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Top So Called Boyfriend Quotes

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Pamela Anderson

My career only took off because of one football game. I thought it was funny. 'Playboy' called and offered me a cover just like that. I turned them down initially, because I was nervous about it and my boyfriend at the time didn't want me to do it, but they kept coming back, so I eventually said yes. — Pamela Anderson

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"Someone called him. Someone who seems to have set the whole things up, someone who knew me, my name." I looked at Liam. "Who is it?"
He choked on a laugh. "Seriously? I just died. Your boyfriend there killed me. You really expect me to stick around and chat? Love to, but I'm a little traumatized right now. Maybe later." — Kelley Armstrong

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Wait," said Ragnor, and he started to snigger. "Is this about your Nephilim boyfriend?"
"Our relationship is as yet undefined," said Magnus with dignity. Then he clutched the phone and hissed, "And how do you know private details about my personal life with Alexander?"
"Ooooh, Alexander," Ragnor said in a singsong voice. "I know all about it. Raphael called and told me."
"Raphael Santiago," said Magnus, thinking darkly of the current leader of the New York vampire clan, "has a black ungrateful heart, and one day he will be punished for this treachery. — Cassandra Clare

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Deborah Ford

A Mother's Advice

Manners matter, regardless of your position in society. There is no excuse in this world to practice bad manners, especially at the table. I found that out in high school. I was invited to my boyfriend's house for dinner. His parents were somewhat formal, and I knew the dinner would be "fancy," at least in my mind. My family wasn't upper class (or even middle class), and my mother never had what would be called "social graces."
Before I left, my mother gave me a piece of advice: hold your head high, be quiet, and take the lead from his mother. Even though I was scared to death, I did what my mother advised and got through the experience with flying colors.
To this day, my mother's advice has gotten me through many difficult situations, especially ones that are totally new to me! With my mother's simple advice, I know I could dine with the Queen of England, just by following her lead. Thanks, Mother!

-Deborah Ford — Deborah Ford

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Bijou Hunter

Why did you call me angel this morning?"
Judd shook his head. "Doesn't matter."
"No one's ever called me something pretty like that before."
"You never had a guy call you anything nice?"
"Farah and I weren't allowed to date."
"If every kid listened to their parents, the world would be less crazy, but considerably less fun."
"You ever try to sneak out of a motel room you share with your dad?"
"Can still have a boyfriend. Just harder to hook up."
"Do you wish I had a boyfriend?"
Judd studied me in a soft way. "I wish you had someone to say sweet things to you. — Bijou Hunter

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Erin Lawless

Demetrious was studying Law on the Open University and was, in all ways, a ray of sunshine into her life: warm and glorious, achingly temporary. He lived just off the high street with his boyfriend Rob, who worked in the City, doing something neither Demi nor Sukie pretended to understand.
"All the cute guys are gay," Sukie had laughed, that first day, holding her coffee mug high to her face to hide her genuine disappointment. Demi had just tilted his head and looked at her playfully, an expression she would get to know well.
"I'm not gay," he had clarified, matter-of-factly.
"Living with a boyfriend called Rob doesn't sound very straight!" Sukie had pointed out.
"Labels!" Demi had scorned, with one of his characteristic and very Greek hand gestures. "I fall in love with the person, not the gender. — Erin Lawless

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Gena Showalter

Here goes. See, my boyfriend and I decided to stay together for the summer, you know, even though he had to go visit some family in nowhereville. At least, that's what he told me. Anyway, everything was fine at first, because you know, we talked every night, and then boom, he just stopped calling. So I called and texted him like the good girlfriend I am, and it wasn't stalkerish, I swear, because I stopped after, like, the thirtieth time. A week goes by before he finally hits me back, and he was totally drunk and all, hey, baby, I miss you and what are you wearing, like no time had passed, and I was all, you so do not deserve to know. — Gena Showalter

