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Top Southern Gentleman Quotes

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Bernadette Marie

-Why do southern men have bug trucks?
-So we look like gentlemen when we help ladies out of them. — Bernadette Marie

Southern Gentleman Quotes By A.E. Via

Curtis looked up into those sparkling green eyes, full of life, full of kindness, full of potential love, with just a hint of mischief. But that was going to make going out with Genesis so much fun. Curtis needed a lot more of that in his life. It'd been lacking for many years. He had his family now and hopefully a new man. He knew Genesis would be the perfect Southern gentleman until he turned eighteen, but that was okay. It was more than okay. He may be a superstar athlete, but he was raised by a good Christian mom who'd taught her sons well. Curtis was going to do everything he could to be a good match for Genesis Godfrey. "You're — A.E. Via

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Jamie Foxx

My Grandmother would say, 'Make sure you look good. Make sure you speak well. Make sure you remain that Southern gentleman that I've taught you to be.' — Jamie Foxx

Southern Gentleman Quotes By V.S. Carnes

Southern gentleman," he said aside to him in Arabic. "Do you wish for me to continue this for you?"
Caine's temper shifted to a low simmer in his chest. "Your way takes too long."
"Ma'aleyk, and your way hurts my ears," he argued. — V.S. Carnes

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Edgar Rice Burroughs

He was a splendid specimen of manhood, standing a good two inches over six feet, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, with the carriage of the trained fighting man. His features were regular and clear cut, his hair black and closely cropped, while his eyes were of a steel gray, reflecting a strong and loyal character, filled with fire and initiative. His manners were perfect, and his courtliness was that of a typical southern gentleman of the highest type. — Edgar Rice Burroughs

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Charlotte Hays

The Episcopalian ideal of a gentleman is a man who, if a lady falls down drunk, will pick her up off the floor and freshen up her drink. You practically have to be on the list for your second liver transplant before a Southern Episcopalian notices that you drink too much. — Charlotte Hays

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Vince Gill

I formally proposed. I'm a good Southern gentleman. — Vince Gill

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Lance Bass

I was always the Southern gentleman. — Lance Bass

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Philip C. Elrod

The man was a mystery to Jim. Sometimes, he seemed to be the perfect Southern gentleman from days long gone. At other times, he had an air of timelessness, that of someone who had seen and experienced much. — Philip C. Elrod

Southern Gentleman Quotes By Jamie Foxx

I'm a southern gentleman. — Jamie Foxx