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Top Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Brene Brown

Stay in your own lane. Comparison kills creativity and joy. — Brene Brown

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By LaNina King

My 'Moment of TRU' - I live, I love, I let be. I grind, I do my own thing, I stay in my own lane. Ain' got no worries because God is my source. I'm not perfect, but by grace I get better with every day God gives me. — LaNina King

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Tyler Perry

Don't believe the hype. I don't care how many number ones you have at the box office, I don't care how much they say you're great, don't believe it. Just stay in your lane and do what you're supposed to do. — Tyler Perry

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Denny Hamlin

I can't believe it. Two years ago I was here as a visitor of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and he invited me to come and stay in his motor home. That's the only other time I've been to victory lane. — Denny Hamlin

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Scott H. Dearduff

Stay in your lane. — Scott H. Dearduff

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Jaclyn Friedman

A slut is someone, usually a woman, who's stepped outside of the very narrow lane that good girls are supposed to stay within. Sluts are loud. We're messy. We don't behave. In fact, the original definition of "slut" meant "untidy woman." But since we live in a world that relies on women to be tidy in all ways, to be quiet and obedient and agreeable and available (but never aggressive), those of us who color outside of the lines get called sluts. And that word is meant to keep us in line. — Jaclyn Friedman

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Carlos Wallace

No matter how talented you think you are there is always someone better. You can learn from them and hone your skills, or challenge them and reveal your weakness. You get farther in life if you know when to stay in your lane. Try to out run a master in pursuit of success, and you will remain a slave bound by failure. — Carlos Wallace

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Russell Simmons

Never change for the mainstream - stay in your lane, and if you're talented and resilient enough the mainstream will come to you. — Russell Simmons

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

I know where my lane is, and I know how to stay in my lane. My lane is evolving the consciousness of people. — Oprah Winfrey

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Sebastian Thrun

If you look at the ability of a self-driving car to stay in the lane and not to speed and keep a good distance to the car in front of you, it actually does better than me. — Sebastian Thrun

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Mario Andretti

You see people in the left lane, and as long as they are on the speed limit, they stay there. Get in the right lane and let people pass you - let the police worry about somebody who wants to speed. Don't force them pass in the right lane and zig zag, which can create an accident, just because you think you're correct. — Mario Andretti

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Kevin Durant

When people are used to you doing something, they want you to stay in that lane. — Kevin Durant

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By John Green

Because the driving kept him going stay under seventy; God, my heart racing; I hate the taste of coffee; so wired though; okay, and clear of the truck; okay yes; right lane; and now just my own headlights against the darkness. — John Green

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Girl Talk

I always like the people who keep moving forward, but kind of stay in their own lane. — Girl Talk

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Neal Stephenson

A Kourier has to establish space on the pavement. Predictable law-abiding behavior lulls drivers. They mentally assign you to a little box in the lane, assume you will stay there, can't handle it when you leave that little box. — Neal Stephenson

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Amy Lane

Shane! Shane! You must keep the boy from eating any more! You have no idea what will happen!" Collin was face to face with Martin's father then, and they both heard Martin say, "You stay away from my eats, little man, or I will end you!" "You need to put that down, Martin, or you will never fit through another door! — Amy Lane

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Cindy Gerard

I'm not Lois Lane and you are neither Superman nor Clark Kent," she fired back. "It's crazy for you to go anywhere in this condition, and if you had the sense God gave a rock, you'd stay put."
Gabe stopped in his tracks. "Did you just compare me to a rock?"
She snorted. "I have the utmost respect for rocks. They're hard, they're heavy. They make good paperweights. — Cindy Gerard

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Terry Pratchett

They are brought up to give orders, they know that they're on the right side because if they are on it then it must be the right side, by definition, and when they feel threatened they are bare-knuckle fighters, except that they never take their gloves off. They are thugs. Thugs and bullies, bullies, and the worst kind of bully, because they aren't cowards and if you stand up to them they only hit you harder. They grew up in a world where, if you were enough trouble, they could have you ... disappeared. You think places like the Shades are bad? Then you don't know what goes on in Park Lane! And my father is one of the worst. But I'm family. We ... care about family. So I'll be all right. You stay here and help them get the paper out, will you? Half a truth is better than nothing, he added bitterly. — Terry Pratchett

