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Top Sociology Quotes

Sociology Quotes By Paul Edward Gottfried

The appeal by twentieth-century pluralists to scientific method was also ideologically - and even messianically - driven. It ignored scientific data that interfered with environmentalist assumptions and misrepresented socialist faith as "scientific planning. — Paul Edward Gottfried

Sociology Quotes By Richard Wall

I admit that the eyes of the intellectually and culturally lively tend to glaze over at the mere mention of sociology, often with ample justification. — Richard Wall

Sociology Quotes By Elie Wiesel

There is no discussing theology, sociology and politics when someone is under the spell of a self-enclosed totalitarian ideology. Intentionally or out of ignorance, Ahmed, who is empirical in all matters, detests pointless and laborious philosophical imaginings, never-ending discussions, or clashes of ideas that might be respectful of non-believer opponents and sinners deserving only of complete contempt. — Elie Wiesel

Sociology Quotes By Richard Swedberg

The conventional way of understanding taste, according to Distinction, is to view it as a capacity for aesthetic judgments in areas such as music, art, and literature. Though rarely made explicit, it is well understood that taste can be found only among the elite, and that the lower classes lack it. Bourdieu argues that it is imperative to break with this concept of taste and replace it with one that is sociological in nature. In order to do so, Bourdieu expands the concept of taste from including only "aesthetic consumption" to including "ordinary consumption," that is, the consumption of clothing, furniture, and food ([1979] 1986:100). He also extends the concept of taste to all social classes, and shows that what constitutes "good taste" is very much part of the struggle for domination in society. — Richard Swedberg

Sociology Quotes By Union Pour La Verite

Air is no less heavy because we do not detect its weight. — Union Pour La Verite

Sociology Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

Do you want to resolve a conflict successfully? Don't wait, start a conversation. — Eraldo Banovac

Sociology Quotes By Isaac Asimov

The laws of history are as absolute as the laws of physics, and if the probabilities of error are greater, it is only because history does not deal with as many humans as physics does atoms, so that individual variations count for more. — Isaac Asimov

Sociology Quotes By Johan Coetzer

In today's society conformity is more of a necessity than an option. — Johan Coetzer

Sociology Quotes By David L. Swartz

interconnected vision for sociology as science and sociology as political engagement is not well understood, — David L. Swartz

Sociology Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

In general, sharing and using things decreases their value. However, knowledge increases by implementation and especially by sharing among people. — Eraldo Banovac

Sociology Quotes By Jennifer Egan

And it may be that a crowd at a particular moment of history creates the object to justify its gathering, as it did at the first Human Be-In and Monterey Pop and Woodstock. Or it may be that two generations of war and surveillance had left people craving the embodiment of their own unease in the form of a lone, unsteady man on a slide guitar. — Jennifer Egan

Sociology Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

They made a science out of people?" she said. "What a crazy science that must be."
"Mr. Z — Kurt Vonnegut

Sociology Quotes By Jayne Ann Krentz

The negative attitudes toward the genres - romance, science-fiction, westerns, suspense, etc. - are fallout from the academic world's long-standing fascination with existential philosophy and modern theories of psychology and sociology. — Jayne Ann Krentz

Sociology Quotes By Andy Biersack

I had a certain kind of disassociation from the other kids because I had more interest in sociology, ideas and trying to communicate those ideas to the kids around me. — Andy Biersack

Sociology Quotes By Bob Feller

Yankee Stadium, it's like everything else in this country. In Europe, they save all their old buildings for history. Here, we just tear them all down. — Bob Feller

Sociology Quotes By Charles Dickens

Detestation of the high is the involuntary homage of the low. — Charles Dickens

Sociology Quotes By Greta Christina

Our beliefs affect our behavior towards others. And that makes our
beliefs, not just a personal question, but an ethical one. — Greta Christina

Sociology Quotes By Alejandro Portes

As an explanation tool, the concept of class serves, first and foremost, to clarify who gains and who losses from specific economic processes and policies and with what consequences. — Alejandro Portes

Sociology Quotes By C. Wright Mills

Whatever sociology may be, it is the result of constantly asking the question, what is the meaning of this? — C. Wright Mills

