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Top Someone Losing Weight Quotes

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Jeannette Murueta

Once you start your exercise routine and you include in your daily diet foods rich in calcium and potassium, you will start losing weight in about a week — Jeannette Murueta

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Stephanie Klein

I'd heard it all the time, 'Live in the moment.' But if I did that, I'd weigh more than a dump truck. Losing weight wasn't about the moment at all; it was about having faith in the future. It was about knowing there would be another meal in a few hours. — Stephanie Klein

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Alanis Morissette

I hear you're losing weight again, Mary Jane. Do you ever wonder who you're losing it for? — Alanis Morissette

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Elle Todd

For that short space of time, she forgot she was sad and a little afraid. She let herself forget that after tonight, she might never see him again and that if she did, whatever it was between them would no longer exist.

When he deepened the kiss and his weight pressed her against the ground, she forgot everything, losing herself in a wave of sensation that carried no threat, inspired no fear, and belonged to no one but her. — Elle Todd

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

It was like getting congratulated for losing weight when you didn't think anyone else had noticed that you needed to. — Rainbow Rowell

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Kenneth Schwarz

A new formula for weight loss is needed. Losing weight, especially for women, is never just about the food. It is always about a woman's psychology as well. — Kenneth Schwarz

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Jane Fonda

The secret of losing weight is patience. — Jane Fonda

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Prince Philip

You could do with losing a little bit of weight. — Prince Philip

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Padma Lakshmi

The men on the show have it easy, in part because men on TV have uniforms: There's the jacket, in black, blue, or gray. There's the shirt, the pants. I can never tell whether Tom is gaining or losing weight beneath his boxy suits. He always looks the same. Tom also has the benefit of being Tom, a decorated veteran of the restaurant kitchen. Like so many chefs, he is practiced at the taste-of-this, taste-of-that eating regimen. I'm the one who has to look like a glorified weathergirl, with formfitting dresses and all, which, don't get me wrong, I love - at least until I don't. — Padma Lakshmi

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Denise Van Outen

I mean, I'm lucky because I've slimmed down, but the last thing I was thinking about was losing weight. — Denise Van Outen

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Jack Canfield

Write your goals down in detail and read your list of goals every day. Some goals may entail a list of shorter goals. Losing a lot of weight, for example, should include mini-goals, such as 10-pound milestones. This will keep your subconscious mind focused on what you want step by step. — Jack Canfield

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Larry McMurtry

Losing weight. When we finish eating this horse I — Larry McMurtry

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Antoine Lavoisier

About eight days ago I discovered that sulfur in burning, far from losing weight, on the contrary, gains it; it is the same with phosphorus; this increase of weight arises from a prodigious quantity of air that is fixed during combustion and combines with the vapors. This discovery, which I have established by experiments, that I regard as decisive, has led me to think that what is observed in the combustion of sulfur and phosphorus may well take place in the case of all substances that gain in weight by combustion and calcination; and I am persuaded that the increase in weight of metallic calyxes is due to the same cause ... This discovery seems to me one of the most interesting that has been made since Stahl and since it is difficult not to disclose something inadvertently in conversation with friends that could lead to the truth I have thought it necessary to make the present deposit to the Secretary of the Academy to await the time I make my experiments public. — Antoine Lavoisier

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Abdu'l- Baha

The world in the past has been ruled by force, and man has dominated over woman by reason of his more forceful and aggressive qualities both of body and mind. But the balance is already shifting - force is losing its weight and mental alertness, intuition, and the spiritual qualities of love and service, in which woman is strong, are gaining ascendancy. Hence the new age will be an age less masculine, and more permeated with the feminine ideals - or, to speak more exactly, will be an age in which the masculine and feminine elements of civilization will be more evenly balanced. — Abdu'l- Baha

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Scarlett Pomers

Weight was the thing I hyperfocused on. It went from me losing a few pounds to slowly over time losing more and more weight and becoming more and more focused on it. — Scarlett Pomers

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By America Ferrera

Sometimes I worry more about losing weight than gaining weight, because this is how people know and accept me. — America Ferrera

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Jennifer Hudson

People get comfortable with the way you are - they have formed their opinion of you based on everything they see and know about you as a person. When you change that up by losing weight, they no longer understand you. — Jennifer Hudson

