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Speaking Behind Your Back Quotes By Mark Walden

That's it,' Shelby said as they ran along behind Raven. 'From now on no one's dead until I read the autopsy report.'

'Such a report could be faked,' Wing observed.

'Hey, only people who haven't come back from the grave get to have an opinion,' Shelby said quickly. 'So that counts you out, zombie boy.'

'Strictly speaking I am not a zombie since I did not actually die,' Wing said. As usual it was impossible to tell if he was joking or not. — Mark Walden

Speaking Behind Your Back Quotes By Michael Connelly

Call down to the desk to ask about the room?" "No phone," Cisco said. "Just watch." Once back on the ground floor, Gloria stepped out of the elevator and went to a house phone that was on a table against the wall. She made a call and soon was speaking to someone. "This is her asking to be connected to the room," Cisco said. "She is told by the operator that there is no Daniel Price registered in the hotel and no one in eight thirty-seven." Gloria hung up the phone, and I could tell by her body language that she was annoyed, frustrated. Her trip had been wasted. She headed back through the lobby, moving at a faster clip than when she had arrived. "Now watch this," Cisco said. Gloria was halfway across the lobby when a man entered the screen thirty feet behind her. He was wearing a fedora and had his — Michael Connelly

Speaking Behind Your Back Quotes By Erika Johansen

Pen will no longer be your close guard, Lady," Mace said flatly.
"Starting tonight, Elston will take over Pen's duties."
Kelsea turned to stare at Pen, who in turn stared at the floor."
"What's happened?" she demanded.
"I'll give you two a few minutes, but only a few," Mace replied, speaking to Pen. "After that, you will not be alone together again."
Pen nodded, but Kelsea turned on Mace.
"You don't make changes to my Guard behind my back, Lazarus! I didn't ask for a new close guard. This isn't your decision."
"No, Lady," Pen said. "It's mine. — Erika Johansen

Speaking Behind Your Back Quotes By Melissa De La Cruz

The rose fell into his lap, and he looked up, startled. Mimi grinned.
"Hey handsom" Mimi sent.
"What's up?" Jack replied, without speaking.
"Just thinking of you."
Jack's smile deepened, and he threw the rose back at her so that it landed in her lap. Mimi tucked it behind her ear and fluttered her eyelashes appreciatively. — Melissa De La Cruz

Speaking Behind Your Back Quotes By Rachel Johnson

English people are famous for never speaking out but only saying what they really feel about you behind your back. Americans believe the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I like exploring those, er, differences in national snippiness. — Rachel Johnson

Speaking Behind Your Back Quotes By Shirley Jackson

On either side of Natalie as she walked toward her own room were doors: perhaps behind one door a girl was studying, behind another a girl was crying, behind a third a girl was turning uneasily in her sleep. Behind a certain definite door downstairs Anne and Vicki sat, laughing and speaking in loud voices whatever they chose to say; behind other doors girls lifted their heads at Natalie's footsteps, turned, wondered, and went back to their work. I wish I were the only person in all the world, Natalie thought, with a poignant longing, thinking then that perhaps she was, after all. — Shirley Jackson