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Showbiz Quotes By Sadie Frost

If the kids did want to get into showbiz then so be it, but I would never project anything on to my children. — Sadie Frost

Showbiz Quotes By Manohla Dargis

It looked like Ben Stiller was one of the showbiz meteorites who was moving so fast he would soon have no worlds left to conquer. — Manohla Dargis

Showbiz Quotes By Tamara Tunie

Fortunately, I'm known as the hardest-working woman in showbiz, not to compete with James Brown. I've always been a multi-tasker. — Tamara Tunie

Showbiz Quotes By Arthur Fogel

The truth is, people go to shows because they want a show. They want showbiz. When people talk about a show they saw it's not because they heard a song, it's because they were excited and geared up about the show. — Arthur Fogel

Showbiz Quotes By Peter Andre

It's an interesting thing. When you're young you often ask people what they want to do when they're older, then you meet them years later and they're not doing that. I didn't want that. I didn't want to be a singer, but I just believed and knew somehow that I'd be in showbiz, although I had no idea how I was going to do it. Dreams do come true. — Peter Andre

Showbiz Quotes By James Blunt

The showbiz world has to be manipulated to make it more interesting because most people's lives are boring. — James Blunt

Showbiz Quotes By Tony Blackburn

I'm not a showbiz person. I just enjoy talking nonsense on the radio. I'm not bothered about going to clubs or the paparazzi, I genuinely prefer my neighbours. Spending time with my family and watching Coronation Street are what I love best. People are just people, aren't they? — Tony Blackburn

Showbiz Quotes By Cher

In this business (showbiz) it takes time to be really good and by that time, you're obsolete. — Cher

Showbiz Quotes By Jason Schwartzman

Also, the more you're not focused on showbiz and instead focused on life, learning about other people, and keeping your eyes open and trying to be aware of the world. — Jason Schwartzman

Showbiz Quotes By Guy Maddin

Sadness is just happiness turned on its ass - it's all showbiz! — Guy Maddin

Showbiz Quotes By Johnny Carson

As for being sociable, I hate the phoniness in the showbiz world. I know this will be taken wrong, but I don't like clubs and organizations. I was never a joiner. — Johnny Carson

Showbiz Quotes By Bonnie Langford

The pushy showbiz kid thing was always the performance, not the person. I'm very solitary. I don't like socialising. — Bonnie Langford

Showbiz Quotes By Saffron Burrows

What am I doing in this silly showbiz life? I do wonder that sometimes. — Saffron Burrows

Showbiz Quotes By Frederic Raphael

Mass communication communicates massively: its language lacks precise articulation and avoids demanding terms; it argues for the kind of behavior in life which will make a "good program": ethic equals showbiz. — Frederic Raphael

Showbiz Quotes By Bipasha Basu

I have been called 'Bongshell' the day I stepped into showbiz. So, any adjective coming my way, I take it positively. Sometimes it's also entertaining, but I don't feel bad about it. I'm a proud woman. — Bipasha Basu

Showbiz Quotes By Isla Fisher

I was raised as a tomboy with boys, and I never really feel like myself when I am really dolled up at premieres and showbiz events. — Isla Fisher

Showbiz Quotes By Woody Milintachinda

My dad is an ambassador. My brother is a diplomat. I doubt that I could be doing anything else other than being a diplomat if I weren't in showbiz. It's in the genes! — Woody Milintachinda

Showbiz Quotes By Don Rickles

Showbiz is great if you're successful. — Don Rickles

Showbiz Quotes By Paul Dano

I go down to the dive bar around the corner when I go out. I don't go to the showbiz parties. — Paul Dano

Showbiz Quotes By James McAvoy

I think my recognizability ebbs and flows. I don't lead a particularly celebrity lifestyle or anything like that. I don't go to showbiz parties or red-carpet events, so it all depends on whether I've got a film out. I've not been very visible in the last year or so and as a result hardly anyone stops me in the street. — James McAvoy

Showbiz Quotes By Dolly Parton

I'm in showbiz. I look at my boobs like they're show horses or show dogs. You've got to keep them groomed. — Dolly Parton

