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Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Jim Rohn

Kids are curious.Kids are watching ants while adults are stepping on them. — Jim Rohn

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Sahara Sanders

With great hope in their hearts and wholehearted belief in their eyes during each new attempt, they keep on using the same approach over and over again, and always FAIL... Yet every time they expect that somehow a totally different result will magically occur!
They are "stepping on to the same rake," and each time they're surprised and angry when the rake handle hits them on the forehead again. But they keep seeing the reasons for their failures as just another hurtful kick from life - not a result of their own actions, which cause these setbacks. They just keep on blaming the rakes! — Sahara Sanders

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Kelly Oram

I was scared for her, which was kind of a new feeling for me because I never really pay that much attention to anyone. Aves was just so destroyed after New Year's Eve that I couldn't help myself. I was either stepping up as the role of overprotective big brother, or I'd developed an impossible crush and was pissed off that someone dared hurt my woman. I had no idea which it was.
Turns out I was every bit as tangled up in our warped relationship as Avery and Aiden. Thanks a lot, moms. Prenatal yoga classes should be illegal. — Kelly Oram

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Dan Wells

That figures," said Mom, stepping in from the landing and closing the door. "The only member of this family with a normal relationship is a sociopath. — Dan Wells

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Elizabeth Morgan

At the beginning of our relationship, my heart pounded so loudly whenever I
stood near him. He had an effect on me that no aspiring vicar should have on a young woman. — Elizabeth Morgan

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Kunal Nayyar

Too often we focus on the greater shcemes in life, like making money, or getting promoted at work, or starting a new relationship - and yea, of course, those things matter - but sometimes it's the tiny, gradual, stepping-stone victories that bring real joy and signify the positive changes in our life. — Kunal Nayyar

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Richard Paul Evans

Let me put it this way. Love is like learning how to dance. When you first hear the music, you're full of passion and you don't care who's watching because you just want to fling yourself around like an idiot. It's clumsy and it's full of missteps and falls and sometimes you're not even dancing to the same tune, but you don't notice because you're so carried away by the music.
But then the music begins to wane, and you start stepping on each other's toes. Some think that's the truth of the relationship and run. But the truth is, that's where true love begins. That's when you start to learn each other's rhythm and how to move together. And if you stick with it long enough, you might even learn to be graceful. — Richard Paul Evans

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Lykke Li

The problem is, when I talk about heartbreak or whatever, people want to melt it down to some break-up of a relationship, but it's not about that. If you're a sensitive person, just stepping outside can be heartbreaking. — Lykke Li

Stepping Up In A Relationship Quotes By Francis Chan

There is nothing better than giving up everything and stepping into a passionate love relationship with God, the God of the universe who made galaxies, leaves, laughter, and me and you. — Francis Chan