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Top Star Destroyer Quotes

Star Destroyer Quotes By Timothy Zahn

If you don't want to be noticed, you don't use a Star Destroyer. — Timothy Zahn

Star Destroyer Quotes By Olaf Stapledon

It was strange to us that none of these three victims made any attempt to resist the attack. Indeed, not one inhabitant in any of these worlds considered for a moment the possibility of resistance. In every case the attitude to disaster seemed to express itself in such terms as these:
To retaliate would be to wound our communal spirit beyond cure. We choose rather to die. The theme of spirit that we have created must inevitably be broken short, whether by the ruthlessness of the invader or by our own resort to arms. It is better to be destroyed than to triumph in slaying the spirit. Such as it is, the spirit that we have achieved is fair; and it is indestructibly woven into the tissue of the cosmos. We die praising the universe in which at least such an achievement as ours can be. We die knowing that the promise of further glory outlives us in other galaxies. We die praising the Star Maker, the Star Destroyer. — Olaf Stapledon

Star Destroyer Quotes By Jeff Wilser

The Asia had sixty-four heavy guns. For weeks it roamed the waters of New York Harbor, its weapons pointed at the city, looking something like an Imperial Destroyer from Star Wars. To stand — Jeff Wilser

Star Destroyer Quotes By Joe Schreiber

I'm just saying
' He pointed the way that Han appeared to be favoring. '
this doesn't feel right'
'Yeah, well, we're on a Star Destroyer being chased by the living dead. NONE of this feels right — Joe Schreiber

Star Destroyer Quotes By Elizabeth Fama

Powerless But for the star destroyer Unknowing She crash-lands in his heart. — Elizabeth Fama

Star Destroyer Quotes By C. G. Jung

Communion gives us warmth.
Singleness gives us light.
At immeasurable distance stands one single star at the zenith.
This star is the God and goal of humanity.
In this world one is Abraxas,
creater and destroyer of one's world. — C. G. Jung

Star Destroyer Quotes By Chuck Wendig

This is Wedge Antilles of the New Republic. I am trapped on the Star Destroyer Vigilance in the space above Akiva, and I am in - — Chuck Wendig