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Martin Amis

There is a Western phenomenon called the male midlife crisis. Very often it is heralded by divorce. What history might have done to you, you bring about on purpose: separation from woman and child. Don't tell me that such men aren't tasting the ancient flavors of death and defeat.
In America, with divorce achieved, the midlifer can expect to be more recreational, more discretionary. He can almost design the sort of crisis he is going to have: motorbike, teenage girlfriend, vegetarianism, jogging, sports car, mature boyfriend, cocaine, crash diet, powerboat, new baby, religion, hair transplant.
Over here, now, there's no angling around for your male midlife crisis. It is brought to you and it is always the same thing. It is death. — Martin Amis

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Olivia Cunning

Eric, this is Isaac. A dear, dear friend."
Isaac looked none too happy to be called her friend. Eric extended his hand. "I'm Eric, Rebekah's very possessive boyfriend."
Isaac's eyes widened.
"And lover," Eric added. "We get it on constantly. — Olivia Cunning

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Embee

Paige claimed my toothbrush!" I complained to no one in particular.
"I forgot to pack my own," Paige replied defensively, "not that I have one. I haven't brushed my teeth in months, Tess, I ran away, remember? So I deserve it."
"You could use mine," Jayden called, only half sarcastic.
"What makes you think that has any potential to be a solution? And just because we're dating now doesn't mean there's no such thing as germs!" I called back. — Embee

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

Then one Sunday morning, before winter break, Abby's boyfriend, Whitney, materialized at their kitchen table, reading something called "Of Grammatology". When Madeleine asked what the book was about, she was given to understand by Whitney that the idea of a book being "about" something was exactly what this book was against, and that, if it was "about" anything, then it was about the need to stop thinking of books as being about things. — Jeffrey Eugenides

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By R.G. Alexander

Bone Daddy.
That's what they called him. A walking talking well-hung pleasure factory who, with a few easy orgasms, could bring you whatever your heart desired. Your boyfriend would propose, your boss would give you a raise. Rumor had it he could heal your scars, inside and out. If you satisfied his lust. — R.G. Alexander

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Renee Carlino

Isn't there a word for friends that mess around?"
"Yeah, it's called girlfriend and boyfriend. — Renee Carlino

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Ester Dean

I'm a very emotional writer. I always need to have a boyfriend. I always need to have some food. I always need to have a heater at my feet, and I drink this thing called Cool Brew, which I found in Louisiana. It's like condensed coffee. — Ester Dean

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Lauren Layne

Stephanie, huh?" I ask, when she doesn't respond. "You go by Steph?" "No. Not Steph." she says as we cross the street to the familiar green and white Starbucks logo. "My ex-boyfriend called me that so I'm kind of over it." God, someone actually dated this cranky little midget? Then my eyes skimmed the perky cleavage beneath the tiny tank top. Right. There was that. — Lauren Layne

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Rysa Walker

A few seconds later, I heard Katherine's voice from below.
"Kate, you have a gentleman caller."
I rolled my eyes. "How is it that a grandmother from the twenty-fourth century sounds like she's from a Charles Dickens novel?"
Connor shrugged. "Maybe both eras seem like ancient history to her. Could you tell me the difference between what they called a boyfriend in 1620 and in 1820?"
This time I gave in to the temptation to stick out my tongue, and Connor surprised me by actually laughing. — Rysa Walker

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Sarah Hyland

I just filmed a movie with my boyfriend, an indie film called 'Conception.' And it's kind of like an R-rated version of 'Valentine's Day.' So it's like all about eight couples, and me and my boyfriend play one of them together. And that was a lot of fun. — Sarah Hyland

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Josh Lanyon

The phone rang, picked up, and the same male voice announced, "Chris Powers."
"Hey there, Chris. Are you aware it's a felony to make threats over the phone?"
To give Powers his fair due, he got over his shock within a split second. "Try it, asshole. I dare you. My lawyers will have you for lunch." He clicked off again.
I did what any red-blooded American male would do. I called my big, ex-cop ex-boyfriend. — Josh Lanyon

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Meg Cabot

Did you see him? I know the photo was grainy, but he looks like one of those death metal goth heads, or whatever they're called. All dressed in black with long hair
I took umbrage at my mother describing my boyfriend this way. John was the Lord of the Underworld. How else was he supposed to dress? — Meg Cabot

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Mike Mullin

I didn't care much for being called stupid and softhearted. But the boyfriend bit I could live with. — Mike Mullin

