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Top Since I Met You Baby Quotes

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Stephanie Zimbalist

I've never met anyone who has convinced me to say, "No, I'm not gonna take the next Spielberg film, I think I'll stay here and have a baby." I've never met anyone of that caliber. — Stephanie Zimbalist

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By T.F. Hodge

A woman, who considers herself to be mature, has every right to insist certain respectful expectations be met by a man, but not if her behavior is consistently childish, selfish, foolish or disrespectful. Man and woman should strive to bring values to the table that are worthy of mutual honor. Mature men won't tolerate nonsense, but baby-boys will. — T.F. Hodge

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Cari Quinn

[Sam]: " ... The moment your tongue met the head of my c#ck I almost fucking lost it right there. Just looking at you made me so hard."
"Like you are right now?"
The hope in her tone made him smile. "Yes. Believe me, baby, I'm like steel for you and I only have a memory and your sexy voice to guide me. — Cari Quinn

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Vita Sackville-West

I like owls. I admire their intransigent spirit. I have respected them deeply ever since I met a baby owl in a wood, when it fell over dead, apparently from sheer temper, because I dared to approach it. It defied me first, and then died. I have never forgotten the horror and shame I experienced when that soft fluffy thing (towards which I had nothing but the most humanitarian motives) fell dead from rage at my feet. — Vita Sackville-West

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Anne Lamott

Bonnie persuaded me to focus on the good, just for today: tomorrow I can call back and we will wallow in the total awfulness of Amy's behavior, which will surely lead to permanent estrangement and dead bodies. Just for today, I was supposed to try to remember three things: The baby is not falling off the earth, or headed to Afghanistan. So many things are going well: Everyone has good health. Jax is perfect. Even though I have acid and sewage and grippage in my stomach, which I have had many times before and will have many times again, I can build faith muscles by bearing my feelings of misery and powerlessness - a kind of Nautilus. Rumi said that through love, all pain would turn to medicine. But he never met my family. Or me. — Anne Lamott

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Robert Graves

Nor had I any illusions about Algernon Charles Swinburne, who often used to stop my perambulator when he met it on Nurses' Walk, at the edge of Wimbledon Common, and pat me on the head and kiss me: he was an inveterate pram-stopper and patter and kisser. — Robert Graves

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

I love you Tory. I know I say it a lot, but ... "
"I know baby. I feel the same way about you. Those words never convey what goes through my mind and heart every time I look up and see you sitting in my house. Funny thign is, I always thought my house was full and that there was nothing missing in my life. I had a job I loved. Family who loved me. Good friends to keep me sane. Everything a human could want. And t hen I met an infuriating, impossible man who added the one thing I didn't know wasn't there."
"Dirty socks on the floor?"
She laughed. "No, the other part of my heart. The last face I see before I go to sleep and the first one I see when I get up. I'm so glad it was you."
Those words both thrilled and scared him. Mostly because he knew firsthand that if love went untended it turned into profound hatred.
Tory and Acheron — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Dale Maharidge

Maggie Louise sat in a hardback chair, holding her baby brother, Squinchy, and her eyes fell upon Agee. There was something about the eyes of Maggie Louise that caught him the first time they met. They were 'temperature less, keen, serene, and wise and pure gray eyes,' Agee said, and they seemed to look everywhere and see into things. To look into the eyes of Maggie Louise was 'scary as hell, and even more mysterious than frightening,' said Agee. She knew she'd like him and he her. — Dale Maharidge

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Yung Berg

I'm kinda racist ... I don't really like dark butts too much ... It's rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare ... It's like, no darker than me. No darker than me. I love the pool test ... If you can be like 'Yo, baby. I met you in the club. Let's go back to my house. Jump in the pool exactly like you are.'-And you don't come looking better wet than you were before you got in the pool then that's not a good look. — Yung Berg

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Melissa Foster

He turned her in his arms and gazed into the eyes of the woman he'd met over diapers and baby food and fallen in love with one second at a time ever since. — Melissa Foster

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Devon Monk

How many do you see?" Zayvion asked.
"What's more than a swarm?" Shame said.
"A mob?" Terric suggested.
"No, like if a girl mob met a boy mob and then they decided to repopulate the earth with billions of baby mobs, how many is that?"
"Too many." Zay said, "Are we talking thousands?"
There was a pause, then from Shame,"Yes." And that was in his serious voice. — Devon Monk

