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Top Spartans Famous Quotes

Spartans Famous Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

(Watching her) was a little like watching water lilies; rather more like smelling a dinner he was not allowed to eat. Was it possible to be starved for so long as to forget the taste of food, for the pangs of hunger to burn out like ash? It seemed so. But both the pleasure and the pain were his heart's secret, here. He was put in mind, suddenly, of the soil at the edge of a recovering blight; the weedy bedraggled look of it, unlovely yet hopeful. Blight was a numb gray thing, without sensation. Did the return of green life hurt? Odd thought. — Lois McMaster Bujold

Spartans Famous Quotes By Jonathan Wittenberg

I'm not alive to be right. I'm here to care, to heal, to understand — Jonathan Wittenberg

Spartans Famous Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

Don't focus on her hiss. Remember her purr. — Donna Lynn Hope

Spartans Famous Quotes By Anonymous

In his book, Samuelson grabs hold of Smith's wordplay and freebases meaning from it until a mere metaphor mutates into the economic doctrine that would define the shape and form of global finance for the remainder of the century, and beyond. — Anonymous

Spartans Famous Quotes By Rick Riordan


Spartans Famous Quotes By Winston S. Churchill

Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what it really is
the strong horse that pulls the whole cart. — Winston S. Churchill

Spartans Famous Quotes By Jeff Buckley

You can't kill the past by denying the past. You can kill it only by making it obsolete. And even in that, you have to find honor in the past. You can't hack off pieces of yourself, and expect them to grow again. — Jeff Buckley

Spartans Famous Quotes By Romeo Dallaire

More and more, we have been able to present the argument that recruitment of child soldiers is a social breakdown that leads to atrocities, because that's why they get them. — Romeo Dallaire

Spartans Famous Quotes By Chris Colfer

I got in my car and just drove. I drove and I drove and I drove. I wasn't sure where I was going and I didn't care. I didn't even plan on coming home to be totally honest ...
I beat that sign until my fingernails bled and my umbrella was broken to pieces. I left a dent in it for every asshole who had treated me like shit, for every time I had been used, and for every time I had been wronged ...
I drove as far as I could until there was no more road left to take. — Chris Colfer

Spartans Famous Quotes By Samuel Johnson

You think I love flattery (says Dr. Johnson), and so I do; but a little too much always disgusts me: that fellow Richardson, on the contrary, could not be contented to sail quietly down the stream of reputation, without longing to taste the froth from every stroke of the oar. — Samuel Johnson

Spartans Famous Quotes By Ralph Ellison

America is woven of many strands. I would recognise them and let it so remain. Our fate is to become one, and yet many. This is not prophecy, but description. — Ralph Ellison

Spartans Famous Quotes By Ellen Glasgow

But would the perpetual flux and reflux of individualism reduce all personality to the level of mass consciousness? Would American culture remain neither bourgeois nor proletarian, but infantile? Would the moron, instead of the meek, inherit democracy? — Ellen Glasgow

Spartans Famous Quotes By Agatha Christie

What is a secretary to a millionaire? Nine times out of ten it is a young man who likes living soft. A young man with nice manners and a taste for luxury and no brains and no enterprise, and if there is anything that is a softer job than being secretary to a millionaire it is marrying a rich woman for her money. — Agatha Christie

Spartans Famous Quotes By Ignacy Jan Paderewski

It is not from choice that my life is music and nothing more, but when one is an artist what else can he be? When a whole lifetime is too short to attain the heights he wants to reach, how then can he devote any of the little time he has to things outside of his art? — Ignacy Jan Paderewski