Sociology Quotes By Peter Berger

We see the puppets dancing on their miniature stage, moving up and down as the strings pull them around, following the prescribed course of their various little parts. We learn to understand the logic of this theater and we find ourselves in its motions. We locate ourselves in society and thus recognize our own position as we hang from its subtle strings. For a moment we see ourselves as puppets indeed. But then we grasp a decisive difference between the puppet theater and our own drama. Unlike the puppets, we have the possibility of stopping in our movements, looking up and perceiving the machinery by which we have been moved. In this act lies the first step toward freedom. And in this same act we find the conclusive justification of sociology as a humanistic discipline — Peter Berger

Sociology Quotes By August Wilson

The details of our struggle to survive and prosper, in what has been a difficult and sometimes bitter relationship with a system of laws and practices that deny us access to the tools necessary for productive and industrious life, are available to any serious student of history or sociology. — August Wilson

Sociology Quotes By Kenneth E. Boulding

Economic problems have no sharp edges. They shade off imperceptibly into politics, sociology, and ethics. Indeed, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that the ultimate answer to every economic problem lies in some other field. — Kenneth E. Boulding

Sociology Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

Human nature is so complicated. Those who have little, want a lot. Those who have a lot, think others have more. Those who lose, blame others for the loss. — Eraldo Banovac

Sociology Quotes By Antony Beevor

At a purely practical level, history is important because it provides the basic skills needed for students to go further in sociology, politics, international relations and economics. History is also an ideal discipline for almost all careers in the law, the civil service and the private sector. — Antony Beevor

Sociology Quotes By Sharon Lee

It is culture that is the bully.
Orn Ald yos'Senchul to Theo Waitley, Saltation — Sharon Lee

Sociology Quotes By Lesslie Newbigin

The attempt to interpret human behavior in terms of models derived from the natural sciences eventually destroys personal responsibility. — Lesslie Newbigin

Sociology Quotes By J.B. Priestley

We must beware the revenge of the starved senses, the embittered animal in its prison. — J.B. Priestley

Sociology Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

Openness to change is key to implementing new knowledge. That is why one who is indifferent to change is not a friend of knowledge. — Eraldo Banovac

Sociology Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

Nowadays, using a computer has become a way of life. — Eraldo Banovac

Sociology Quotes By Eraldo Banovac

A happy man doesn't reconsider life. — Eraldo Banovac

Sociology Quotes By William Kristol

And on this issue of the Shia in Iraq, I think there's been a certain amount of, frankly, Terry, a kind of pop sociology in America that, you know, somehow the Shia can't get along with the Sunni and the Shia in Iraq just want to establish some kind of Islamic fundamentalist regime. There's almost no evidence of that at all. Iraq's always been very secular. — William Kristol

Sociology Quotes By Tim Harford

Bill Phillips was this nervous, chain-smoking student. He had signed up to be an engineer, he had gone away to fight in the Second World War, he had come back. He had switched to sociology because he wanted to understand how people could do these terrible things to each other. And he did a little bit of economics on the side. — Tim Harford

Sociology Quotes By Edward Bond

[The ruling class] sees people in the working class as being almost animals. It sees itself as being synonymous with civilization and its cultivation as coming from its natural abilities and not from its wealth and privileged opportunities. It doesn't see that the way in which it monopolizes these things distorts the culture it derives from them and that this makes its culture irrational and an enemy of civilization. — Edward Bond

Sociology Quotes By Michael Schudson

But into the first decades of the twentieth century, even at the New York Times, it was uncommon for journalists to see a sharp divide between facts and values. Yet the belief in objectivity is just this: the belief that one can and should separate facts from values. Facts, in this view, are assertions about the world open to independent validation. They stand beyond the distorting influences of any individual's personal preferences. Values, in this view, are an individual's conscious or unconscious preferences for what the world should be; they are seen as ultimately subjective and so without legitimate claim on other people. The belief in objectivity is a faith in "facts," a distrust of "values," and a commitment to their segregation. — Michael Schudson

Sociology Quotes By Tina Fey

I've always been able to tell a lot about people by whether they ask me about my scar. Most people never ask, but if it comes up naturally somehow and I offer up the story, they are quite interested. Some people are just dumb: 'Did a cat scratch you?' God bless. Those sweet dumdums I never mind. Sometimes it is a fun sociology litmus test, like when my friend Ricky asked me, 'Did they ever catch the black guy that did that to you?' Hmmm. It was not a black guy, Ricky, and I never said it was. — Tina Fey

Sociology Quotes By Tony Evans

These systems attempt to box God into a government confined within the perspective of man. Yet when humanity is used as the starting point for interpreting and interacting with God's creation, faulty theology and sociology emerge as mankind attempts to fashion God into the image of man. — Tony Evans

