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Top Smittys Sanford Quotes

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Timothy Keller

Christmas means Jesus came down and got involved in suffering. He hears your cries. — Timothy Keller

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Larry McMurtry

Through my college years, topping that ridge had always given me a great sense of being home, but time had diminished the emotion and I had begun to suspect that home was less a place than an empty page. — Larry McMurtry

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Philip Roth

If he had another brother he would call him. But for a brother he has only Jerry and Jerry has only him. For a daughter he has only Merry. For a father she has only him. There is no way around any of this. — Philip Roth

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Alan Alda

It isn't necessary to be rich and famous to be happy. It's only necessary to be rich. — Alan Alda

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Don DeLillo

How could there be a north below a south? Is this what I found confusing? — Don DeLillo

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Bernard Lown

The security provided by a long-held belief system, even when poorly founded, is a strong impediment to progress. General acceptance of a practice becomes the proof of its validity, though it lacks all other merit. — Bernard Lown

Smittys Sanford Quotes By B.J. Novak

Didn't they realize how much interesting shit there was to see and do in this world if you just woke up at a normal fucking time like a normal fucking person? — B.J. Novak

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Rachel Caine

Now could you please ask these idiots to stop pointing their bullets at me? It's terribly wasteful. — Rachel Caine

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Zubin Mehta

I'm hopeful that Israelis can go to Ramallah whenever they want and see how the people are living. — Zubin Mehta

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Doug Stanhope

Children are like poems. They're beautiful
to their creators
but to others they're just silly and fucking annoying. — Doug Stanhope

Smittys Sanford Quotes By James Frey

I felt like I had lost something. But not something silly, like my keys or my gum; more like my arm or my foot, something that really mattered. Like something that I could live without, but would make life much harder if it were missing. And life is hard enough. Life is hard enough with everything we're given. — James Frey

Smittys Sanford Quotes By Anne Bishop

I'm confused."
"Where Meg is concerned, you've been confused since you met her. — Anne Bishop

Smittys Sanford Quotes By David M. Brodzinsky

The writer was able to capture many of the feelings that I actually had as a abandoned and then adopted child. Actually I have just finished my own story along with my sister that we found each other after 56 years and what a journey. — David M. Brodzinsky