Showbiz Quotes By Kathie Lee Gifford

The payoffs in showbiz seemed as random as a slot machine. — Kathie Lee Gifford

Showbiz Quotes By Klaus Schulze

Because, also the world of showbiz is not just black and white, good and bad. — Klaus Schulze

Showbiz Quotes By Daryn Kagan

I think it's particularly fun not being a full-time showbiz reporter because you still have the 'Oh, wow!' factor when you go out on the red carpet and there are these big stars that are standing there. But if you're doing this day in and day out, it becomes a little blase. — Daryn Kagan

Showbiz Quotes By Joan Rivers

It's feast or famine in showbiz. — Joan Rivers

Showbiz Quotes By Ryan Reynolds

I think everybody involved in a movie thinks about the box office. It's the 'biz' part of showbiz. — Ryan Reynolds

Showbiz Quotes By Max Beesley

I hardly ever go to showbiz parties, it's not my style. That doesn't mean to say I don't have a good time. I love hanging out with mates. — Max Beesley

Showbiz Quotes By Chris O'Dowd

I never go to these showbiz parties. I avoid them with a 10-inch pole. — Chris O'Dowd

Showbiz Quotes By Robin Leach

We began our 'Luxe Life' and 'Vegas DeLuxe daily columns' not long after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and we've spent a decade bringing you showbiz stories and star scoops. I hope it continues for a long time to come because I honestly feel that all the late nights and around-the-clock hours to be first and fast keep me young. — Robin Leach

Showbiz Quotes By Graham Yost

My first real showbiz job was on a Nickelodeon show called 'Hey, Dude.' That was my first real paid scriptwriting job. — Graham Yost

Showbiz Quotes By Nadia Bjorlin

Showbiz can be cruel. — Nadia Bjorlin

Showbiz Quotes By John Podhoretz

Comedians and impressionists used to be two different showbiz animals entirely, but now there's no such thing as a comedian who doesn't do impressions. — John Podhoretz

Showbiz Quotes By Rosie O'Donnell

It's probably my favorite part of my whole showbiz experience, is Broadway. The community of Broadway. That feeling that happens every night. — Rosie O'Donnell

Showbiz Quotes By Edmund White

These absurd showbiz queens are as much a part of New York street life as sirens, steam from manholes, or ghostly Asian deliverymen ferrying chop-suey-to-go on unlit bikes going the wrong way. — Edmund White

Showbiz Quotes By Bobcat Goldthwait

My point is this - if you want to be happy in showbiz (or any creative field), listen to that voice inside you. Even if it says "Fuck it" sometimes. Work with your friends. Avoid chasing fame or money. Just do what you want to do, when and how you want to do it. And if it's not making you happy, quit. Quit hard, and quit often. Eventually you'll end up somewhere that you never want to leave."
- Bobcat Goldthwait — Bobcat Goldthwait

Showbiz Quotes By Deborra-Lee Furness

The kids think we're wacky. Mum and Dad are in showbiz - they don't know any other way. They've grown up travelling all over the world and are getting a worldly education. My son is 12 and he can speak eloquently on religions and cultures. — Deborra-Lee Furness

Showbiz Quotes By Lisa Schwarzbaum

As a theatrical troupe, the Muppets haven't exactly been AWOL these past dozen years; the gang rocked YouTube in 2009 with their kick-ass rendition of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' But they've certainly been lying low while our twitchy, tweet-y times have favored snarkier, more air-quote-driven entertainment, even from puppets. And in a way, that showbiz hiatus has worked in favor of The Muppets. For adults, the movie's gentle, clever, unironic humor feels freshly, trendily retro now, enhanced by laughs provided in cameos from a very up-to-date roster of stars. — Lisa Schwarzbaum

Showbiz Quotes By Ice Cube

When I was in N.W.A. and didn't get paid all the money I was owed, that's when the business side of showbiz hit me. — Ice Cube

