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Shorten Quotes By S. Jay Olshansky

I'm not sure the least educated members of the population are missing out on the advances in medical technology as much as they are adopting harmful behavioral habits that shorten their life. — S. Jay Olshansky

Shorten Quotes By Amy Poehler

The three things that shorten your life are smoking, artificial sweetener, and violent images. — Amy Poehler

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

To the best of my knowledge, when I became national secretary and, indeed, Victorian secretary, the - my predecessors in the union had detected wrong activities, activities which aren't in the best traditions of the AWU or, indeed, trade unionism. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

If I am elected leader, my shadow opposition team will actively incorporate the policy contributions of all our members by instituting policy action committees as recommend by the 2010 National Review. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Gary Taubes

This research supports the hypothesis that elevations of insulin and IGF will increase the risk of disease and shorten life, and so any diet or lifestyle that elevates insulin and makes IGF more available to the cells and tissues is likely to be detrimental. — Gary Taubes

Shorten Quotes By Aziz Ansari

Bye." [sad] Aron published another study, titled "Couples' Shared Participation in Novel and Arousing Activities and Experienced Relationship Quality" (damn, dude, shorten the names of your studies!), — Aziz Ansari

Shorten Quotes By Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet

Attacks on cities are strategically justified in so far as they tend to shorten the war and so preserve the lives of allied soldiers. — Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet

Shorten Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

This presents a very curious phenomenon. There are two synergistic approaches for increasing productivity that are inversions of each other: 1. Limit tasks to the important to shorten work time (80/20). 2. Shorten work time to limit tasks to the important (Parkinson's Law). The best solution is to use both together: Identify the few critical tasks that contribute most to income and schedule them with very short and clear deadlines. If you haven't identified the mission-critical tasks and set aggressive start and end times for their completion, the unimportant becomes the important. Even if you know what's critical, without deadlines that create focus, the minor tasks forced upon you (or invented, in the case of the entrepreneur) will swell to consume time until another bit of minutiae jumps in to replace — Timothy Ferriss

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

Modern Australian trade unionism and the unionist that I am doesn't rely on a class war view that somehow that the interests of employees and managers are in two separate spheres and they're irreconcilable. I believe that when people can go to work and be happy, satisfied, engaged, where the employer is getting employees who feel their interests are aligned with the employer, you get productivity. This is the future of Australian workplaces. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Ernest Lawrence

The atomic bombs will surely shorten the war, and let us hope that they will effectively end war as a possibility in human affairs. — Ernest Lawrence

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

When I entered federal parliament at the end of 2007, I was appointed parliamentary secretary for disabilities. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By D.C. Pierson

I thought about TimeBlaze. We should ... shorten the titles. The titles are getting long. More colons than a proctologist. — D.C. Pierson

Shorten Quotes By Daniel Lieberman

Paper after paper, study after study, have shown that chairs give us back problems because they shorten our hip flexors, give us weak backs, of course it make us sedentary. We take years off our lives probably by sitting in chairs, but we like them because they're comfortable. You go to an African village, you find me a chair with a back. That's a rare thing out there. — Daniel Lieberman

Shorten Quotes By Zhuangzi

Now you, Sir, have a large tree, and you don't know how to use it, so why not plant it in the middle of nowhere, where you can go to wander or fall asleep under its shade? No axe under Heaven will attack it, nor shorten its days, for something which is useless will never be disturbed. — Zhuangzi

Shorten Quotes By Bai Juyi

Fumes of wine shorten the long road. — Bai Juyi

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

We commissioned an independent statutory economic body - the Productivity Commission - to review the possibility of funding a disability scheme. The commission returned with a view that it could. Then it becomes an issue of national will. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Toba Beta

may shorten life. — Toba Beta

Shorten Quotes By Joel Osteen

It may look like the difficulty is going to defeat you. But you need to keep telling yourself, "This sickness can't take my life." "This cancer can't defeat me." "No bad break, no disappointment, no accident can shorten one second of my divine destiny." — Joel Osteen

Shorten Quotes By Cynthia Kenyon

It is unlikely that changes in telomeres are influencing the lifespan of the worm. That is because telomeres only shorten when cells divide. Most of the cells of the worm stop dividing when the worm becomes an adult. — Cynthia Kenyon

Shorten Quotes By Christiaan Barnard

I don't believe medical discoveries are doing much to advance human life. As fast as we create ways to extend it we are inventing ways to shorten it. — Christiaan Barnard

