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Top Stealing Friends Quotes

Stealing Friends Quotes By James Franco

For some reason, when I was in junior high school, my friends and I had, like, a cologne-stealing ring. — James Franco

Stealing Friends Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

Serafina, Ava, Ling, and Becca swam inside. Neela followed them, but at the very last second, shield. "I can't," she said. "Once I go in, there's no way out again. This is real. You're real. All this time, a part of me was hoping you were only a dream."

The witch cocked her head. "Only a dream?" she said mockingly. "Long ago, a great mage dreamed of stealing the gods' powers. Abbadon was born of that dream. Atlantis died because of it. Now, because of a new dreamer, all the waters of the world may fall. There is nothing more real than a dream." She nodded at the waters behind Neela. Silt was rising in the distance, a great deal of it. "The merman Traho knows this. He's coming. If you do not believe me, perhaps he can convince you. — Jennifer Donnelly

Stealing Friends Quotes By Taylor Swift

Sophistication isn't what you wear or who you know, or pushing people down to get you where you want to go ... soon your gonna find stealing other people toys on the playground won't make you many friends ... — Taylor Swift

Stealing Friends Quotes By Cecilia Grant

Don't you find that a terribly romantic idea? Love stealing in to overtake two people who'd believe they were merely friends? — Cecilia Grant

Stealing Friends Quotes By Roger Zelazny

Nobody steals books but your friends. — Roger Zelazny

Stealing Friends Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

Yes, my friend, and if you will steal for me then you will steal from me. — Theodore Roosevelt

Stealing Friends Quotes By Nicole Christie

I don't forgive people.Just ask Shauna Bradley. We were best friends in kindergarten until I discovered she was the one stealing the fruit snacks from my desk. She lost my trust that day, and
even now when I see her, I have to refrain myself from shouting, Why? Why did you do it?! — Nicole Christie

Stealing Friends Quotes By Aprilynne Pike

You could be David's friend too". She glanced at Tamani when he said nothing. He was frowning. "The two of you really have a lot in common, and we're all in this together".
He shook his head. "It wouldn't work".
"Why not? He's a nice guy. And it would do you good to have some human friends", she said hinting at what she suspected was the root of the problem.
"It's not that", Tamani said, gesturing vaguely with one hand.
"Then why?" Laurel asked, exasperated.
"I just don't want to cosy up to the guy whose girl I have every intention of stealing — Aprilynne Pike

Stealing Friends Quotes By Sebastian Junger

In this sense, littering is an exceedingly petty version of claiming a billion-dollar bank bailout or fraudulently claiming disability payments. When you throw trash on the ground, you apparently don't see yourself as truly belonging to the world that you're walking around in. And when you fraudulently claim money from the government, you are ultimately stealing from your friends, family, and neighbors - or somebody else's friends, family, and neighbors. That diminishes you morally far more than it diminishes your country financially. — Sebastian Junger

Stealing Friends Quotes By Lauren Barnholdt

Everyone's fake in certain situations. It's like when you go for a job interview and they ask you, "What would you do if you found one of your friends at work stealing?" and, let's face it, no one's going to tell on their friend. But of course you have to say, "I would tell IMMEDIATELY, because I don't think I could work in that kind of environment, it's not good for my morale." No one wants to look like an idiot. — Lauren Barnholdt

Stealing Friends Quotes By Edith Wharton

In the rosy glow it diffused her companions seemed full of amiable qualities. She liked their elegance; their lightness, their lack of emphasis: even the self-assurance which at times was so like obtuseness now seemed the natural sign of social ascendency. They were lords of the only world she cared for, and they were ready to admit her to their ranks and let her lord it with them. Already she felt within her a stealing allegiance to their standards, an acceptance of their limitations, a disbelief in the things they did not believe in, a contemptuous pity for the people who were not able to live as they lived. — Edith Wharton

Stealing Friends Quotes By Libba Bray

I knew it. You're an alien," said her former best friend, the pale, bespectacled creature with the spectacular cleavage.
"Yes, I'm an alien and I still made cheerleader. And now I'm going to steal your boyfriend to prove girls can't really be friends."
"I sat back timidly when you torched my house, killed my parents, and ate my dog. But now you're stealing my boyfriend? That's a step too far! — Libba Bray

Stealing Friends Quotes By Hannah Moskowitz

Even though Graham and I went back to arguing and stealing socks and hiding each other's toothbrushes in the litter box, I didn't forget that Graham didn't think I needed a best friend, because either it meant he thought I was cool enough to handle everything alone or - and this was what I hoped - it meant that he was my best friend, quietly, forever, no matter what.
I mean, after all, whose skates had I been wearing? — Hannah Moskowitz

Stealing Friends Quotes By Aaron Lee Yeager

One of the most curious aspects of human psychology is an omnipresent and persistent habit to seek information from the worst possible sources. When seeking relationship advice, humans speak to their single friends instead of happy couples who have been married for decades. When researching a religion, humans ask ex-members instead of faithful members. When seeking financial advice, humans ask scholars instead of successful entrepreneurs. When discussing complex sociopolitical matters, humans solicit the opinions of actors and models. Anteedan Psychologists have dubbed this curious phenomenon the "Oprah Effect," and had planned on determining the cause, however research ceased after a financial scandal involving the team lead stealing money from the grant and eloping with an exotic dancer named Cinnamon. -A Tourists Guide to Earth, 2nd edition, page 184, Valium Press — Aaron Lee Yeager

Stealing Friends Quotes By Chris Fabry

I am so sick of you stealing my joy. But that's changing too. My joy doesn't come from my friends, it doesn't come from my job, it doesn't even come from my husband. My joy is found in Jesus, and just in case you forgot, He has already defeated you. So go back to hell where you belong and leave my family alone! — Chris Fabry

Stealing Friends Quotes By John Lancaster Spalding

Friends humor and flatter us, they steal our time, they encourage our love of ease, they make us content with ourselves, they are the foes of our virtue and our glory. — John Lancaster Spalding

Stealing Friends Quotes By Beth Orton

At about the age of ten, my friends and I discovered the joys of sitting in graveyards drinking merrydown cider and kissing and stealing our elder siblings' records. — Beth Orton

Stealing Friends Quotes By Samantha Young

Now go. Hang out with your friends and be immature. Responsible," I added hurriedly, "but immature."
He made a face. "Do those two go hand in hand?"
"If your immaturity can lead to consequences, then it's irresponsible."
Cole grunted. "You should write that shi- stuff down."
"I heard the "shit" in there, baby boy, and I'm stealing the last PopTart as punishment."
"Harsh, Jo." He shook his head, backing off with a smile. "Harsh. — Samantha Young