred?" When she looked blank, he sighed. "What took it down, anime, or the Jeopardy reference? — Rachel Caine

Stump Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

The Anglo-American can indeed cut down and grub up all this waving forest, and make a stump speech on its ruins, but he cannot converse with the spirit of the tree he fells, he cannot read the poetry and mythology which retire as he advances. He ignorantly erases mythological — Henry David Thoreau

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

In reply to "Why are people at school such d*cks"
Cause they're sad and scared and insecure. Don't let them spread it to you. Try and spread confidence and kindness — Patrick Stump

Stump Quotes By Steve Toltz

I'll teach you how to decipher all the confused faces by closing your eyes & how to cringe when someone says the words 'your generation'. I will teach you how not to demonise your enemies & how to make yourself unappetising when the hordes turn up to eat you. I'll teach you how to yell with your mouth closed & how to steal happiness & how the only real joy is singing yourself hoarse & nude girls & how never to eat in an empty restaurant & how not to leave the windows of your heart open when it looks like rain & how everyone has a stump where something necessary was amputated. I'll teach you how to know what's missing. — Steve Toltz

Stump Quotes By John Buchanan

Revolutionaries - true revolutionaries - are aggressive, ruthless, and generally seize the main chance, as William Henry Drayton did when he saw that stump-speaking was getting him nowhere. But defenders of the status quo tend toward caution and legalisms and inaction until it is too late — John Buchanan

Stump Quotes By William Gilbert

If you wish in this world to advance your merits you're bound to enhance; You must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, Or, trust me, you haven't a chance. — William Gilbert

Stump Quotes By Patrick Stump

Most producers get into it because they were just never handsome or charismatic or talented enough to be the star. — Patrick Stump