Shorten Quotes By Gene Saks

Some of us shorten our names or our noses or both ... We Jews can be extremely neurotic and are inclined to become easily depressed. Most Jews seldom say, 'Have a nice day' or even have one. To be honest, I've never heard a Jew say that. We're just not that optimistic. Life is neither a bed of roses nor a bowl of cherries. — Gene Saks

Shorten Quotes By Robert Owen

The advantage of pure, and the disadvantage of impure air are experienced each time we breathe, and all who understand the causes of disease know that an impure atmosphere is most unfavourable to the enjoyment of health, and an efficient cause to shorten human existence within the natural life of man. It is therefore most desirable that decisive measures should be devised and generally adopted to ensure to all a pure atmosphere, in which to live during their lives. — Robert Owen

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

Fleeing persecution is not a crime. And we do not seek to pander to a noisy, tiny minority who will never embrace modern multicultural Australia. But there are important truths we must face. There is a history and a reality that we cannot ignore. The challenge before us is real, the questions we grapple with as elemental as life and death. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Eduardo Galeano

Richness in the world is a result of other people's poverty. We should begin to shorten the abyss between haves and have-nots. — Eduardo Galeano

Shorten Quotes By Carolyn Jewel

The valet blanched at the thought of four hours in a carriage. "I've sent for Dr. Fansher." As if that would shorten their errand.
He gave McNaught an even look. "I never told you not to."
McNaught lifted the curtain and peered out the window, letting in the pale light of dawn. He settled back on the seat. "At least there's decent inns in Carlisle." Frowning, he said, "I wish you'd told me, my Lord. I'd have packed a change of clothes."
"We're not staying the night."
"But we'll be the entire day on the road. Dr. Fansher would never approve of this."
"With Andrew's horses, I expect we'll make good time."
McNaught shook his head. "Worse than a cat after a mouse when you've got an idea in your head, you are."
"My one virtue."
"Small consolation when both man and mouse are dead."
"So long as you bury us both at sea, I don't give a damn. — Carolyn Jewel

Shorten Quotes By William George Jordan

We know nothing of the trials, sorrows and temptations of those around us, of pillows wet with sobs, of the life-tragedy that may be hidden behind a smile, of the secret cares, struggles, and worries that shorten life and leave their mark in hair prematurely whitened, and a character changed and almost recreated in a few days. Let us not dare to add to the burden of another the pain of our judgment. — William George Jordan

Shorten Quotes By Joel Salatin

The cows shorten the grass, and the chickens eat the fly larvae and sanitize the pastures. This is a symbiotic relation. — Joel Salatin

Shorten Quotes By Andrew McCarthy

Proving "high crimes and misdemeanors" is necessary to make the case for presidential removal, but it is not sufficient. The politics takes precedence: The public must reach the conclusion that the constitutionally subversive nature of the impeachable offenses renders it intolerable to permit the president to continue in power; and the public must make its representatives understand that failing to act on that conclusion will shorten their cherished Washington careers. — Andrew McCarthy

Shorten Quotes By Pearl Zhu

A steer may not accelerate the speed of vehicle directly; by navigating the better path, it can shorten the distance or save the energy to reach the right destination. — Pearl Zhu

Shorten Quotes By Emily Bronte

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night's decay
Ushers in a drearier day. — Emily Bronte

Shorten Quotes By Rio Ferdinand

So if u shorten words to get what u want in within 140 characters it makes u a twit? — Rio Ferdinand

Shorten Quotes By Rick Warren

It's not just what you eat that matters, it's what eats you. You can have all the right macrobiotics and organic food, but if your body is filled with resentment, worry, fear, lust, guilt, anger, bitterness, or any other emotional disease, it's going to shorten your life. — Rick Warren

Shorten Quotes By S. Jay Olshansky

The only control we have over the duration of our life is to shorten it, and we do that all the time. — S. Jay Olshansky

Shorten Quotes By Martin Millar

I go through the text making sure I haven't used any big words. If I find any fancy adjectives have crept in, I replace them with small words like 'nice' and 'big'. I've liked these words ever since I was told not to use them in English class at school. After that, I check that the sentences are short so as people won't get confused and I shorten all the chapters so they won't get bored. I can't read anything complicated these days, my attention span is too short. Everyone else probably feels the same. — Martin Millar

Shorten Quotes By Margaret Thatcher

It is sometimes said that because of our past we, as a people, expect too much and set our sights too high. That is not the way I see it. Rather it seems to me that throughout my life in politics our ambitions have steadily shrunk. Our response to disappointment has not been to lengthen our stride but to shorten the distance to be covered. But with confidence in ourselves and in our future what a nation we could be! — Margaret Thatcher

