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Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Debra Holland

That strange feeling came back to Nick's stomach, although this time it traveled upward to the vicinity of his heart. His hands stroked and soothed the mare, but all his attention centered on the woman kneeling in the straw. The haughty attitude Elizabeth sometimes displayed had vanished. Happiness lit up her face, and her eyes shone with love. Look at me that way, he silently pleaded. He knew Star didn't appreciate her loving attention the same way he would. — Debra Holland

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Janis Joplin

Life is too damn short and [screwed] up to go through it silently loving someone and never telling them how you feel. [Screw] the consequences, [screw] the implications of the actions, to hell with it all ... whatever happens as a result is better than the nothingness that is inevitable with silence. — Janis Joplin

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Dharlene Marie Fahl

Dried out and curled up in a ball, me, I am like tea. Waiting to be immersed. Willing to unfold. Wanting to unfurl. Wailing silently to be exposed. Whimpering till that day. It seems I'm wilting and withering away. — Dharlene Marie Fahl

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Oriah Mountain Dreamer

And after we have shown each other how we have set and kept the clear, healthy boundaries that help us live side by side with each other, let us risk remembering that we never stop silently loving those we once loved out loud. — Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Marina Abramovic

Because we never stop silently loving those who we once loved out loud — Marina Abramovic

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Sanhita Baruah

I'd rather be not the light in your life
The bright day might make me obscure
I'd rather be the cold darkness
For it remains, unseen, uncertain and unsure — Sanhita Baruah

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Unknown

Some people taste as sweet as arsenic but we kiss them anyway. Even after we know about the poison. Even after we know loving them is toxic. We still love them like the cure, whilst they silently pump venom into our veins. — Unknown

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By R.J. Larson

Kien, talking with Akabe, caught Ela's glance and grinned, luring her thoughts toward him. Gorgeous man! How dare he distract her?
Akabe turned and saw what-or rather who-had distracted Kien mid-sentence. He should have known. And he understood. If Caitria had cast him such a loving smile, Akabe would have abandoned this impromptu conference altogether. But Caitria petted Issa, ignoring everyone else. Therefore...
Akabe backhanded Kien's shoulder. "Stop flirting with your wife and pay attention!"
Kien shot him a mock-threatening look. "I am your servant, sir."
A headstrong and unexpected servant, Akabe agreed silently. But most welcome. — R.J. Larson

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Emily Giffin

This time, I whispered that I loved him too. Then, I silently listed all the reason: I loved him for his gentleness. I loved him for being an amazing catch yet still vulnerable enough to be insecure. But most of all, I loved him for loving me. — Emily Giffin

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Albert Camus

No one can hope that men who have fought in silence for four years and are now fighting all day long in the din of bombs and the crackle of guns will agree to the return of the forces of surrender and injustice under any circumstances. No one can expect that these men will again accept doing what the best and purest did for twenty-five years - that is, loving their country and silently despising her leaders, — Albert Camus

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

Rhett, do you really
is it to protect me that you
"Yes, my dear, it is my much advertised chivalry that makes me protect you." The mocking light began to dance in his black eyes and all signs of earnestness fled from his face. "And why? Because of my deep love for you, Mrs. Kennedy. Yes, I have silently hungered and thirsted for you and worshipped you from afar; but being an honorable man, like Mr. Ashley Wilkes, I have concealed it from you. You are, alas, Frank's wife and honor has forbidden my telling this to you. But even as Mr. Wilkes' honor cracks occasionally, so mine is cracking now and I reveal my secret passion and my
"Oh, for God's sake, hush!" interrupted Scarlett, annoyed as usual when he made her look like a conceited fool, and not caring to have Ashley and his honor become the subject of further conversation. "What was the other thing you wanted to tell me?"
"What! You change the subject when I am baring a loving but lacerated heart? — Margaret Mitchell

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Horace

Our years Glide silently away. No tears, No loving orisons repair The wrinkled cheek, the whitening hair That drop forgotten to the tomb. — Horace

Silently Loving Someone Quotes By Abigail Roux

Julian remained where he was, watching him silently. "Loving each other isn't enough now, is it?" he asked, his voice flat and lifeless.
When Cameron looked back at Julian, he couldn't keep the pain out of his eyes. "I'm afraid it's too much," he said, voice breaking. — Abigail Roux