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Debra Anastasia

How you want me, baby?"
She answered him by biting his forearm hard.
He spun her in his arms. When he went in for a kiss, she slapped his face.
"So that's how?" He put her hard against the wall, holding her by her throat. "You have to fight me? Cause I'm the toughest fucker you've ever met. Say it. — Debra Anastasia

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By E.K. Johnston

I've never met any of these women before, and I will never see any of them after today. I don't know their names and they don't know mine. I've been on teams and in clubs my whole life, surrounded by people who are united by a common purpose, and I have never felt anything like this. Maybe it's the gas, but until this moment, I have never felt such a kinship with a person who was not actually family. I love every person in this room, and I'm pretty sure that if they asked, I'd do anything for them.

Anything, except have a baby. — E.K. Johnston

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Darlene Love

When I met Letterman, he told me he thought 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' was the greatest Christmas song he ever heard, and he wanted me to be on his show to sing it. — Darlene Love

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Lorraine Heath

He met Austin's gaze over the top of Faith's head. "I sure hope your baby is a boy."
"Reckon we need to even things out a little, don't we?"
Rawley gave him a brusque nod. "We men folk are sorely outnumbered."
Austin laughed, remembering a time when that was exactly what Dallas had wanted: more women out in West Texas.
-Austin and Rawley — Lorraine Heath

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By James Joyce

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo — James Joyce

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Brittany Gibbons

Hemorrhoids Go big or go home! That was my mental response to childbirth. You want me to push? Okay, awesome. I'm going to push so hard that I not only eject this baby from me, but I'm also going to turn my butthole inside out. When I explained the issue to my OB, she insisted hemorrhoids were totally normal, and if they didn't go away, I could get a quick surgery to correct them, a suggestion that I met with a resounding "Nope!" I had already spent a month in elementary school sitting on a blowup pillow, and I'm not pulling my pants down as an adult to have surgery in my butt. So, here I am, five years out from my last birth and sitting in my chair a quarter of an inch taller. — Brittany Gibbons

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Ella James

Have you ever heard about string theory? Everything is tied together, works together, shrinks, expands, and breathes together. Maybe we're on the same string, baby. We're right beside each other. We're the same thing." His mouth takes mine. He pulls away. "My blood, your blood..." Another kiss...his voice hot on my cheek. "One day I tried to calculate the odds of how we met. The odds of February 14. There are no odds. For us, there are no odds because it isn't chance." - Kellan — Ella James

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Pamela Li

Imagine that you do not have any control over most things, which by the way describes toddlers' daily experiences. Something makes you feel frustrated and angry but you cannot control your own emotions. On top of that, you are told that your feelings are wrong ("It's no big deal. No need to be upset."), your attempt to heal hurts is met with disapproval ("Don't cry."), and you are scolded for something you cannot help ("Stop being a baby.") Wouldn't you want to throw an explosive fit, too? — Pamela Li

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Kent McCord

I met Cynthia when I was 12, proposed at 16, became engaged at 17, married her at 19 and we had a baby when I was 20. If extra work could pay for a lot of diapers, that was for me. — Kent McCord

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Maria V. Snyder

She put her hands on her hips and surveyed the area with a cocky smile on her face. The smirk spread when the traitor met my gaze.
"No hello for your old friend?" she asked me. "Don't be rude Baby Face."
"Go to hell, Wynn. — Maria V. Snyder

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Rowan Pelling

In practice, you realise that most attempts to feed your baby in a public space will be met with subtle but palpable resistance. Older chaps roll their eyes, slick young businesswomen purse their mouths, teenagers look disgusted, waitresses anxious. But it strikes me as ironic that many members of the public fret about British Muslims donning the hijab, yet happily condone the veiling of nursing mothers. — Rowan Pelling

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Sarah J. Swofford

Even a soft, gentle return into the world of sex can feel scary when you are a new mom. You worry sex will hurt; that you will not be able to get aroused. You worry you will not enjoy it the same way you did before the baby. Maybe you are concerned your partner's sexual needs will not be met. When you decide to try having sex again, give yourself permission to take your time and only do what feels pleasurable to you. — Sarah J. Swofford