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Diane Lane

I loved acting, I started as a child and it is interesting because I didn't compare myself to others that were doing the same thing. I just felt that I needed to stay focused and stay out of trouble. — Diane Lane

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Lisa Nichols

you'll learn how to recognize when you're living in the country called "Sad" in the town called "Victimville" on the street called "Hurt Lane" so you don't stay there longer than you need to. — Lisa Nichols

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Russell Simmons

Stay in your lane. If you're good enough, people will move to you. — Russell Simmons

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Unknown

Be lowkey.
Stay in your lane.
Fuck with yourself heavy. — Unknown

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By T.F. Hodge

Doing things for others can make the 'giver' happy, but trying to change or control another will drive you crazy, because it cannot be sustained. One must give without expectation(s) and allow others, even your offspring, the opportunity of self-determination
even when you "perceive" danger on the road ahead; each spiritual journey has a right to its own fulfillment. We must learn how to stay in our lane. — T.F. Hodge

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Rob Thomas

Each of us has a short ride on this earth and as long as we stay in our lane, and don't affect someone else's ride, we should be allowed to drive as we see fit. — Rob Thomas

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Don Watson

When I opened the curtains in the morning I saw the intersection of two six-lane highways. It was a comfortable, well equipped, practical sort of place, as Holidays Inns tend to be. You can be happy at a place like this so long as you stay away from the coffee. And the restaurant, if you want to be sure. Perhaps not happy, but not unhappy. Or if unhappy, at least not threatened. A good motel creates a kind of stasis for the soul in transit. One should leave no worse than one arrived: that is the minimum requirement. — Don Watson

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Estelle

With my music, I don't have to stay in one lane. One day I'm in Motown, and the next day I'm in reggae. — Estelle

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Amy Lane

Whiskey was still looking some place past Patrick's shoulder, and suddenly his brown eyes met
Patrick's with a sort of inscrutable intensity. Patrick, this isn't over, okay? You and me? You want to
stay here, you want to keep sleeping in my bed, that's fine. I like you there. You're warm and you're kind,
and it's comfortable, having you there. But I'm going to want you, and you're going to want me, and if you
don't want to follow through on that, that's fine too. But you'll need to decide which way you want it, and
you need to make it clear when you make your decision. I'm, like, twelve years older than you, and I don't
sleep around. I'm not going to hit on you just because you're cute and you're here. I need to know it's
something you want, and it's something you need, and you're not just doing it because you think you need
to put out because I'm being human to you. You don't. All you need to do is be human back. — Amy Lane

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Grace Gealey

We need you. The best version of you. You're here for a reason, and we can't wait to see what that is. Stay in your lane. Run that race. — Grace Gealey

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Tyler Perry

God gives everyone a lane and no one can beat you in your lane. Just stay focused on Him and what you are supposed to do. And everything will be alright. — Tyler Perry

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

Stay in your car in your lane on your road in your world. Stay in your own lane. Don't be minding other people's spiritual business. Stay in your car. In your lane. On your road. In your world. — Iyanla Vanzant

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Gwenda Bond

My heart pounded annoyingly in my ears, and it was getting harder to stay focused. I'd almost gotten trapped in here, and now I'd come back. Sometimes I did have truly terrible ideas. — Gwenda Bond

Stay In Your Own Lane Quotes By Avon Gale

For the entire summer, Lane's cell phone background was a picture of Jared eating Lucky Charms out of the Kelly Cup.
Jared's was, of course, that shot of his that blocked Lane's would-be goal. According to Jared, it was going to stay that way until he had a picture of Lane drinking Dr Pepper out of Lord Stanley's Cup to replace it with. He liked to call it incentive. — Avon Gale