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Top Socially Active Quotes

Socially Active Quotes By Robert G. Picard

What most news people don't comprehend is that most of the public are not heavy information seekers - unlike journalists and the smaller portion of the population that is socially, politically and economically active. — Robert G. Picard

Socially Active Quotes By Craig Clevenger

I love you, I said, but not out loud. — Craig Clevenger

Socially Active Quotes By Donald Miller

More than my questions about the efficacy of social actions were my questions about my own motives. Do i want social justice for the oppressed or do i jusy want to be known as a socially active person? I spend 95 percent of my time thinking about myself anyway. I dont have to watch the evening news to see the world is bad, i only have to look at myself. I am not brow beating here, i am only saying that true charge , true living giving, God honoring change would have to start with the individual. I was the very problem i had been protesting. I wanted to make a sign that read I am the problem — Donald Miller

Socially Active Quotes By Matt Shea

You know, we've been right on everything, haven't we? We told people about drones five years ago, didn't we? We told people about the NSA five years ago, didn't we? We told them about indefinite detention. We told them you can't come after the internet, that's unconstitutional. You can't do warrantless searches, that's unconstitutional. — Matt Shea

Socially Active Quotes By Jack Donovan

Politicians see a more politically and socially active population that must be appeased, and they will continue to fall all over themselves to get the female vote. Women are better suited to and better served by the globalism and consumerism of modern democracies that promise security, no-strings attached sex and shopping.

The new Way of Women depends on prosperity, security, and globalism. Any return of honor and The Way of Men and the eventual restoration of balance and harmony between the sexes will require the weakening of all three. — Jack Donovan

Socially Active Quotes By Irvine Welsh

How many shots does it take before the concept ay choice becomes obsolete? — Irvine Welsh

Socially Active Quotes By Garry Kasparov

Telling Ukrainians they provoked Putin by rejecting him and moving toward Europe is like telling a harassed woman she should wear longer skirts. Do not lose sight of who is the offender and who is the victim! — Garry Kasparov

Socially Active Quotes By Doris Kearns Goodwin

This extreme treatment was among the proliferating regimens developed in response to the stunning increase in nervous disorders diagnosed around the turn of the century. Commentators and clinicians cited a number of factors related to the stresses of modern civilization: the increased speed of communication facilitated by the telegraph and railroad; the "unmelodious" clamor of city life replacing the "rhythmical" sounds of nature; and the rise of the tabloid press that exploded "local horrors" into national news. These nervous diseases became an epidemic among "the ultracompetitive businessman and the socially active woman. — Doris Kearns Goodwin

Socially Active Quotes By Arun Gandhi

Nonviolence is not just a state of being where violence is absent or invisible. It is a conscious, active effort not to harm anyone morally, spiritually, physically, mentally, economically, socially, or in any other way. — Arun Gandhi

Socially Active Quotes By Edmund White

Early on, after gay liberation, there was an almost Stalinist pressure from gay critics and even gay readers to write about positive role models. We were never supposed to write negative things about gays, or else we were seen as collaborating with the enemy. — Edmund White

Socially Active Quotes By Ben Sollee

I'm definitely musician and storyteller. But I always like to take an active role in things I care about socially and environmentally. — Ben Sollee

Socially Active Quotes By Clive Thompson

As Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman document in their book Networked, people who are heavily socially active online tend to be also heavily socially active offline; they're just, well, social people. — Clive Thompson

Socially Active Quotes By Dan Groat

On this morning his first waking moments were filled with the audible lamenting breath of having survived another winter night on the streets of St. Louis, those onerous recurring sighs that had become his respiration. — Dan Groat

Socially Active Quotes By George Herbert

Service without reward is punishment. — George Herbert

Socially Active Quotes By Alice Miller

The commandment to refrain from placing blame on our parents, deeply imprinted in us by our upbringing, skillfully performs the function of hiding essential truths from us. — Alice Miller

Socially Active Quotes By Tony Abbott

I'm not saying that people on welfare don't contribute in their own way, but as many as possible should be encouraged to be economically active as well as socially and culturally active. — Tony Abbott

Socially Active Quotes By Tim Ferriss

Short, sweet, and to the point. Clear writing, and therefore clear commands, comes from clear thinking. Think simple. — Tim Ferriss

Socially Active Quotes By Henry Jenkins

If old consumers were assumed to be passive, then new consumers are active. If old consumers were predictable and stayed where you told them, then new consumers are migratory, showing a declining loyalty to networks or media. If old consumers were isolated individuals, then new consumers are more socially connected. If the work of media consumers was once silent and invisible, then new consumers are now noisy and public. — Henry Jenkins

Socially Active Quotes By Maggie Young

As a child of the millennial generation, I was raised in a society in which we were under the misconception that women and men had reached equality. With the exception of very few matriarchal societies, women were more liberated than they had ever been in history. In America's middle class, basic education was practically handed to us. We have the ability to obtain a higher education and career without men. So it took me nearly a decade after becoming sexually active to realize that, as a woman, I was socially oppressed. I grew up in a world where a woman's abstinence until marriage was highly praised and if she must participate in premarital sex, to limit that activity to as few partners as possible. It was considered tacky to openly discuss my sexual encounters. I was also taught that, as a woman, I was hormonally programmed to be more emotional than men. If I had sex with a man, I was supposed to feel some sort of intimate attachment. If I didn't, I was a cruel-hearted slut. — Maggie Young

Socially Active Quotes By Roxane Gay

Writing has always allowed me to escape. I was a very lonely child. Because I was very socially awkward, I would always have trouble making friends. And so reading and writing allowed me to have friends and to have an active imaginary life that really sort of kept me sane. — Roxane Gay

Socially Active Quotes By Izabella Scorupco

I was born in Poland I came to Sweden when I was eight and always wanted to act and suddenly ended up in a Bond movie which was for me at that time absolutely enormous. — Izabella Scorupco