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Top Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes

Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes By Peter Kreeft

If Christianity is true, this changes EVERYTHING. Christ's very last words to us in scripture were: "Behold, I make all things new." (Rev. 21:5) I hope you remember that most moving line in the most moving movie ever made, The Passion Of The Christ, when Christ turns to His mother on the way to Calvary, explaining the need for the Cross and the blood and the agony: "See, Mother, I make all things new." I hope you remember that line with your tear ducts, which connect to the heart, as well as with your ears, which connect to the brain. Christ changed every human being he ever met. In fact, He changed history, splitting it open like a coconut and inserting eternity into the split between B.C. and A.D. If anyone claims to have met Him without being changed, he has not met Him at all. When you touch Him, you touch lightning. — Peter Kreeft

Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes By Marina Nemat

Moving to America felt as splitting and eternal as death. — Marina Nemat

Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes By Judy Bartkowiak

The Time Line is great for getting things into perspective when you feel a bit lost and lacking direction or if you have a big change coming up such as moving to secondary school, your parents splitting up or having a new family arrangement. When you experience grief or loss, whether that is for a person or a part of your life such as leaving your Primary School, you can travel back along the time line, identify which skills you need from your old life, anchor them and bring them into the present as you move forward to Secondary School. Once you've done the Time Line a few times it will be in your head and you can conjure up the image and the steps without moving. This can be useful in situations when you can't actually move physically, in class for instance. — Judy Bartkowiak

Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes By Gerry Lopez

We don't believe in splitting the experience. We don't believe in taking a row out and putting in motion seats [that shake and move in response to cues from a film]. If you walk into that auditorium you're going to have a communal experience. — Gerry Lopez

Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes By Caroline Muir

Statistics show that well over half the married couples in our culture divorce, and many of those who stick it out do so for reasons other than personal happiness - because it's such a hassle dividing everything, moving, having to start over - not to mention children and the emotional and financial aspects of splitting up. — Caroline Muir

Splitting Up And Moving On Quotes By Sonja Henie

If you are not a skater, you probably can't imagine what I mean. I could try to tell you by saying it's a feeling of ice miles running under your blades, the wind splitting open to let you through, the earth whirling around you.It's a sense of power, of command over distance and gravity, and an illusion of no longer having to move because movement is carrying you. — Sonja Henie