Sociology Quotes By Girdhar Joshi

Before the girl and the boy tie the knot, they feel like falling in love. And most of them do. Cupid works. Biology demands. And, sociology warrants. — Girdhar Joshi

Sociology Quotes By Oscar Wilde

How English you are, Basil! If one puts
forward an idea to a real Englishman, - always a rash
thing to do, - he never dreams of considering whether the
idea is right or wrong. The only thing he considers of any
importance is whether one believes it one's self. Now, the
value of an idea has nothing whatsoever to do with the
sincerity of the man who expresses it. Indeed, the
probabilities are that the more insincere the man is, the more purely intellectual will the idea be, as in that case it
will not be colored by either his wants, his desires, or his
prejudices. However, I don't propose to discuss politics,
sociology, or metaphysics with you. I like persons better
than principles. Tell me more about Dorian Gray. How
often do you see him? — Oscar Wilde

Sociology Quotes By Vikram Roy

Character depends on characters. Few people are character. Other's should try to opt one but they don't, they lose. — Vikram Roy

Sociology Quotes By Hilary Thayer Hamann

They were sorting, or classifying. It's easy-anyone dressed funny is the enemy, especially if they reject your supremacy or do not acknowledge school as entertainment. If the enemy tries to look like you and act like you, only in more affordable clothes, that person is still the enemy, only of a more contemptible, less terrifying variety- — Hilary Thayer Hamann

Sociology Quotes By Stephen King

And when there are enough outsiders together in one place, a mystic osmosis takes place and you're inside. — Stephen King

Sociology Quotes By Iris Apfel

I had the good fortune to be able to take a course with Margaret Mead. I had a fabulous art course, where it was explained to me that nothing exists in a vacuum, that everything is a result of the period in which it's done - the economics, the sociology, the politics, all sewn together. That was a very important lesson. — Iris Apfel

Sociology Quotes By Paul Greene

That everything in nature has "the appearance" of design is not exactly evidence against design. According to Dawkins, though, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is almost certainly something else. — Paul Greene

Sociology Quotes By Friedrich August Von Hayek

If I am not mistaken, psychology, psychiatry and some branches of sociology, not to speak about the so-called philosophy of history, are even more affected by what I have called the scientistic prejudice, and by specious claims of what science can achieve. — Friedrich August Von Hayek

Sociology Quotes By Richard J. Foster

If we watch the interactions between human beings, we will receive a graduate-level education. — Richard J. Foster

Sociology Quotes By Ron Moody

I would have liked to have been a professor of sociology. — Ron Moody

Sociology Quotes By Ernest Becker

Man is an animal who has to live in a lie in order to
live at all. — Ernest Becker

Sociology Quotes By Alain De Botton

What makes the prospect of death distinctive in the modern age is the background of permanent technological and sociological revolution against which it is set, and which serves to strip us of any possible faith in the permanence of our labours. Our ancestors could believe that their achievements had a chance of bearing up against the flow of events. We know time to be a hurricane. Our buildings, our sense of style, our ideas, all of these will soon enough be anachronisms, and the machines in which we now take inordinate pride will seem no less bathetic than Yorick's skull. — Alain De Botton

Sociology Quotes By Michael Apted

Anyway, that was the germ of the idea and of course ... you know this was early days of sociology and whatever, especially on television. — Michael Apted

Sociology Quotes By Peter Berger

Good sociologists have always had an insatiable curiosity about about even the trivialities of human behaviour, and if this curiosity leads a sociologist to devote many years to the painstaking exploration of some small corner of the social world that may appear quite trivial to others, so be it: Why do more teenagers pick their noses in rural Minnesota than in rural Iowa? What are the patterns of church socials over a twenty-year period in small-town Saskatchewan? What is the correlation between religious affiliation and accident-proneness among elderly Hungarians? — Peter Berger

Sociology Quotes By Steven Pinker

The violence of a lower-class man may indeed express rage, but it is aimed not at society but at the asshole who scraped his car and dissed him in front of a crowd. — Steven Pinker

Sociology Quotes By Lincoln Steffens

Nothing is done. Everything in the world remains to be done or done over. The greatest picture is not yet painted, the greatest play isn't written, the greatest poem is unsung. There isn't in all the world a perfect railroad, nor a good government, nor a sound law. Physics, mathematics, and especially the most advanced and exact of the sciences are being fundamentally revised ... Psychology, economics, and sociology are awaiting a Darwin, whose work in turn is awaiting an Einstein. — Lincoln Steffens

