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Top Splicing Quotes

Splicing Quotes By Peter Jackson

When I was about 14, I got a splicing kit, which means you could chop up the film into little pieces and switch the order around and glue it together. — Peter Jackson

Splicing Quotes By Elisa Kreisinger

My filmmaking style of remixing came out of necessity. When I was a film theory student at UC Berkeley in the early 1990s, there were no film production facilities. The only way I learned to tell stories on film was by re-cutting and splicing together celluloid of old movies, early animated films, home films, sound slug - anything I could get my hands on. — Elisa Kreisinger

Splicing Quotes By Kode9

I wrote a short article called "Yardcore" for that issue, too, as an attempt to talk about the Jamaican influence on garage, grime and dubstep; as a splicing of soundsystem culture and hardcore. — Kode9

Splicing Quotes By Hilaire Belloc

There is no one who has cooked but has discovered that each particular dish depends for its rightness upon some little point which he is never told. It is not only so of cooking: it is so of splicing a rope; of painting a surface of wood; of mixing mortar; of almost anything you like to name among the immemorial human arts. — Hilaire Belloc

Splicing Quotes By James D. Watson

Here at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, we have genetically rearranged various viruses and bacteria as part of our medical research. In fact, we have been able to create entirely new types of DNA molecules by splicing together the genetic information from different organisms - recombinant DNA. — James D. Watson

Splicing Quotes By Eoin Colfer

I can grow cameras!" she had shrieked at the Brill brothers during one briefing. "Who's to say that despicable centaur Foaly hasn't succeded in splicing surveillance equiptment to plants? So get rid of all the flowers. Rocks, too. I don't trust them. Sullen little blebers. — Eoin Colfer

Splicing Quotes By Herbert Boyer

Industry is far more efficient than the university in making use of scientific developments for the public good.
Reported in 1981, as a co-founder of Genentech, Inc., a company to offer gene-splicing products. — Herbert Boyer

Splicing Quotes By China Mieville

How do you ... ? What is it you're doing?" he said to Vardy as the man took a breath, mid-insight. What do you call that? Billy thought. That reconstitutitive intelligence, berserker meme-splicing, seeing in nothings first patterns, then correspondence, then causality and dissident sense.
Vardy even smiled. "Paranoid," he said. "Theology. — China Mieville

Splicing Quotes By Jack Vance

A man is like a rope: both break at a definite strain ... The solution is not splicing the rope; it's lessening the tension. — Jack Vance

Splicing Quotes By DJ Spooky

DJ culture is all about collage - sampling, splicing, dicing - everything is part of the mix, and there are no boundaries between sound sources. When you apply the same logic to the environment, there's a lot of room for mapping sampling techniques to the environment itself. — DJ Spooky

Splicing Quotes By Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

A chord, stronger or weaker, is snapped asunder in every parting, and time's busy fingers are not practiced in re-splicing broken ties. Meet again you may; will it be in the same way? With the same sympathies? With the same sentiments? Will the souls, hurrying on in diverse paths, unite once more, as if the interval had been a dream? Rarely, rarely! — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton