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Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Kylie Scott

God, you are so beautiful"
Ali's eyes skittered off, nervous with his praise.
"Say thank you," he prompted.
"Thank you."
"Say, kiss me."
A smile curved her perfect mouth. He saw starts, dots dancing through his field of vision. This woman made his knees weak. Thank God he wasn't standing.
"Kiss me," she said.
"Whatever you want. — Kylie Scott

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By M. Leighton

But you kissed her. I saw you."
"No, you saw her kiss me. You saw me not cause a scene in the middle of the club."
"Well, you didn't look like you hated it."
"But I did. The whole time, all I could think about was kissing you instead." He starts to bend his head toward mine. — M. Leighton

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Kim Karr

Pressing his lips firmly to mine, he starts to kiss me in the most erotic way. First, he lightly kisses me, then opens our mouths together and exhales. I can only inhale his sweet breath. He runs the tip of his tongue over my lower lip before slipping it into my mouth and firmly pressing his lips to mine. I'm left breathless as the kiss ends and he takes my hand. — Kim Karr

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Philip Larkin

It's funny: one starts off thinking one is shrinkingly sensitive & intelligent & always one down & all the rest of it: then at thirty one finds one is a great clumping brute, incapable of appreciating anything finer than a kiss or a kick, roaring our one's hypocrisies at the top of one's voice, thick skinned as a rhino. At least I do. — Philip Larkin

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

When a man first awakens, it sometimes takes several moments before he starts thinking clearly."
"And here I thought it took several years, perhaps a lifetime for the average man's intellect to kick in. — Karen Marie Moning

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Huntley Fitzpatrick

You okay? This okay?"
I nod, pulling his hips more tightly to my own.
"Now we'll make it better," Jase vows, and begins to kiss me again as he starts to move in a rhythm. My body follows, unwilling to let him go, already glad to have him come back. — Huntley Fitzpatrick

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By M. Leighton

If I ever stood a chance of resisting her, it evaporates the instant she leans into me. So does every last ounce of finesse that I'm normally capable of. The kiss that should've started out slow starts out like a forest fire. The first taste of her tongue consumes me.
And I'm lost.
And I'm lost.
My hands are in her hair and my mouth is devouring hers. I give no thought to where I am or the girlfriend whose father I work for. I can't think past how badly I want to be inside the tight, hot body of the girl in my arms.
But why? Why do I want her so bad? — M. Leighton

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Peace is a beautiful flower of love, harmony and joy
Peace is a dancing bird, a joyful smile of a poor boy
Peace is a little child's innocent smile and loving kiss
For a war torn mother, peace is a divine bliss.
Peace starts with a heart that is caring
Peace starts with a smile that is loving
Peace starts with power of love not with love of power
Peace starts with a desire to bloom like a flower. — Debasish Mridha

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By K.A. Tucker

Ready?""No!" I howl with laughter as I squeeze his neck tightly. "Don't you dare let me fall into this water! It's fucking freezing!"A strange look passes through his blue eyes. "Let you fall? Reese, you should know by now that I'd never let that happen." His one arm pulls me in to lay a highly inappropriate kiss on my lips, given we have spectators.And then he starts running through the ring of water sprays.Drenching us both as we laugh and laugh. — K.A. Tucker

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Lang Leav

His Kiss:
He has me at his every whim;
everything starts with him.
To all the boys I used to kiss
everything stops with his. — Lang Leav

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Alex Rosa

Every time his lips meet mine, my whole body begins a slow tingle that starts from within in my chest, and spreads like a wildfire. — Alex Rosa

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Ajay Devgan

If somebody had started on a remake of French Kiss before I announced my own film, I would have dropped my subject. If someone else starts after me, what am I to do? — Ajay Devgan

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Elizabeth Meriwether

I think in a lot of romantic comedies it ends with a kiss, and I feel like in modern day relationships, and maybe just my own experience, it starts with a kiss and then all sort of falls apart and then comes together. You're texting. You're wondering what's going on. There's no definitions, there's no labels. — Elizabeth Meriwether

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Ally Condie

For a moment nothing happens. The figure stands still and I stand cold and alive and-
He starts to run. I make my way down the rocks, slipping, sliding, trying to get to the plain. I wish, I think, my feet clumsy, moving too fast, not fast enough, I wish i could run, I wish I'd written a whole poem, I wish I kept the compass-
And then I reach the plain and wish for nothing but what I have. Ky. Running toward me. I have never seen him run like this, fast, free, strong, wild. He looks so beautiful, his body moves so right. He stops just close enough for me to see the blue of his eyes and forget the red on my hands and the green I wish I wore. "You're here," he says, breathing hard and hungry. sweat and dirt cover his face, and he looks at me as though I'm the only thing he ever needed to see. I open my mouth to say yes. But I only have time to breathe in before he closes the last of the distance. All I know is the kiss. — Ally Condie

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Mercy Brown

I've been wondering all day what flavor lip gloss you've got on."

"Dr. Pepper," I say, before my brain starts to work again.

"Lip Smackers?" He laughs. "Really?"

"My mom always puts a ton of them in my stocking at Christmas," I try to explain, but really, what's the point now? He already knows my taste in cosmetics hasn't changed since the seventh grade.

"I like it."

"You do?"

"Well, let me double-check," he says, and then he licks his bottom lip before he kisses me again. I feel the tip of his tongue soft against mine, taste the sweetness of his breath as he kisses me deeper. Then he moves his lips, all warm and soft over to my ear and kisses me there until I can't speak. — Mercy Brown

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By David Nicholls

He put one hand lightly on the back of her neck and simultaneously she placed one hand lightly on his hip, and they kissed in the street as all around them people hurried home in the summer light, and it was the sweetest kiss that either of them would ever know. This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today. And then it was over. — David Nicholls

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Carrie Jones

We'll fight them. We took down my dad. We've taken down so many since then. We'll take down these jokesters too."
"I will never let anything happen to you," Nick growls into my hair. "I will die before you get hurt again. So help me God, Zara. I will die."
"Me too."
"I will die before I let anyone hurt you or Issie or Dev or Gram or . . ." I stop and pull my head away from his chest so I can look up at him. "This list is getting kind of long and melodramatic, isn't it?"
He laughs. His hand moves slowly up my spine. He starts leaning down for a kiss. "Yeah. It is. — Carrie Jones

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Julia Ormond

If you do anything for too long, it starts to lack edge, to become too easy. Easy is the kiss of death. — Julia Ormond

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Joss Stirling

The no-kiss rule starts when we're home and I've found you a class,' Sky said smugly. 'Read the small print.'
Zed folded his arms and pushed back his empty plate. 'She won't last. — Joss Stirling

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Tammy Falkner

The movie starts and he motions for me to sit down next to him. I don't, though. I pat my lap so he'll lay his head down, and then I thread my fingers into his hair. He tenses immediately. "What's wrong?" I ask. "No one has ever done that before," he says quietly. He rolls to face the TV so I can't see his face. "I'm going to do it all the time," I promise. And I mean it. I'm going to do it every time I'm with him. He deserves to have someone show him how wonderful he is. I can tell when he goes to sleep. He gets soft in my lap and his face gets heavy against my thigh. But I don't stop rubbing. I keep touching him, because giving him comfort feels better than any kiss I have ever had. — Tammy Falkner

Starts With A Kiss Quotes By Phyllis Diller

Let me tell you, a discussion that starts, 'I'll tell you something you do that irritates me, if you tell me something I do that bothers you,' never ends in a hug and a kiss. — Phyllis Diller