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Speciality Quotes By Roland Barthes

I cannot classify the other, for the other is, precisely, Unique, the singular Image which has miraculously come to correspond to the speciality of my desire. The other is the figure of my truth, and cannot be imprisoned in any stereotype (which is the truth of others). — Roland Barthes

Speciality Quotes By Nana Awere Damoah

This stupidity of sounding a siren and speeding through traffic with a coffin must be an African speciality. — Nana Awere Damoah

Speciality Quotes By Jose Saramago

The church has never been asked to explain anything, our speciality, along with ballistics, has always been the neutralisation of the overly curious mind through faith. — Jose Saramago

Speciality Quotes By Douglas Adams

When Arthur had been a boy at school, long before the Earth had been demolished, he had used to play football. He had not been at all good at it, and his particular speciality had been scoring own goals in important matches. — Douglas Adams

Speciality Quotes By Martha Van Rensselaer

Home economics should find its way into the curriculum of every school because the scientific study of a problem pertaining to food, shelter or clothing ... raises manual labor that might be drudgery to the plane of intelligent effort that is always self-respecting ... Home economics is not one department, in the sense in which dairying or entomology or soils is a department. It is not a single speciality ... Many technical and educational departments will grow out of it as time goes on. — Martha Van Rensselaer

Speciality Quotes By Ortega Y Gasset

The specialist serves as a striking concrete example of the species, making clear to us the radical nature of the novelty. For, previously, men could be divided simply into the learned and the ignorant, those more or less the one, and those more or less the other. But your specialist cannot be brought in under either of these two categories. He is not learned , for he is formally ignorant of all that does not enter into his speciality; but neither is he ignorant, because he is "a scientist," and "knows" very well his own tiny portion of the universe. We shall have to say that he is a learned ignoramus, which is a very serious matter, as it implies that he is a person who is ignorant, not in the fashion of the ignorant man, but with an the petulance of one who is learned in his own special line. — Ortega Y Gasset

Speciality Quotes By Jose Ortega Y Gasset

And such in fact is the behaviour of the specialist. In politics, in art, in social usages, in the other sciences, he will adopt the attitude of primitive, ignorant man; but he will adopt them forcefully and with self-sufficiency, and will not admit of- this is the paradox- specialists in those matters. By specialising him, civilisation has made him hermetic and self-satisfied within his limitations; but this very inner feeling of dominance and worth will induce him to wish to predominate outside his speciality. The result is that even in this case, representing a maximum of qualification in man- specialisation- and therefore the thing most opposed to the mass-man, the result is that he will behave in almost all spheres of life as does the unqualified, the mass-man. — Jose Ortega Y Gasset

Speciality Quotes By Mark Lawrence

The bladder-pipe, a local Highlands speciality, is to music what warthogs are to mathematics. Largely unconnected. — Mark Lawrence

Speciality Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

This is the age of the specialist, and years ago Rollo had settled on his career. Even as a boy, hardly capable of connected thought, he had been convinced that his speciality, the one thing he could do really well, was to inherit money. — P.G. Wodehouse

Speciality Quotes By Sophia Jones

Search for required Speciality Chemical products and its suppliers, manufacturers or its equivalent brands from the largest database of ChemEqual. — Sophia Jones

Speciality Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

If anything is wrong with your nose, they send you to Paris: there, they say, is a European specialist who cures noses. If you go to Paris, he'll look at your nose; I can only cure your right nostril, he'll tell you, for I don't cure the left nostril, that's not my speciality, but go to Vienna, there there's a specialist who will cure your left nostril. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Speciality Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Kate's Speciality: Killing things, with much bloodshed. Talking trash, infuriating authority. Driving Beast Lord crazy. — Ilona Andrews

Speciality Quotes By Laura Mullen

Her hair, brown.
Her speciality, damage. — Laura Mullen

Speciality Quotes By Narendra Modi

I believe less in my ability & more in the ability of the one who comes to meet me. That's the speciality of my work style. — Narendra Modi

Speciality Quotes By Charon Lloyd-Roberts

What exactly do you do Kosse?" I ask keeping my tone blunt she looked at me and smiled before she spoke "Well blowing things up is my speciality." she said smugly it's nice to know that Kosse but you must have other skills besides that I think — Charon Lloyd-Roberts

Speciality Quotes By Simon R. Green

The Nightside CSI is only one man, pleasant enough, calm and easy going, and very professional. It probably helps that he has multiple personality disorder with a sub-personality for every speciality and discipline in his profession. One to handle fingerprints, another to examine blood splatter or look for magical residues ... He's really quite good at his job though he does tend to argue with himself.
Between himself he knows everything he needs to know. Each sub-personality has a different voice. Some of them are women. I've never asked. — Simon R. Green

Speciality Quotes By John Szarkowski

One of the leading uses of photography by the mass media came to be called photojournalism. From the late 'twenties' to the early 'fifties' what might have been the golden age of this speciality - photographers worked largely as the possessors of special and arcane skills, like the ancient priests who practiced and monopolized the skills of pictography or carving or manuscript illumination. In those halcyon days the photographer enjoyed a privileged status. — John Szarkowski

Speciality Quotes By Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Interrupted again! if it's not Jules it's the cat! that's the female speciality: interruptions! — Louis-Ferdinand Celine

Speciality Quotes By Gary Lineker

I was quite good at football once, although other than that my speciality would be maths. I'm great at sudokus and find all the spin-off games pretty easy too. — Gary Lineker

Speciality Quotes By Friedrich Hayek

It may well be that the chemist or physiologist is right when he decides that he will become a better chemist or physiologist if he concentrates on his subject at the expense of his general education. But in the study of society exclusive concentration on a speciality has a peculiarly baneful effect: it will not merely prevent us from being attractive company or good citizens but may impair our competence in our proper field - or at least for some of the most important tasks we have to perform. The physicist who is only a physicist can still be a first class physicist and a most valuable member of society. But nobody can be a great economist who is only an economist - and I am even tempted to add that the economist who is only an economist is likely to become a nuisance if not a positive danger. — Friedrich Hayek

Speciality Quotes By Ian Hutson

[Someone had left the lid off the big tin of fairies and, if they were to be used up before they went off then lovely, moist, stale-fairy cakes were the only option. Nota bene, years later all of the magic would be taken out of these little confections and they would become known in "global" "English" rather more drearily as "cupcakes". This is why you can no longer buy tins of either fresh or dried fairies except in speciality comestible shops.] — Ian Hutson

Speciality Quotes By Benedict Cumberbatch

I realised quite early on that, although I wasn't trying to make a career speciality of it, I was playing slightly asexual, sociopathic intellectuals. — Benedict Cumberbatch

Speciality Quotes By Amy Andrews

Birthday sex is my speciality. — Amy Andrews