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Top Sticking To Your Plan Quotes

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Anthony Mersino

When dealing with a complex adaptive system, sticking to the plan is a recipe for failure. — Anthony Mersino

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Ed Seykota

It's all about sticking to your plan and experiencing feelings as they arise. If you are unwilling to feel your feelings, the temptation is to avoid them by jumping off your system — Ed Seykota

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Adriana Lima

I love my job and I love my children. It's really about figuring out your schedules and getting everything down that you need to do and sticking to your plan. — Adriana Lima

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Melanie Harlow

I did love making lists. They calmed me, made me feel like I was in control, on top of things, sticking to a plan. But all over the floor were crumpled and wadded-up lists with titles like Pooping Your Pants in Public and Other Things That Are ALMOST As Humiliating as This But Not Quite and Not 10, Not 50, but 100 Reasons Why Tucker is a Fucker, — Melanie Harlow

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Richard Branson

When something doesn't go exactly to plan, money is tight or a business is struggling - see it as a challenge rather than a failure. Look outside the box and try and find a solution - you'll be surprised how many great opportunities and possibilities arise when things look bad. You've just got to open your mind and not be afraid of sticking your neck out! — Richard Branson

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By David Letterman

President Bush says now he is sticking to his plan for handing over power to the Iraqis on June 30. It's also part of his plan to hand over power to John Kerry on January 20. — David Letterman

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Tony Abbott

We are sticking with the plan. We have a plan to get taxes down, to get regulation down, to get productivity up, to create jobs, to reduce taxes, to boost prosperity. The plan is working and we are sticking with it. — Tony Abbott

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Preston Sprinkle

This is why your divorce, your addiction, your enslavement to porn, or years of sticking your finger down your throat to match up to some arbitrary standard of beauty can all be woven into the fabric of God's plan of redemption. God doesn't cause sin. He mourns it. He despises it. But through His gracious power, He's able to use it. No one and no sin can outrun God's grace. — Preston Sprinkle

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Paula Radcliffe

I never plan to run at a certain pace. All my career my motto has been 'no limits.' I don't try to run with a set time in mind, sticking to set splits, because what happens if you're ahead of your splits - are you going to slow down? — Paula Radcliffe

Sticking To Your Plan Quotes By Adam Young

I really do like surprises. I'm not so talented at planning things out or having schedules before or sticking to the plan per se, but yeah I'm very much a spontaneous guy and it's sort of hard for me to multi-task and to have all these things going on at once. — Adam Young