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

We did not go about this bride thing right. I do not think women are still used to being stolen as they once were."
"Some adjustment is to be expected."
"It is more than that. She keeps asking for things that I do not have - her Earth clothes and something called a cheeseburger, which I recall from the mini shows as being a giant food that women enjoy eating half naked very slowly." Kyran thought of Eve's beautiful legs. He would very much enjoy getting her a cheeseburger — Michelle M. Pillow

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Cindy Ray Hale

It must have been Josh. He's up there with the paintball bow," Michael called up to her. A what? How come I don't get one of those? I'm up here shooting this junky thing like an idiot, while he's over there taking out my boyfriend from across the field like some kind of assassin. — Cindy Ray Hale

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Elaine Viets

Angela has a boyfriend. Actually, he's a friend with benefits."
"What's that?" Grandma said.
"It means she likes him, and she sleeps with him sometimes when she feels like it."
"In my day, we called that a husband," Grandma said. — Elaine Viets

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I'm not your boyfriend, Isabelle," he called out.
She went white, Simon was horrified by how badly his words had come out.
"I mean, I can't be your boyfriend, Isabelle," he said. "I'm not him
that guy who was your boyfriend. That guy you want. — Cassandra Clare

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Brooklyn Skye

Still, that didn't stop the flare of heat from returning to Melody's chest. "You called my boss a b word."
Declan zeroed his gaze on hers. "No, I said she was being one, and she was. To you. And I didn't like it. — Brooklyn Skye

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Darynda Jones

My boyfriend called me a stalker. Well, he's not actually my boyfriend ... — Darynda Jones

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Jake Vander Ark

It was unmatched life experience that bestowed in her eyes the sultry gleam that separates women from girls. although she viewed her "life experience" like bruises on a peach, men of all ages still found ways to see past the indications of damaged goods long enough to offer her a drink. hell, it was less than an hour ago that one such man called her "gothic perfection" and cried on her shoulder. her boyfriend agreed that a crazy life can "grow a girl up quick"; it was only last november that she turned seventeen. — Jake Vander Ark

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

There are currently three places to obtain food in Dublin, where the prices vary according to whim: Chester's, the Fae, and the black market. If you ask me, they're all black. Of course nobody does ask me because nobody sees me because I lay low all the time and I've got a boyfriend who isn't much for talking.
I snort. I just thought of Jericho Barrons as my "boyfriend." I doubt that cataclysm was ever a boy and he certainly can't be called friendly.
It's official. I'm losing it. — Karen Marie Moning

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Rosie Thomas

She had an English boyfriend who called her more often than she needed to hear from him, a savings account, a mobile phone, an Oyster Card, and a place to live that made her feel as if she was in a movie. She was a London girl. — Rosie Thomas

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Gavin De Becker

Still, women's concerns about safety are frequently the subject of critical comments from the men in their lives. One woman told me of constant ridicule and sarcasm from her boyfriend whenever she discussed fear or safety. He called her precautions silly and asked, "How can you live like that?" To which she replied, "How could I not?" I — Gavin De Becker

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Ilona Andrews

He plugged the phone into the outlet.
It rang.
Roman stared at it as if it were a viper.
The phone rang again.
He unplugged it. "There."
"It can't be that bad," I told him.
"Oh, it's bad." Roman nodded. "My dad refused to help my second sister buy a house, because he doesn't like her boyfriend. My mother called him and it went badly. She cursed him. Every time he urinates, the stream arches up and over. — Ilona Andrews

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Mary Gaitskill

I left the sadomasochist dump with a girl from the south of France named Simone. She was wearing a tight blue dress with red wine spilled down the front of it. She was so drunk, she didn't care. "Fuck it," she kept saying in English, "you know?" The tattooed doorman called out an endearment to us as we emerged for his cave ... We linked arms and walked. Simone was talking about her new boyfriend, but I didn't listen. I was thinking about Lisa's shame at Naxos, trying to gloat. But Alex was right- even a young girls shame could be beautiful. — Mary Gaitskill

So Called Boyfriend Quotes By Simone Elkeles

Brittany and I don't date other people."
"Why not?"
"It's called being boyfriend and girlfriend. — Simone Elkeles