Showbiz Quotes By Samantha Mumba

I'm not into the whole showbiz scene. — Samantha Mumba

Showbiz Quotes By Ryan Seacrest

Everyone in showbiz is driven by ego, so how do you go from having loads of fame to working at 7-11? You can't do it! — Ryan Seacrest

Showbiz Quotes By Candace Cameron Bure

My daughter's dabbling in showbiz, and she's done a few commercials. She's auditioned for some movies and shows, so I'm letting her pursue that. I'm OK with it. — Candace Cameron Bure

Showbiz Quotes By Willem Dafoe

I do want to be in mainstream movies that are going to be seen. I suppose it satisfies the showbiz side of me. — Willem Dafoe

Showbiz Quotes By Dermot O'Leary

You're about to be the conductor on the most brilliant, runaway train in showbiz. Good luck you'll love it. — Dermot O'Leary

Showbiz Quotes By Kliph Nesteroff

He hit the circuit in 1917 as 'Frank Fay, Nut Monologist,' and resistance was immediate. Variety critically stated, 'Fay needs a good straight man, as before, to feed his eccentric comedy.' A comedian standing alone onstage? Unheard of. Doesn't this guy know anything about showbiz? To stand still and tell jokes was a foreign move. To perform without some kind of gimmick was considered amateurish. — Kliph Nesteroff

Showbiz Quotes By Peter Morgan

Jim Reston: Walking through the crowds of air-kissing politicians, actors and high fliers, it was tough to tell where the politics stopped and the showbiz started. Maybe, in the end, there is no difference. — Peter Morgan

Showbiz Quotes By Danny Meyer

You cannot open a major New York restaurant today and not be aware that showbiz will play a role. — Danny Meyer

Showbiz Quotes By Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

I like to be human and not lose myself in becoming a mannequin, which people in showbiz are accused of. — Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Showbiz Quotes By Penn Jillette

Showbiz is just there to give people something to talk about. — Penn Jillette

Showbiz Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

The Hell's Angels as a group are often willfully stupid, but they are not without savoir-faire, and their predilection for travelling in packs is a long way from being all showbiz. Nor is it entirely due to warps and defects in their collective personality. — Hunter S. Thompson

Showbiz Quotes By Tina Yothers

My parents were involved in everything I did. They were showbiz people themselves. My dad was an actor. They were parents; they did what parents are supposed to do. — Tina Yothers

Showbiz Quotes By Bipasha Basu

As women, we tend to take the easy way out in showbiz. I have done movies where all I did was look pretty in every frame. — Bipasha Basu

Showbiz Quotes By Julie Burchill

These women whose antics we smirk at good-naturedly in the pap-traps put themselves out there at least partly on their beauty; they are in showbiz, and showing what they've got is part of their business as much as it is for male show-ponies from the Chippendales to George Clooney. — Julie Burchill

Showbiz Quotes By Carmen Rasmusen

Of course, with showbiz there's a lot of negative things, along with the positive, and it's just what you choose to focus on. And I choose to focus on the positive. — Carmen Rasmusen

Showbiz Quotes By Debbie Harry

That was always what I felt was the beauty of Rock 'n' Roll, it was entertainment and showbiz yet it had the idea of the voice of the people, it had an essence to it which was socially motivated. Not that I want to change to world, you know? But it was sort of relevant to real life, it involved the real essence of poetry or the real essence of fine art. But it was also entertainment. That was the real vitality. — Debbie Harry

Showbiz Quotes By Alexei Sayle

For me, the showbiz memoir is uninteresting - you want to tell people something they don't know about. — Alexei Sayle

Showbiz Quotes By Suzi Quatro

I'm not a great flyer. It's ironic, since I'm in showbiz and have to fly at least twice a week. I try to sleep and blot it out. — Suzi Quatro

Showbiz Quotes By Peter Capaldi

A little showbiz never hurt anyone. — Peter Capaldi

Showbiz Quotes By Judy Gold

We all know showbiz isn't easy, but being a comic - especially being a female comic - can be quite punishing. — Judy Gold

Showbiz Quotes By Woody Milintachinda

Diplomats negotiate. That's what I do on my show. So I consider myself a diplomat in showbiz. — Woody Milintachinda

