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Top Statelessness Quotes

Statelessness Quotes By Robert Jackson Bennett

History will not let us forget: it wears disguises, reintroduces itself to us, claims it is someone new and wonderful. But let us not forget. — Robert Jackson Bennett

Statelessness Quotes By Timothy Snyder

Considerably more Polish Jews resident in France were killed than French Jews resident in France. Statelessness followed these thirty thousands murdered Polish Jews to Paris, to Drancy, to Auschwitz, to the gas chambers, to the crematoria, and to oblivion. — Timothy Snyder

Statelessness Quotes By Paula Hawkins

There's something covering my face, I can't breathe, I'm suffocating. When I surface into wakefulness, I'm gasping for air and my chest hurts. I sit up, eyes wide, and see something moving in the corner of the room, a dense centre of blackness that keeps growing, and I almost cry out - and then I'm properly awake and there's nothing there, but I am sitting up in bed and my cheeks are wet with tears. — Paula Hawkins

Statelessness Quotes By Lawrence M. Krauss

children will be able to tell than the story we have told? Surely that is the greatest contribution of science to civilization: to ensure that the greatest books are not those of the past, but of the future. — Lawrence M. Krauss

Statelessness Quotes By Mark Walden

Well,' Otto gave a sly smile, 'I just happened to come across this keycard last night, and it looked like it might come in handy.'

'That keycard was secured in the vault, Mr Malpense,' Ms Leon said sharply, 'a vault that is supposed to be impregnable, I might add.'

'Someone must have left the door open,' Otto replied, a look of false innocence on his face. 'That's the only explanation I can think of. — Mark Walden

Statelessness Quotes By Ruth Bader Ginsburg

You would have a huge statelessness problem if you don't consider a child born abroad a U.S. citizen. — Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Statelessness Quotes By A.E. Housman

...down in lovely muck I've lain,
Happy till I woke again. — A.E. Housman

Statelessness Quotes By Anne Rice

Don't let the old story repeat itself now. Arm yourself with all that's happened. — Anne Rice

Statelessness Quotes By Garth Nix

I think having an open mind about these things is probably the most important thing, because even though I've never had an experience of the supernatural, something I couldn't explain. — Garth Nix

Statelessness Quotes By Heath Ledger

I'm not a big fan of western movies and I really don't like cowboy-indian movies. I have never watched them. — Heath Ledger

Statelessness Quotes By Leonard Richardson

The term "statelessness" is getting at the fact that the server doesn't care what state the client is in. — Leonard Richardson

Statelessness Quotes By Cory Monteith

How do I put this? 'Glee' is like 'High School Musical' if 'High School Musical' had its stomach punched and its lunch money stolen. — Cory Monteith

Statelessness Quotes By Beni

Love seemed more beautiful, if it wasn't mine — Beni

Statelessness Quotes By John Lahr

Any play that makes an audience think out of the box, that makes connections to life and names our pain and by doing so makes our pain subject to thinking and the process of understanding, is doing something inherently political. By promoting understanding, by putting experience in context, by making connections between the normal and the rational, theatre is an act of anti-terrorism. It stimulates courage and a survival spirit. In that sense of political, there are a lot of serious plays doing their work in the world. — John Lahr

Statelessness Quotes By Jamie Lee Curtis

We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange. It is not done lightly on either side. I would dedicate my life for this child. — Jamie Lee Curtis