Sociology Quotes By Sam Harris

Human well-being is not a random phenomenon. It depends on many factors - ranging from genetics and neurobiology to sociology and economics. But, clearly, there are scientific truths to be known about how we can flourish in this world. Wherever we can have an impact on the well-being of others, questions of morality apply. — Sam Harris

Sociology Quotes By George Akerlof

Economic theorists, like French chefs in regard to food, have developed stylized models whose ingredients are limited by some unwritten rules. Just as traditional French cooking does not use seaweed or raw fish, so neoclassical models do not make assumptions derived from psychology, anthropology, or sociology. I disagree with any rules that limit the nature of the ingredients in economic models. — George Akerlof

Sociology Quotes By Jean Piaget

Every psychological explanation comes sooner or later to lean either on biology or on logic (or on sociology, but this in turn leads to the same alternatives). — Jean Piaget

Sociology Quotes By Paul Nurse

Like many students, I found the drudgery of real experiments and the slowness of progress a complete shock, and at my low points I contemplated other alternative careers including study of the philosophy or sociology of science. — Paul Nurse

Sociology Quotes By David Carson

My background is sociology. Combined with my graphic approach, if I could do some film projects, I think I'd be very good at making documentaries eventually, but people don't think of me for that, of course. But dialogue is something I know I can be good at. — David Carson

Sociology Quotes By Dan Hill

Songs sometimes are so connected to the sociology of the time. — Dan Hill

Sociology Quotes By Philip Pullman

We measure the value of a civilized society by the number of Libraries it opens, not the number it closes down. — Philip Pullman

Sociology Quotes By Rudolf J. Siebert

Society reproduces itself antagonistically. — Rudolf J. Siebert

Sociology Quotes By Jean Baudrillard

We criticize Americans for not being able either to analyse or conceptualize. But this is a wrong-headed critique. It is we who imagine that everything culminates in transcendence, and that nothing exists which has not been conceptualized. Not only do they care little for such a view, but their perspective is the very opposite: it is not conceptualizing reality, but realizing concepts and materializing ideas, that interests them. The ideas of the religion and enlightened morality of the eighteenth century certainly, but also dreams, scientific values, and sexual perversions. Materializing freedom, but also the unconscious. Our phantasies around space and fiction, but also our phantasies of sincerity and virtue, or our mad dreams of technicity. Everything that has been dreamt on this side of the Atlantic has a chance of being realized on the other. They build the real out of ideas. We transform the real into ideas, or into ideology. — Jean Baudrillard

Sociology Quotes By Cordelia Fine

Some day, I must ask him what it's like to be married to someone who, eyes narrowed in thought, peers at him over the tops of sociology articles with titles like "Who Gets the Best Deal from Marriage: Women or Men?" We've had our disagreements, of course. When, for example, are a few dirty cups a symbol of the exertion of male privilege, and when are they merely unwashed dishes? — Cordelia Fine

Sociology Quotes By Sandra G. Harding

Critical discussions of Western colonialism and imperialism and of what the term postcolonialism could mean, require, and enable first became acceptable in literature and cultural studies departments in the United States some three decades ago. Yet it has been much harder to create such discussions of sciences and technologies. Especially resistant are those departments where the West's scientific rationality and technical expertise have long been lovingly explained and "served up" for use in corporate and nationalist policies: sociology, philosophy, economics, and international relations, as well as the natural sciences themselves. — Sandra G. Harding

Sociology Quotes By Sarah Pink

for instance, the theories and practices of art and photography with anthropological theory and practice (e.g. Edwards 1997a; da Silva and Pink 2004; Grimshaw and Ravetz 2004; Schneider and Wright 2005). The interdisciplinary focus in visual methods has also been represented in Theo van Leeuwen and Carey Jewitt's Handbook of Social Research (2000) and Chris Pole's Seeing is Believing (2004) both of which combine case studies in visual research from across disciplines. The idea that visual research as a field of interdisciplinary practice is also central to Advances in Visual Methodology (Pink 2012a) and is demonstrated by the work of the volume's contributors, as well as by the recent SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods (Margolis and Pauwels 2011). Likewise the interdisciplinary journal Visual Studies (formerly Visual Sociology) provides an excellent series of examples of visual research, practice, theory and methodology. — Sarah Pink

Sociology Quotes By Zygmunt Bauman

Postmodernity means the exhilarating freedom to pursue anything, yet mind-boggling uncertainty as to what is worth pursuing and in the name of what one should pursue it. — Zygmunt Bauman

