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Top Someone Not Liking You Anymore Quotes

Someone Not Liking You Anymore Quotes By Mary Jane Hathaway

Brooks stuck his hands in his pockets and examined his shoes. It would be nice to be known fully and still loved, but what if it was one or the other? What if by the time someone got to know you, the person didn't love you anymore? And when could you be sure the person really knew you? Two years? Four? It was probably better to pull back while the going was good, rather than to risk losing a marriage on the gamble of someone's still liking the real you, the forty-years-of-marriage you. Yes, definitely better to leave good things alone. Things such as friendship.
"You look like someone ran over your dog." Blanche nudged him with her elbow. — Mary Jane Hathaway

Someone Not Liking You Anymore Quotes By Carol Kendall

It's a lot easier to like people when they can't make life miserable for you anymore. — Carol Kendall

Someone Not Liking You Anymore Quotes By Lauren Barnholdt

He takes a chicken tender and dunks it into the honey mustard. Something about that makes me sad. Because all the little things about him, like the way he loves honey mustard and the way he always forgets the cheese on my burger, aren't mine anymore. It's weird that everything can be the same, that he can go on liking honey mustard, and yet everything is different. — Lauren Barnholdt

Someone Not Liking You Anymore Quotes By Stanley Donen

There's no more film. Film is gone. We photograph digitally and electronically. We don't really use film the same way anymore - it's disappearing little by little. Things change. We have to change with them. There's no point in liking or not liking it. It is what it is. — Stanley Donen