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Top Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Duff McKagan

Never miss an opportunity to keep your damn mouth shut. — Duff McKagan

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Rhea Rhodan

My advice to you, Joe, is to pick up a damn shovel, clean up whatever shit you can and learn how to shut your fucking mouth while you still have all of your teeth and can breathe through your nose. — Rhea Rhodan

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Christina Lauren

You have very Grace Kelly-like tendencies about you. I hear Grace Kelly had a filthy mouth too," he added.
"You love my filthy mouth."
"True. But I like it better when its full," he said, meaningful smirk in place.
"You know, if you would shut up once in a while you'd be damn near perfect."
"But I'd be a silent panty ripper, which I think is a lot creepier than the angry-boss panty ripper. — Christina Lauren

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Tracy Brogan

Just one more?" he said, holding up his thumb and index finger to indicate tiny. Oh so small. "Just one more little one? I don't think that was my best work, and what if this is the only time we ever kiss? Then you'll go on for the rest of your life thinking that's the best I can do. I don't think my ego can take that."

He sure as hell hoped this wouldn't be the only time they ever kissed. In fact, he was going to make damn sure of it, and then some. But for the moment, this angle was going to work for him. He could see her indecision. He leaned closer, his lips nearly touching hers. Her eyes fluttered shut as he whispered against her mouth, "Just one more. — Tracy Brogan

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By A.S. King

That Sindy. She was so damn smart. But I never told her that. I also never told her that I loved her, or that I loved the two little stretch marks she got from carrying Vera. Or that I loved that freckle on her forehead. I never told her that I loved her lasagna or that I thought her views on politics were clever. I just kept my mouth shut because I thought that made me safe. — A.S. King

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Nick Offerman

Shut your damn mouth. — Nick Offerman

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Andria Large

Damn Henry, you should think about being an underwear model instead of a CEO", Claire said, her voice a little breathier then she would have liked. Henry's mouth curled up on one side. " Shut up Claire", he mumbled, but his tone was amused. — Andria Large

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

A pissant is somebody who thinks he's so damn smart, he can never keep his mouth shut. No matter what anybody says, he's got to argue with it. You say you like something, and, by God, he'll tell you why you're wrong to like it. A pissant does his best to make you feel like a boob all the time. No matter what you say, he knows better. — Kurt Vonnegut

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By John Steinbeck

Hate cannot live alone. It It must have love as a trigger, a goad, or a stimulant. Joe early developed a gentle protective love for Joe. He comforted and flattered and cherished Joe. He set up walls to save Joe from a hostile world. And Joe gradually became proof against wrong. If Joe got into trouble, it was because the world was in angry conspiracy against him. And if Joe attacked the world, it was revenge and they damn well deserved it - the sons of bitches. Joe lavished every care on his love, and he perfected a lonely set of rules which might have gone like this:
1. Don't believe nobody. The bastards are after you.
2. Keep your mouth shut. Don't keep your neck out.
3. Keep your ears open. When they make a slip, grab on to it and wait.
4. Everybody's a son of a bitch and whatever you do they got it coming. — John Steinbeck

Shut Your Damn Mouth Quotes By Katie McGarry

"How many girls do you kiss against cars?" asked Echo in a clipped manner.
My mouth gaped, but no sound came out. Rico and his two cousins cackled at my expression. I snapped it shut when Echo winked. Damn, I loved it when she dished it back. — Katie McGarry