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Top Spud 3 Quotes

Spud 3 Quotes By Devon Monk

The last void stone I'd worn was a beautiful black stone caught in vines of copper and silver. It looked like a necklace, a piece of art, really. This thing was spud-ugly. — Devon Monk

Spud 3 Quotes By Richard Hugo

Rub a half potato on your wart
and wrap it in a damp cloth. Close
your eyes and whirl three times and throw.
Then bury rag and spud exactly where they fall. — Richard Hugo

Spud 3 Quotes By Janet Evanovich

That might work," I said. "I'm good at faking it."
This led to a couple moments of uncomfortable silence from both of us.
"You didn't mean ... ?" Morelli asked.
"No. Of course not."
"Maybe once."
His eyes narrowed. "Once?"
"It's all that comes to mind. It was the time we were late for your Uncle Spud's birthday party."
"I remember that. That was great. You're telling me you faked it?"
"We were late! I couldn't concentrate. It seemed like the best way to go. — Janet Evanovich

Spud 3 Quotes By Angela McPherson

Tristan glanced my way and grinned. Lifting our hands, he brushed a feathery kiss across my skin. "What's got you so quiet, Spud?"

My knuckles tingled where his lips touched. "Oh, you."

His smile deepened. "Well, then carry on. — Angela McPherson

Spud 3 Quotes By Michael Pollan

Sooner or later your fingers close on that one moist-cold spud that the spade has accidentally sliced clean through, shining wetly white and giving off the most unearthly of earthly aromas. It's the smell of fresh soil in the spring, but fresh soil somehow distilled or improved upon, as if that wild, primordial scene has been refined and bottled: eau de pomme de terre. You can smell the cold inhuman earth in it, but there's the cozy kitchen to, for the smell of potatoes is, at least by now, to us, the smell of comfort itself, a smell as blankly welcoming as spud flesh, a whiteness that takes up memories and sentiments as easily as flavors. To smell a raw potato is to stand on the very threshold of the domestic and the wild. (241) — Michael Pollan

Spud 3 Quotes By Irvine Welsh

Ah remember walkin along Princes Street wi Spud, we both hate walkin along that hideous street, deadened by tourists and shoppers, the twin curse ay modern capitalism. — Irvine Welsh

Spud 3 Quotes By George Orwell

Sometimes parties of men went spud-gathering in no-man's-land. About a mile to the right of us, where the lines were closer together, there was a patch of potatoes that was frequented both by the Fascists and ourselves. We went there in the daytime, they only at night, as it was commanded by our machine-guns. One night to our annoyance they turned out en masse and cleared up the whole patch. We discovered another patch further on, where there was practically no cover and you had to lift the potatoes lying on your belly - a fatiguing job. If their machine-gunners spotted you, you had to flatten yourself out like a rat when it squirms under a door, with the bullets cutting up the clods a few yards behind you. It seemed worth it at the time. Potatoes were getting very scarce. If you got a sackful you could take them down to the cook-house and swap them for a water-bottleful of coffee. And — George Orwell

Spud 3 Quotes By Nate Robinson

It was a great idea from my teammate Jamal Crawford. He kept telling me to jump over Spud, so we decided to call him and he was more than willing to participate with me. I just thank God for him. — Nate Robinson

Spud 3 Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

... Dexter the sofa spud ... — Jeff Lindsay

Spud 3 Quotes By Shirley Maclaine

Some people think I look like a sweet potato, I consider myself a spud with a heart of gold. — Shirley Maclaine

Spud 3 Quotes By Michael Diack

Bear with me G-Harrison because this is going to be a long speech. I've always had this feeling that the world is not enough and I won't be happy in life unless I hold hands with a girl who has a golden eye and a gold finger; I beat the living daylights out a guy called Dr No; I get a postcard from my friend who lives in Russia which reads 'From Russia with love'; I spend some time working for her majesty's secret service; I play the Thunderball Super Spud lottery; I meet a guy called Moonraker; I finally get a licence to kill, which I applied for months ago; I buy a house with a view to kill for and I get a pet octopus called Octopussy. If only I lived twice and tomorrow never died, maybe then I would get a chance to fulfil my dreams. — Michael Diack

Spud 3 Quotes By Michael Diack

Foolish potato, talking to her like that won't work. You've got to be mean and show off your foil-wrapped rigidity. — Michael Diack

Spud 3 Quotes By Troye Sivan

I think that the beauty of 'Spud' is that everyone can connect to the character of Spud in so many ways. It's about real experiences that happen to kids all the time. — Troye Sivan

Spud 3 Quotes By Mary Renault

You mustn't get so upset about what you feel, Spud. No one's a hundred per cent consistent all the time. We might like to be. We can plan our lives along certain lines. But you know, there's no future in screwing down all the pressure valves and smashing in the gauge. You can do it for a bit and then something goes. Sometimes it gets that the only thing is just to say, 'That's what I'd like to feel twenty-four hours a day; but, the hell with it, this is how I feel now. — Mary Renault

Spud 3 Quotes By Scott Brooks

I'm very thankful to players like John Stockton and Spud Webb. They've made it possible for someone like me to make it. I think teams are actually looking for one player under 6-feet now, because they make things happen. — Scott Brooks

Spud 3 Quotes By Katie Kacvinsky

What kind of parents willingly name their kid Spud? They should be arrested for douchebaggery. — Katie Kacvinsky

Spud 3 Quotes By Eoin Colfer

It felt like my teeth were sweating. Eoin Colfer's The Legend of Spud Murphy — Eoin Colfer

Spud 3 Quotes By Irvine Welsh

Spud has two expressions: totally-scoobied-as-to-what-the-fuck's-going-on and the constantly-on-the-verge-of-tears look he is currently deploying. Assailed with self pity and self loathing, regarding his folly in sitting next to Begbie, he glances around. - Aye ... it's bad, like say, he concedes, wondering how he can manoeuvre into another seat. — Irvine Welsh