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Sometimes I Just Wanna Run Away Quotes & Sayings

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Sometimes I Just Wanna Run Away Quotes By Zelda Gin

(fairy tale).
i wanna tell you a joke
but it will be like the frog finds the princess
says she's not enough
then jumps out of window
i wanna show you
a bit of snow on fingertips
so it will speak why the beauty is not for the ugly
and dwarves cannot run after white horse
i wanna tell you
how much a kiss costs
that sways both lives away
so that you may
remain us.
but you see, fairy tales start with curses
and so do we. — Zelda Gin

Sometimes I Just Wanna Run Away Quotes By Hilary Duff

What is meant to be, will always find its way. And when your down and feeling alone, just wanna run away, trust yourself and don't give up. You know you better than anyone else. — Hilary Duff

Sometimes I Just Wanna Run Away Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

I wish I could run away," Rudger told Jersey as they both rushed in and out of various patients' rooms, darting around like little ants. "I can't leave and be on my own though, not right now, anyway."
"Why?" asked Jersey, waving her flashlight in mid-air.
Rudger froze for a second, a regretful haze emanating from his eyes. "It'd break her heart if I left."
"Ain't that normal? For parents to have mixed feelings about their kids growin' up?"
"Not for me, it isn't."
Jersey made a pitying face in his direction. "So, you wanna keep bein' towed around with your mom, livin' in a gross town like Danvers?"
"Is there a choice?"
"Yeah, there sure is. You can run away and try to be a whole person before it's too late, or you can live with mommy dearest forever and turn into Norman Bates. — Rebecca McNutt

Sometimes I Just Wanna Run Away Quotes By Tegan Quin

Don't run away, It only fuels the flames. Don't pull away, It only makes me wanna stay. — Tegan Quin