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Geneen Roth

And.. are you willing to go all the way? To understand that food is only a stand-in for love and possibility and spirit? Because if you aren't, you will get caught up in gaining and losing weight for the rest of your life. But if you are willing, then the portal to what you say you want is truly on your plate. — Geneen Roth

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By J. Courtney Sullivan

It felt something like being in love, but without the weight of having to choose just one heart to hold on to, and without the fear of ever losing it. — J. Courtney Sullivan

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Marguerite Yourcenar

The American child, driven to school by bus and stupefied by television, is losing contact with reality. There is an enormous gap between the sheer weight of the textbooks that he carries home from school and his capacity to interpret what is in them. — Marguerite Yourcenar

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Carrie Underwood

I'm fighting a losing battle here: I'm trying to lose some weight. I love chocolate; that's one of my biggest downfalls. I haven't gotten a whole lot of chocolate, thank goodness, because I'd probably be about 300 pounds. — Carrie Underwood

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight. — Karl Lagerfeld

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By T. J. Thyne

You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering, that's the sad truth. Maybe they'll break your heart, maybe you'll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. Those are the risks. You see two people and you think they belong together, but nothing happens. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable. That's the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs, but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens that allow us to fly. — T. J. Thyne

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Tanya Masse

I don't need a personal trainer ... I need someone to stalk me and threaten to kick my ass when I eat and drink stuff I'm not supposed to! — Tanya Masse

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Harry Papas

Enjoy losing weight. Enjoy eating healthy, delicious food. Do not wait until you reach your destination to feel good. Take as much happiness and joy as you can from your weight loss journey. — Harry Papas

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Ray William Johnson

My success has been something I've worked a long time at and it's been a gradual process. I compare it to the idea of someone losing a lot of weight over a period of a few years. You don't really notice the weight loss overall but if you compare photos from then and now there's a big difference. — Ray William Johnson

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By David Walliams

Perhaps Mother was trying to shame her into losing weight. In truth, it only made Chloe more miserable, and being miserable only made her eat more. Filling herself up with chocolate, crisps and cake felt like being given a much-needed hug. — David Walliams

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Kendra Wilkinson

I had a lot of challenges losing the weight. I still haven't lost the weight yet and I don't plan on going back to the body I used to be at. I love my sexy curves! — Kendra Wilkinson

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By T. Colin Campbell

The solution to losing weight is a whole foods, plant-based diet, coupled with a reasonable amount of exercise. It is a long-term lifestyle change, rather than a quick-fix fad, and it can provide sustained weight loss while minimizing risk of chronic disease. — T. Colin Campbell

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Kathy Freston

You don't need to stick to tough rules or overnight changes; you need not rely on hardcore discipline that makes you hate your life. You need only focus on progress, not perfection. Lean in to the process of losing weight, and it will happen easily. — Kathy Freston

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Tricia Helfer

I think I sort of blossomed, so to speak, around 17. I started to get hips and put on weight, which I was very happy about. And that's when I met this agent, who told me I had to lose 10 pounds. I said, 'You've got to be kidding me. I finally got it on - I'm not losing it!' — Tricia Helfer

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Valerie Bertinelli

I'm excellent at losing weight, but I've never been excellent at maintenance. I have some better days than others in terms of being hypervigilant, but with maintenance you don't know if you've been good at it until you're done. — Valerie Bertinelli

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Tina Seelig

There's a big difference between trying to do something and actually doing it. We often say we're trying to do something-losing weight, getting more exercise, finding a job. But the truth is, we're either doing it or not doing it. — Tina Seelig

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Linda Spangle

Starting today, instead of saying "I have to" when discussing your actions or goals, substitute the words "I choose to." Now the phrase "I have to go to work" becomes "I choose to go to work." And "I have to lose weight" becomes "I choose to lose weight." Saying "I choose to" puts you in charge and affirms that you want to see results. — Linda Spangle

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Joel Fuhrman

Instead of trying to increase your metabolism with the goal of losing weight, try to slow your metabolism with a low-calorie, high-nutrient diet for a longer, healthier life. — Joel Fuhrman

Someone Losing Weight Quotes By Dolvett Quince

If you want to transform yourself into an upbeat, positive, energetic, and passionate human being, you can - by becoming what you say you are. Say that you're happy. Say that you're beautiful. Say that you can do whatever you need to do, whether it's losing weight or exercising more. Tell yourself you are what you want to become and you will become it. Then practice it. — Dolvett Quince