Sociology Quotes By Robert Wright

Being a person's true friend means endorsing the untruths he holds dearest. — Robert Wright

Sociology Quotes By Bill Burr

Rich people never go to war. You ask a college kid to go to war, and he's like, 'Umm, I'm taking this sociology class, and I think war is, like, really stupid, and my roommate's, like, half Afghani, so it's going to cause some static.' — Bill Burr

Sociology Quotes By Rene Girard

War is a total social phenomenon. In this respect, Clausewitz's analysis is a precursor of Durkheim's sociology. Clausewitz has things to teach us about "mass" violence and contagion. — Rene Girard

Sociology Quotes By Terry Pratchett

It's daft, locking us up," said Nanny. "I'd have had us killed."
"That's because you're basically good," said Magrat. "The good are innocent and create justice. The bad are guilty, which is why they invent mercy. — Terry Pratchett

Sociology Quotes By Clifford Geertz

People keep asking how anthropology is different from sociology, and everybody gets nervous. — Clifford Geertz

Sociology Quotes By Michael Crichton

False fears are a plague, a modern plague! — Michael Crichton

Sociology Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

I'm not a sociologist, and the novel has often concerned itself with sociology. It's one of the generating forces that's made fiction interesting to people. But that's not my concern. I'm interested in psychology. And also certain philosophical questions about the world. — Jonathan Lethem

Sociology Quotes By Idries Shah

Definitions from Mulla Do-Piaza
Wisdom: Something you can learn without knowing it. — Idries Shah

Sociology Quotes By Richard Lewontin

I am a taxonomist, I work in the descriptive, narrative sciences of natural history. Unfortunately there is this status ordering from physics, the queen of the sciences up on top, down through a bunch of squishy subjects, ending up with sociology and psychology on the bottom. Palaeontologists are not much above that in their conventional ordering. — Richard Lewontin

Sociology Quotes By Lawrence Jackson

I studied philosophy and ended on sociology. For some reason, all the advanced courses in philosophy were offered 4:30 to 6:30, so I could never go because of football, so I had to switch. — Lawrence Jackson

Sociology Quotes By Jessica Valenti

Robin Simon, a sociology professor at Florida State University and researcher on parenting and happiness, told The Daily Beast in 20083 that parents experience lower levels of emotional well-being, less frequent positive emotions and more frequent negative emotions than their childless peers. — Jessica Valenti

Sociology Quotes By Les Back

Perhaps the difference between a professor and a bus driver is that the professor can say stupid things with complete authority while the bus driver is not authorized to make brilliant insights. — Les Back

Sociology Quotes By B.R. Ambedkar

Humans are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die. — B.R. Ambedkar

Sociology Quotes By Hortense Calisher

Sociology, the guilty science, functions best by alarm. — Hortense Calisher

Sociology Quotes By Ashley Montagu

The family is the basis of society. As the family is, so is the society, and it is human beings who make a family-not the quantity of them, but the quality of them. — Ashley Montagu

Sociology Quotes By Sun Tzu

The host thus forming a single united body, is it impossible either for the brave to advance alone, or for the cowardly to retreat alone — Sun Tzu

Sociology Quotes By Sam Abell

My parents, grandmother and brother were teachers. My mother taught Latin and French and was the school librarian. My father taught geography and a popular class called Family Living, the precursor to Sociology, which he eventually taught. My grandmother was a beloved one-room school teacher at Knob School, near Sonora in Larue County, Ky. — Sam Abell

Sociology Quotes By Richard C. Lewontin

In the ensuing chapters, we will look in some detail at particular manifestations of the modern scientific ideology and the false paths down which it has led us. We will consider how biological determinism has been used to explain and justify inequalities within and between societies and to claim that those inequalities can never be changed. We will see how a theory of human nature has been developed using Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection to claim that social organization is also unchangeable because it is natural. We will see how problems of health and disease have been located within the individual so that the individual becomes a problem for society to cope with rather than society becoming a problem for the individual. And we will see how simple economic relationships masquerading as facts of nature can drive the entire direction of biological research and technology. — Richard C. Lewontin

Sociology Quotes By Susan Cain

Introverts, in contrast, may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings, but after a while wish they were home in their pajamas. They prefer to devote their social energies to close friends, colleagues, and family. They listen more than they talk, think before they speak, and often feel as if they express themselves better in writing than in conversation. They tend to dislike conflict. Many have a horror of small talk, but enjoy deep discussions. — Susan Cain