Showbiz Quotes By Madhur Bhandarkar

As I had visualized, 'Heroine' is shaping up to be a very contemporary film with a different premise and strata. This film, like most of my other films, is a blend of facts and fiction. The film has a larger span, more characters, and costumes ... a journey that revolves around an actress's life and the showbiz. — Madhur Bhandarkar

Showbiz Quotes By Stephen Graham

I work to live, not live to work, so my head's at home, not in some showbiz life. — Stephen Graham

Showbiz Quotes By Brian Eno

The only value of ideology is to stop things becoming showbiz. — Brian Eno

Showbiz Quotes By Ken Jeong

Sitcom food is by far the tastiest of all showbiz food. — Ken Jeong

Showbiz Quotes By Miles Zuniga

I always hate people that complain about showbiz after they've had a good run. To me there are so many great bands that never get their due, that are struggling away. And I'm like, if you hit the lottery, man, you can't expect it to come around every time. — Miles Zuniga

Showbiz Quotes By Jo Brand

People say you should read your criticism because it will make you a better person but it doesn't. It just makes you a sad bitter old showbiz nightmare. — Jo Brand

Showbiz Quotes By Martin Amis

My belief is that everything that's written about you is actually secondary showbiz nonsense, and you shouldn't take any notice of it. — Martin Amis

Showbiz Quotes By Marissa Jaret Winokur

I'm showbiz-fat. It's so funny, in all the reviews that I read, no one wants to use the word 'fat' as an adjective. So I have to deal with 'dimpled-kneed,' 'hefty,' 'plus-sized,' the most obscure words you can imagine. — Marissa Jaret Winokur

Showbiz Quotes By Peter Capaldi

'Doctor Who' has a certain amount of showbiz attached to it. — Peter Capaldi

Showbiz Quotes By Rob Brydon

I think, if you've got children, that's your life. Your 'showbiz' life, if you want to call it that, is a separate thing, and it isn't everything to me. — Rob Brydon

Showbiz Quotes By Lindsey Stirling

If your mom asks you to do the dishes, do not pull out your pirate attitude. But if someone tells you you're not good enough, says your dreams are too lofty, or claims there is no room in showbiz for a dancing violinist - well then, by all means, pull out your eye patch, my friend, and take to the high seas. — Lindsey Stirling

Showbiz Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The shrill witch-hunter voices of the showbiz correspondents would bring up every last bit left in your stomach from the night before — Haruki Murakami

Showbiz Quotes By Pawan Kalyan

It's destiny that pushed me towards showbiz. I wanted to start off as a technician, but out of compulsion, I became an actor. — Pawan Kalyan

Showbiz Quotes By Stephen Mitchell

They say you can fool some of the people all of the time. Accordingly, I think we should concentrate on this group initially. We can move on to the people you can only fool some of the time at a later date if we deem it necessary. — Stephen Mitchell

Showbiz Quotes By David Letterman

I don't mind being accused of being a bad comedian and I don't even mind being accused of being a bad talk-show host, but I never want to be accused of being an arrogant, pompous showbiz asshole. — David Letterman

Showbiz Quotes By Graham Norton

Always remember, if you decide to come to the showbiz party the dress code is 'Thick Skin'. Our — Graham Norton

Showbiz Quotes By Chuck Klosterman

If Elvis ..is the definition of rock, then rock is remembered as showbiz ... It becomes a solely performative art form, where the meaning of a song matters less than the person singing it. It becomes personality music ... if Dylan ... becomes the definition of rock, everything reverses. In this contingency, lyrical authenticity becomes everything: Rock is galvanized as an intellectual craft, interlocked with the folk tradition ... The fact that Dylan does not have a conventionally "good" singing voice becomes retrospective proof that rock audiences prioritized substance over style ... — Chuck Klosterman

Showbiz Quotes By Tate Donovan

A career in showbiz is like a distance run. You have to have patience and pace yourself. — Tate Donovan

