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Quotes & Sayings About Sochi Olympics

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Sochi Olympics Quotes By Ted Ligety

Sochi will be my third Olympics, and I'm coming into these games in a stronger position than I've been in years past. — Ted Ligety

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Jeremy Abbott

The goal for me is the Olympics. It's Sochi and doing my best there. And, you know, my best has the potential to be on the podium. — Jeremy Abbott

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Alex Berenson

Sochi started with the same problem as every Winter Olympics. Forget the crass commercialism, the fake amateurism, NBC's refusal to televise important events live to all its viewers. As an event, the Winter Games fail on the most basic level. They're lousy to watch. — Alex Berenson

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Alexander Ovechkin

Olympics are probably the most important thing for Russians than any other athletes in the whole world. Since I was a little kid and since everybody was a little kid, their dream was playing in Olympic Games, especially if we have a chance to represent our country in Sochi, it's unbelievable and it's going to be a great thing. — Alexander Ovechkin

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Vanessa Mae

I've decided to make my main priority for the next two years not playing the violin, but training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. — Vanessa Mae

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Kim Yuna

I always thought the Vancouver Olympics would be my last destination, but I'm extending it to Sochi ... I want to start anew, not as an Olympic medalist but just as yet another figure skater. — Kim Yuna

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Kim Yuna

The Sochi Games is not only my second Olympics, but the 'retirement stage' for me, so I want to have a greater experience than any other competition before. In the past, I had strong concepts for short programs and lyrical ones for the long. But this time, it's the other way around. — Kim Yuna

Sochi Olympics Quotes By Julia Kent

If you've never been in a men's room, and have only set foot in the ladies' room at most fine (and not so fine) establishments, you need to know this: store owners hate men. No, really - this is the one area where women get treated better. We may earn seventy-seven cents on the dollar compared to men, but, by God, our public bathrooms don't look like something out of a Soviet-era prison. Or worse - a Sochi hotel during the Olympics. — Julia Kent