Shorten Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Sometimes I run fast when I feel like it, but if I increase the pace I shorten the amount of time I run, the point being to let the exhilaration I feel at the end of each run carry over to the next day. This is the same sort of tack I find necessary when writing a novel. I stop every day right at the point where I feel I can write more. Do that, and the next day's work goes surprisingly smoothly. I think Ernest Hemingway did something like that. To keep on going, you have to keep up the rhythm. This is the important thing for long-term projects. Once you set the pace, the rest will follow. The problem is getting the flywheel to spin at a set speed-and to get to that point takes as much concentration and effort as you can manage. — Haruki Murakami

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

What I believe to be every Australian's right - a good, safe job with proper pay and conditions. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Eva Longoria

I'm not a fan of capris. They actually shorten my legs. — Eva Longoria

Shorten Quotes By Francis De Sales

Oh, if it were lawful for men, in order to raise their opinions on horseback, to use the Scripture as stirrups, to lengthen and shorten them, each one to his own size, where, I beg you, should we be? Do you not perceive the stratagem? All authority is taken away from tradition, the Church, the Councils, the pastors: what further remains? The Scripture. The enemy is crafty. If he would tear it all away at once he would cause an alarm; he takes away a great part of it in the very beginning, then first one piece, then the other, at last he will have you stripped entirely, without Scripture and without Word of God. — Francis De Sales

Shorten Quotes By Tiffany McDaniel

You know where the name hell came from." He crossed his hands on his lap. "After I fell, I kept repeating to myself, God will forgive me. God will forgive me. Centuries of repeating this, I started to shorten it to He'll forgive me. Then finally to one word, He'll. He'll.
"Somewhere along the way, I lost that apostrophe and now it's only Hell. But hidden in that one word is God will forgive me. God will forgive me. That is what is behind my door, you understand. A world of no apostrophes and, therefore, no hope. — Tiffany McDaniel

Shorten Quotes By Henry James

It is indeed immensely picturesque. I can fancy sitting all a summer's day watching its shadows shorten and lengthen again, and drawing a delicious contrast between the world's duration and the feeble span of individual experience. There is something in Stonehenge almost reassuring; and if you are disposed to feel that life is rather a superficial matter, and that we soon get to the bottom of things, the immemorial gray pillars may serve to remind you of the enormous background of time. — Henry James

Shorten Quotes By Meg Wolitzer

Soon, she and the rest of them would be ironic much of the time, unable to answer an innocent question without giving their words a snide little adjustment. Fairly soon after that, the snideness would soften, the irony would be mixed in with seriousness, and the years would shorten and fly. — Meg Wolitzer

Shorten Quotes By Henry Beard

Bets lengthen putts and shorten drives. — Henry Beard

Shorten Quotes By Joseph Conrad

Any fool can carry on, but a wise man knows how to shorten sail in time. — Joseph Conrad

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

The whole time I was a union leader, we had to put up with John Howard and Tony Abbott attacking workers' conditions. I'm proud of being a moderate trade union official, working co-operatively between employees and employers. I'm interested in better wages for workers, better safety, job security, and, profitable companies, because I understand that if you get co-operation in the workplace, everyone wins. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

VONNEGUT: I said that only one person on the entire planet benefited from the raid, which must have cost tens of millions of dollars. The raid didn't shorten the war by half a second, didn't weaken a German defense or attack anywhere, didn't free a single person from a death camp. Only one person benefited - not two or five or ten. Just one. INTERVIEWER: And who was that? VONNEGUT: Me. I got three dollars for each person killed. Imagine that. — Kurt Vonnegut

Shorten Quotes By Arthur Schopenhauer

Do not shorten the morning by getting up late; look upon it as the quintessence of life, as to a certain extent sacred. — Arthur Schopenhauer

Shorten Quotes By Helen Schucman

Everyone defends his treasure, and will do so automatically.The real questions are, what do you treasure, and how much do you treasure it? Once you have learned to consider these questions and to bring them into all your actions, you will have little difficulty in clarifying the means. The means are available whenever you ask. You can, however, save time if you do not protract this step unduly. The correct focus will shorten it immeasurably. — Helen Schucman

Shorten Quotes By Alan Lightman

There were other, more subtle artistic effects. The slow shift of the light through each day caused shadows to drift, shorten and lengthen, producing constantly changing silhouettes. The summits of mountains, which might be pink in the mornings, turned violet and amaranth in the afternoon ... Like music, (these phenomena) created a feeling that was not there before — Alan Lightman