Showbiz Quotes By Dave Attell

Sometimes. I get recognized, but I'm not really a famous famous. I'm pretty low on the showbiz totem pole - I mean, I'm no Jon or Kate plus eight. I'm just a comic, not a baby factory. — Dave Attell

Showbiz Quotes By Henry Thomas

I grew up in a rural area, I was from kind of a poor family and my parents weren't showbiz people. But going back was strange, and perhaps stranger for the other students. — Henry Thomas

Showbiz Quotes By Tom Hollander

My sister and I both benefited hugely from the great security that our parents had given us, and then we went off and squandered it all rushing around in showbiz. — Tom Hollander

Showbiz Quotes By John Darnielle

When you're born into a showbiz family, the deck is stacked against you. — John Darnielle

Showbiz Quotes By Kareena Kapoor Khan

My thinking is lot more different with many actresses in the industry. I don't understand why people in showbiz put their profession of acting in the back seat after marriage. — Kareena Kapoor Khan

Showbiz Quotes By Celine Dion

There's one way to do showbiz, if you want to do it perfectly, you have to be disciplined and you have to be ready to work really hard. — Celine Dion

Showbiz Quotes By Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Despite being in showbiz, I have a very real approach to my life. It plays off with my social life. — Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Showbiz Quotes By Lauren Bacall

I hope I'm thought of as not just a showbiz personality, but as someone who has lived a life and who has hopefully made a contribution to something along the way - someone who is a human being as well as an actress. — Lauren Bacall

Showbiz Quotes By Emily Browning

What we're supposed to do as actors is be able to portray real human beings and emotions. And if you grow up in this bubble of showbiz and you only know people who make movies, you don't really have an understanding of the world outside. — Emily Browning

Showbiz Quotes By Ralph Lauren

I'm a fan of people that have quality, that do what they do and that are not into the showbiz. — Ralph Lauren

Showbiz Quotes By Jeff Bridges

My father was so in love with showbiz, all the different aspects - what we're doing here, making the movies, everything about it. — Jeff Bridges

Showbiz Quotes By Maureen O'Hara

Lost in a crowd of greats, not a single Oscar. That's showbiz. — Maureen O'Hara

Showbiz Quotes By Jeff Bridges

During my early years, I thought I might be a musician. Like most kids, I didn't do what my parents wanted me to do. They were gung-ho that all their kids become actors. They loved showbiz so much. I am a product of nepotism, basically. — Jeff Bridges

Showbiz Quotes By Ben Stiller

My parents used to throw great New Year's Eve parties. They invited such an eclectic mix of showbiz people. All those cool people were always hanging out at our apartment. — Ben Stiller

Showbiz Quotes By Preity Zinta

There will always be competition, especially in showbiz. There's always someone younger and hungrier standing behind you; there's always someone with more contacts; there's always someone whose grandfather or father is a filmmaker. I think your job is just to be there 100% - you work hard, and there are no shortcuts to success. — Preity Zinta

Showbiz Quotes By John Lennon

I mean we [The Beatles] had to go through humiliation upon humiliation with the middle classes and showbiz and Lord Mayors and all that. They were so condescending and stupid. Everybody trying to use us. It was a special humiliation for me because I could never keep my mouth shut and I'd always have to be drunk or pilled to counteract this pressure. It was really hell . — John Lennon

Showbiz Quotes By Demetri Martin

When I dropped out [from a law school], everybody was disappointed. But I found that disappointing people is a good thing, because disapproval is freedom. Before that, I never realized how much I sought other people's approval. Once I figured that out, I was free to move on and seek the approval of other people, in comedy clubs and showbiz meetings. — Demetri Martin

Showbiz Quotes By Bruce Forsyth

When you've been brought up in variety, I think timing is always important in your life. If I'm ever late for anything, whether it's personal or business, I always apologise. 'I'm sorry I'm late,' and all that. And if somebody is late meeting me, I expect them to say 'I'm sorry I'm late.' It's just, shall we say, showbiz etiquette of my day. — Bruce Forsyth

Showbiz Quotes By Theophilus London

Karl Lagerfeld is the hardest-working man in showbiz! — Theophilus London