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Top So Lucky I Found You Quotes

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Jay McLean

All that we had, every moment we shared, it meant everything to me. Everything you felt, I felt it, too. It was the hardest thing to do, to walk away from you, from us, but I had to do it, because you deserve so much more. And I hope you see that. I hope that you've moved on and found some guy who treats you like the amazingly beautiful girl you are. And that he knows how lucky he is to have you. I hope he appreciates every single thing about you. And I hope that he loves you and gives you the world, Amanda. Because I would have. — Jay McLean

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Debra Dean

If anything, I've found nonfiction a little easier. You don't have to make anything up. Of course, that's the inherent difficulty as well: when you hit an information black hole, you don't get to make it up. That hasn't come up too often with this project though. I'm lucky to have tons of primary source material , reams of letters and diaries and memoirs. — Debra Dean

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Zoe Kravitz

I've found all of my apartments on Craigslist. I've got good Craigslist luck. I just sit on my couch and really focus on it, and I've gotten really lucky that way. — Zoe Kravitz

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By David Knopfler

I've been getting pretty focused about that recently, and even considered doing a masters degree to polish up the craft. I've been pretty lucky in that I seem to have found people online who are willing to constructively tear it apart for me, and indicate its weaknesses. — David Knopfler

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

So much din from so many philosophical brainboxes! Trust in your philosophy now! Boast that you are the one who has found the lucky bean in your festive pudding! — Michel De Montaigne

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Roxanne Snopek

It's nothing fancy, I opened a jar of sauce and cooked the linguine. But there's fresh Parmesan and I even found a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon."
"You found wine." Earlier he'd been thinking about microwaved Who Hash, solitude and if he was very lucky, beer.
But a hot, fresh-cooked meal? Candles? Wine? And a chatty yoga-elf chef? With a body like a Las Vegas showgirl? — Roxanne Snopek

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By A. Lee Martinez

Music has always been the greatest expression of mortal philosophy," continued Lucky. "The path to enlightenment is found in the lyrics of Spinal Tap. — A. Lee Martinez

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Zara Phillips

In our sport you're very lucky to find a horse of a lifetime and I found mine relatively early. He's done everything for me and I owe him the world. — Zara Phillips

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Ruthie Knox

He wanted to hold the love tight to himself, protect it from harm, but he knew better now. That wasn't how love worked. You found it, if you were lucky, and you gave it away, and you took whatever came back to you, the good and the bad together.
He would love her right now, and for as long as she let him, and take the consequences. — Ruthie Knox

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

I knew some truths about that word now.
You weren't always born into one. But if you were lucky, you found one somewhere along the way. It was a place where you fit and were accepted, where people helped you with your problems and you helped them with theirs. Where you made mistakes and so did they but the love never wavered.
A place where erosions never turned into landslides because you dug one another out. And always would. — Karen Marie Moning

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Amanda Sledz

Monday ushers in a particularly impressive clientele of red-eyed people properly pressed into dry-cleaned suits in neutral tones. They leave their equally well-buttoned children idling in SUVs while dashing to grab double-Americanos and foamy sweet lattes, before click-clacking hasty escapes in ass-sculpting heels and polished loafers with bowl-shaped haircuts that age every face to 40. My imagination speed evolves their unfortunate offspring from car seat-strapped oxygen-starved fast-blooming locusts, to the knuckle-drag harried downtown troglodytes they'll inevitably become. One by one I capture their flat-formed heads between index finger and thumb for a little crush-crush-crushing, ever aware that if I'm lucky one day their charitable contributions will fund my frown-faced found art project to baffle someone's hallway. — Amanda Sledz

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

He never mentioned whether something was fair, however. Fairness itself seemed to hold very little interest for him, which I found fascinating, as people, especially young people, are very interested in what's fair. Fairness is a concept taught to nice children: it is the governing principle of kindergartens and summer camps and playgrounds and soccer fields ... Fairness is for happy people, for people who have been lucky enough to have lived a life defined more by certainties than by ambiguities. — Hanya Yanagihara

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Carl Safina

From the happy-go-lucky days of oil exploration and drilling, when a lot of easy sources were being found and easily managed, we're gotten ourselves into this sort of apocalyptic time. We're willing to destroy almost everything, risk almost anything, and go ahead with techniques for which we have no way of responding to the known problems. — Carl Safina

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Sophie Jordan

People wait their whole lives for this. Sometimes half their lives pass before they find it. Sometimes they never do. They settle for something else. Or nothing at all. But we found each other now, Georgia. Do you know how lucky that makes us? — Sophie Jordan

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By T.S. Krupa

I don't know how you got so lucky twice in your life, but I think love found you out on that beach. — T.S. Krupa

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Heinrich Heine

But oh! the Latin!-Madame, you can really have no idea of what a mess it is. The Romans would never have found time to conquer the world if they had been obliged first to learn Latin. Lucky dogs! they already knew in their cradles the nouns ending in im. I on the contrary had to learn it by heart, in the sweat of my brow ... — Heinrich Heine

So Lucky I Found You Quotes By Clark Gregg

Joss Whedon and all the writers of 'Iron Man' and 'Thor' found a way to keep Coulson saying something that keeps you guessing. I'm really lucky because a lot of people play agents and don't get nearly as much fun stuff to do. — Clark Gregg