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Top Space Marines Quotes

Space Marines Quotes By John French

But they are many and he is alone.
This has not come to pass yet, he thinks, this is not happening. I am not dying. This is my fate, what shall be. This is the future, it has not happened yet. — John French

Space Marines Quotes By Erik Wolpaw

In defense of games, I want to point out that the writing in plays, including everything by August Strindberg and The Lion King, is 100% pure crap. So we're doing better than they are even though they have the benefit of mostly not being about space marines. — Erik Wolpaw

Space Marines Quotes By Amy J. Murphy

Thing to know about the Reaches....It's always trying to kill you. Even the empty places between the stars."
Asher Corsair, Allies and Enemies: Rogues — Amy J. Murphy

Space Marines Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

If you can read the book and say, 'Space Marines, YEEEAAAHHH!' That's Military Science Fiction." (Brigham Young writing lecture, March 2012) — Brandon Sanderson

Space Marines Quotes By J.W. Murison

This has just came in from high command. There will be no loitering on the beachhead. Anyone found skinny dipping or fishing with grenades will be put on a charge. Two marines have already been disciplined for this offence.' A few men laughed and he smiled. 'Also there will be no fraternisation with the local female populace. This will not be tolerated. High command believe they may well carry some exotic disease our doctors may not be able to treat.' That brought a little more laughter. 'Again two marines have already been disciplined,' the rest of his sentence was drowned out by the laughter. He waited until it died down again. 'In their defence the marines stated that the females plied them with a local beverage made from coconuts. As there doesn't seem to be any coconut trees in space the high command disbelieved their story. So don't try it, you won't get away with it. — J.W. Murison