Sociology Quotes By Tom Robbins

The theme of corporate stories (and millions drink them in every day) seldom varies: to be happy you must consume, to be special you must conform. Absurd, obviously, yet our identities have become so fragile, so elusive, that we seem content to let advertisers provide us with their version of who we are, to let them recreate us in their image: a cookie-cutter image based on market research, shallow sociology, and insidious lies. — Tom Robbins

Sociology Quotes By Alicia Sacramone

I really want to go back to school and finish up my sociology degree. — Alicia Sacramone

Sociology Quotes By Sebastiao Salgado

I have tried to bring about better communication between people. I believe that humanitarian photography is like economics. Economy is a kind of sociology, as is documentary photography. — Sebastiao Salgado

Sociology Quotes By Erving Goffman

In our society, defecation involves an
individual in activity which is defined as inconsistent with
the cleanliness and purity standards expressed in many of our
performances. Such activity also causes the individual to
disarrange his clothing and to 'go out of play, that is, to
drop from his face the expressive mask that he employs in
face-to-face interaction. At the same time ic becomes difficult
for him to reassemble his personal front should the need to
enter into interaction suddenly occur. Perhaps that is a
reason why toilet doors in our society have locks on them. — Erving Goffman

Sociology Quotes By Fulton J. Sheen

The danger today is in believing there are no sick people, there is only a sick society. — Fulton J. Sheen

Sociology Quotes By Bertrand De Jouvenel

The law of all modern states takes account of associations, whose members, in theory, pursue the common end with equal zeal. The experience of all associations proves, however, that this is not the case, and that a lively, constant and vigorous awareness of the end is found only in a minority of the associates; an association is really rather like a comet - a large tail of docile followers dragged along by a small dynamic head. — Bertrand De Jouvenel

Sociology Quotes By Thomas Piketty

Social scientific research is and always will be tentative and imperfect. It does not claim to transform economics, sociology, and history into exact sciences. But by patiently searching for facts and patterns and calmly analyzing the economic, social, and political mechanisms that might explain them, it can inform democratic debate and focus attention on the right questions. It can help to redefine the terms of debate, unmask certain preconceived or fraudulent notions, and subject all positions to constant critical scrutiny. In my view, this is the role that intellectuals, including social scientists, should play, as citizens like any other but with the good fortune to have more time than others to devote themselves to study (and even to be paid for it - a signal privilege). — Thomas Piketty

Sociology Quotes By Gene Edward Veith Jr.

Psychology either tends to glorify human beings or trivialize them, leaving out the complexity of the human soul and the demands of God. — Gene Edward Veith Jr.

Sociology Quotes By Paul Edward Gottfried

...obscurantist feature in social scientists trying to combine pluralism with environmentalism. They are so preoccupied with the role of prejudice in creating hostile environments that they perpetually deny the obvious, that stereotypes are rough generalizations about groups derived from long-term observation. Such generalizations are usually correct in describing group tendencies and in predicting certain collective actions, even if they do not adequately account for differences among individuals. Nonetheless, as Goldberg explains, the self-described pluralist and prominent psychologist Gordon Allport went out of his way in The Nature of Prejudice (1954) to reject stereotypes as factually inaccurate as well as socially harmful. For Allport and a great many other social Scientists, nothing is intuitively correct unless it is politically so. — Paul Edward Gottfried

Sociology Quotes By Agatha Christie

I believe, Messieurs, in loyalty
to one's friends and one's family and one's caste. — Agatha Christie

Sociology Quotes By Anais Nin

Every individual is representative of the whole ... and should be intimately understood, and this would give a far greater understanding of mass movements and sociology. — Anais Nin

Sociology Quotes By Richard Swedberg

While much of postmodernist analysis should be credited with theoretical imagination, as well as talent for capturing something of the Zeitgeist, this type of analysis nonetheless misses some crucial facts about consumption: that consumption is vitally linked to production; consumption is anchored in concrete relations; and the driving force in consumption is individual interest, as encouraged and often shaped by profit interests. — Richard Swedberg

Sociology Quotes By C. Wright Mills

Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both. — C. Wright Mills

Sociology Quotes By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Us" versus "them" is not in our genes. It is something we learn. — Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Sociology Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

That is the paradox of the epidemic: that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first. — Malcolm Gladwell

Sociology Quotes By Isaac Asimov

Society is much more easily soothed than one's own conscience. — Isaac Asimov