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Snapping Fingers Quotes By Nora Ephron

We're saved somewhat by Google. You can - when you're all sitting around the table desperately snapping your fingers in the hopes of remembering the name of that movie that you can't remember the name of - you can make people think that you are not as old as you actually are because you have the technology to find the answer. — Nora Ephron

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Kim Harrison

Why?" I said, taking the paper from him as Al smiled. "If it's not what I agreed to, I will burn Al's gonads off the first chance I get. Turn around. I need to use your back for a second."
"Ah, hold on a tick," Al said, snapping his fingers again and catching the new paper drifting down. "How silly of me. This is the one. Here. — Kim Harrison

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Sara Gruen

But it's no use. I m already on my feet. She drags me onto the dance floor, jiving and snapping her fingers. When we're surrounded by other couples she turns to me. I take a deep breath and then take her in my arms. We wait a couple beats and then we're off, floating around the dance floor in a swirling sea of people. She's light as air
doesn't miss a step, and that's a feat considering how clumsy I am. And it's not as though I don't know how to dance, because I do. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I'm sure as hell not drunk. — Sara Gruen

Snapping Fingers Quotes By C.M. Stunich

Please don't sing and dance," I whisper, but it's too late. He's snapping his fingers and doing this sexy groove to the music. It should look really stupid - and it kind of does - but with his tight abs and his tattoos and piercings, it's really just...precious. — C.M. Stunich

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Nancy Milford

I am wild, if you like; but I stayed in my burrow a long, long time, - nibbling your straws and snapping at your fingers, but always just a little out of reach. Until at last I got to trust you so much that one day I ventured out for a minute, - and you threw rocks at me. And I will never come out again. — Nancy Milford

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Lee Goldberg

Wait a second," Andy said, snapping his fingers. "You're Vietnamese." "Don't say it," Sun warned. But Andy, a grin stretched across his face, couldn't resist. "You're a Vietnam vet." Sun's face became even harder, something Andy hadn't thought possible. "Never heard that one before. Open the pen there." Andy lifted the latch on the gate and Sun led the sheep out of the pen and over to the entrance door. "I've visited Viet Nam twice," Andy said. "Beautiful place. All of those war movies make it look like hell, but it's actually very tranquil, don't you think?" "I wouldn't know. I've never been there. I'm an American. — Lee Goldberg

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Lemony Snicket

There are many reasons, of course, why someone might snap their fingers and grin. If you heard some pleasing music, for instance, you might snap your fingers and grin to demonstrate that the music had charms that could soothe your savage breast. If you were employed as a spy, you might snap your fingers and grin in order to deliver a message in secret snapping-and-grinning code. — Lemony Snicket

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Jane Glazer

Final Disposition

Others divided closets full of mother's things.
From the earth, I took her poppies.
I wanted those fandango folds
of red and black chiffon she doted on,
loving the wild and Moorish music of them,
coating her tongue with the thin skin
of their crimson petals.

Snapping her fingers, flamenco dancer,
she'd mock the clack of castanets
in answer to their gypsy cadence.
She would crouch toward the flounce of flowers,
twirl, stamp her foot, then kick it out
as if to lift the ruffles, scarlet
along the hemline of her yard.

And so, I dug up, soil and all,
the thistle-toothed and gray-green clumps
of leaves, the testicle seedpods and hairy stems
both out of season, to transplant them in my less-exotic garden. There, they bloom
her blood's abandon, year after year,
roots holding, their poppy heads nodding
a carefree, opium-ecstatic, possibly forever sleep. — Jane Glazer

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

Tell Penny how groovy it was of her to set up this little get-together, oh, and hey - can I be frank for a minute?" "Of course," said Agents Flatweed and Borderline. Snapping his fingers, Doc sang himself out the door with four bars of "Fly Me to the Moon, — Thomas Pynchon

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Leonie Swann

Cordelia loved his explanations. She loved knowing words that belonged to things she'd never seen, even to things you couldn't see at all. She remembered those words carefully.
"Magic," George had said, "is something unnatural, something that doesn't really exist. If I snap my fingers and Othello suddenly turns white, that's magic. If I fetch a bucket of paint and paint him white, it isn't." He laughed, and for a moment it looked as if he felt like snapping his fingers or fetching that bucket. Then he went on, "Everything that looks like magic is really a trick. There's no such thing as magic." Cordelia grazed with relish. "Magic" was her favorite word - for something that didn't exist at all. — Leonie Swann

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

I've got it!" he declared suddenly, snapping his fingers in triumph.
"Take your knickers off."
"What?" Did that mean what I think it did?
"Your knickers. You know - panties, underwear, muff-huggers, nasty nets - — Jeaniene Frost

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Elicia Hyder

I laughed as he twirled me around. "You can't dance."
"Maybe not, but you can't either!" He dipped me back so far that I almost toppled over, taking him down with me. He straightened up and rested his forehead against mine, laughing.
Warren was snapping his fingers in our direction. "Hey! Leave room for the Holy Spirit there, McNamara."
Nathan laughed and took a step away from me. — Elicia Hyder

Snapping Fingers Quotes By C.L.Stone

After they left, Gabriel turned on Nathan. "So when did everyone get to kiss Sang?" Nathan's eyebrows went up. "What?" Gabriel held up his fingers, counting off. "North, Kota, Luke and Victor." Gabriel turned to me, snapping. "Oy. Get over here." He pointed to his cheek. "Where's my kiss?" I took a half step forward, but Nathan planted himself between us, his back to me. "No," he said. "You can't do that?" "Why not?" Gabriel asked. "She was going to. She's already done it to the others. — C.L.Stone

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

The door was locked. The control had been buggered. Miles ripped it apart, shorted it out, and heaved the door open manually, nearly snapping his splayed fingers. She lay in a tumbled heap, too pale and still. Miles fell to his knees beside her. Throat pulse, throat pulse - there was one. Her skin was warm, her chest rose and fell. Stunned, only stunned. Only stunned. He looked up at a blurred Ivan hovering anxiously, swallowed, and steadied his ragged breathing. It had, after all, been the most logical possibility. — Lois McMaster Bujold

Snapping Fingers Quotes By Alex Harris

But here's the point: at times you may feel the hard things you're doing can't make a difference
just like a solitary finger snap seems so quiet and one raindrop seems so insignificant. But when you have an entire generation snapping their fingers, when you have an entire generation being faithful in their spheres with their own gifts and opportunities ...
Without any cue, the audience starts snapping their fingers, then patting their legs, then clapping, then stomping ...
... and the single raindrops become a flood. — Alex Harris