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Lemony Snicket

You write poetry?" Klaus asked.
He had read a lot about poets but had never met one.
"Just a little bit," Isadora said modestly. "I write poems down in this notebook. It's an interest of mine."
"Sappho!" Sunny shrieked, which meant something like, "I'd be very pleased to hear a poem of yours! — Lemony Snicket

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Kristen Callihan

Anna, baby, you would never be the girl I didn't see, whether we had met now or in high school." He pulls me in close, rubbing his nose along the tip of mine. "Don't you understand? I know you wouldn't be because, since the moment I laid eyes on you, you're all I can see. — Kristen Callihan

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Amy Harmon

Kathleen doesn't look like you," Henry said suddenly, staring at me.
"Uh, no. She doesn't. Not really," I stammered, not knowing what else to say. Without another word, Henry turned and left the kitchen. I heard him run up the stairs and looked at Georgia who met my gaze with bafflement.
"Did you hear that, woman?" I asked Georgia. "Henry doesn't think Kathleen looks like me. You got something to tell me?"
Kathleen shrieked again. Georgia wasn't moving fast enough with the jar of bananas she'd produced.
Georgia smirked and stuck out her tongue at me, and Kathleen bellowed. Georgia hastily dipped the tiny spoon into the yellow goo and proceeded to feed our little beast, who wailed as she inhaled.
"She may not look like you, Moses. But she definitely has your sunny disposition," Georgia sassed, but she leaned into me when I dropped a kiss on her lips. It didn't hurt my feelings at all that my dimpled baby girl looked more like her mother. — Amy Harmon

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Rose Kennedy

Whenever I held my newborn baby in my arms, I used to think that what I said and did to him could have an influence not only on him but on all whom he met, not only for a day or a month or a year, but for all eternity - a very challenging and exciting thought for a mother. — Rose Kennedy

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Fuck, you're the hardest bitch I've ever met to give shit to," he grumbled. My emotions careening all over the place, I pulled back and narrowed my eyes on him. "Oh, so, you were also generous with your smorgasbord of pussy?" He grinned. "Baby, don't ask me that, but I will say I never gave any of them a spa." "Good," I snapped. "Or a phone that cost a G," he went on. "Excellent," I snapped again. "Maybe a dress or shoes, but not both and definitely not three," he muttered then finished musingly, "Or even two." "It might be a good idea to shut up now, Knight," I suggested. He grinned again. — Kristen Ashley

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Gabriel Byrne

I still cannot fathom how difficult it was for the women I met to find out that they were HIV-positive. It is such a courageous undertaking in countries where there is still considerable stigma about the disease. They got tested to ensure that their unborn babies would have a chance of life by being born free of the virus. — Gabriel Byrne

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Kimberly Lauren

Audrey, you've been in my head since the moment I met you and you never left. Baby, I sure as hell don't deserve you but I can't imagine anyone else being the mother of my children or being the hand I hold at the end of every day. You're my lucky penny, remember? — Kimberly Lauren

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Kristen Ashley

There are very few, very fuckin' few people, Kia, who get what's precious in this world. They work their asses off for pure shit and think they'd fight and die to keep it. You don't fight and die for shit. You fight and die for things that matter. You are the first woman I've met outside a life that leads you to understand that shit who gets that. And straight up, baby, you gotta know, I like that a fuckuva lot. — Kristen Ashley

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Jane Krakowski

I think my baby already has a leg up on all other babies because the baby has already met Justin Bieber. I couldn't believe it! I'm like, first my unborn child has already gone to the Golden Globes, and now has met Justin Bieber. Lucky little one! — Jane Krakowski

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Kristen Ashley

When I met you, my first thought was you were very pretty, great fuckin' eyes, but not my type. High-class which means high maintenance. Then you got pissed and that was it. Even if you hadn't been in that ditch, now you'd still be in my bed. So if you think this attitude is a turn off, baby you're wrong. — Kristen Ashley

Since I Met You Baby Quotes By Drake

And I met your baby moms last night. We took a picture together, I hope she frames it. And I was drinking at the Palms last night. And ended up losing everything that I came with. — Drake