Shorten Quotes By Aubrey De Grey

The aim is to postpone frailty, postpone degenerative disease, debilitation and so on and thereby shorten the period at the end of life, which is passed in a decrepit or disabled state, while extending life as a whole. — Aubrey De Grey

Shorten Quotes By Rebecca Skloot

They also knew that there was a string of DNA at the end of each chromosome called a telomere, which shortened a tiny bit each time a cell divided, like time ticking off a clock. As normal cells go through life, their telomeres shorten with each division until they're almost gone. Then they stop dividing and begin to die. This process correlates with the age of a person: the older we are, the shorter our telomeres, and the fewer times our cells have left to divide before they die. By the early nineties, a scientist at Yale had used HeLa to discover that human cancer cells contain an enzyme called telomerase that rebuilds their telomeres. The presence of telomerase meant cells could keep regenerating their telomeres indefinitely. This explained the mechanics of HeLa's immortality: telomerase constantly rewound the ticking clock at the end of Henrietta's chromosomes so they never grew old and never died. — Rebecca Skloot

Shorten Quotes By Jamie Hyneman

One of the things I'm likely to start building in my shop is a vehicle wherein each wheel has basically a flight-simulator base as its suspension. It's known as a hexapod; it's basically a tripod but each leg is two pistons. So you have six axes of freedom on it. This will be something that can not only do what lowriders do, but shorten or extend its wheelbase and jump forwards, backwards, or from one side to the other. In an off-road situation it could be rolling at speed toward a ravine and then leap across it. — Jamie Hyneman

Shorten Quotes By George Orwell

It was curious how that predestined horror moved in and out of one's consciousness. There it lay, fixed in future times, preceding death as surely as 99 precedes 100. One could not avoid it, but one could perhaps postpone it: and yet instead, every now and again, by a conscious, wilful act, one chose to shorten the interval before it happened. — George Orwell

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

Labor is at its best when we are the party of ideas and action - ideas that empower the powerless and actions that build a better Australia for the long term. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

I want to build a Big Labor party. A party of big ideas. A party which is deeply connected to the community. A party which reflects our diverse nation. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By George Meredith

And if I drink oblivion of a day, / So shorten I the stature of my soul. — George Meredith

Shorten Quotes By Jack Vance

I can resolve your perplexity,' said Fianosther. 'Your booth occupies the site of the old gibbet, and has absorbed unlucky essences. But I thought to notice you examining the manner in which the timbers of my booth are joined. You will obtain a better view from within, but first I must shorten the chain of the captive erb which roams the premises during the night.'

'No need,' said Cugel. 'My interest was cursory. — Jack Vance

Shorten Quotes By Stephen Leacock

How can you shorten the subject? That stern struggle with the multiplication table, for many people not yet ended in victory, how can you make it less? Square root, as obdurate as a hardwood stump in a pasturenothing but years of effort can extract it. You can't hurry the process. Or pass from arithmetic to algebra; you can't shoulder your way past quadratic equations or ripple through the binomial theorem. Instead, the other way; your feet are impeded in the tangled growth, your pace slackens, you sink and fall somewhere near the binomial theorem with the calculus in sight on the horizon. — Stephen Leacock

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

My preference is that employees pay their union dues, but what I also get is that I'd rather someone be in the union than not in the union. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Robert South

It is the work of fancy to enlarge, but of judgment to shorten and contract; and therefore this must be as far above the other as judgment is a greater and nobler faculty than fancy or imagination. — Robert South

Shorten Quotes By Gerry Lopez

If we can use technology to shorten the path between intention and action, that excites me. — Gerry Lopez

Shorten Quotes By Ovid

To wish is of little account; to succeed you must earnestly desire; and this desire must shorten thy sleep. — Ovid

Shorten Quotes By Ann Landers

A man spends the first half of his life learning habits that shorten the other half. — Ann Landers

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

What I've done as a union leader and what literally thousands of other union representatives do, is make sure that we have co-operation in the workplace. What I get is that where employees are well treated, employers do well. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Thomas Campion

Let now the chimneys blaze And cups o'erflow with wine ... The summer hath his joys, And winter his delights; Though love and all his pleasures are but toys, They shorten tedious nights. — Thomas Campion

Shorten Quotes By Anonymous

You shall ride my horse,' said Glorfindel. 'I will shorten the stirrups up to the saddle-skirts, and you must sit as tight as you can. But you need not fear: my horse will not let any rider fall that I command him to bear. His pace is light and smooth; and if danger presses too near, he will bear you away with a speed that even the black steeds of the enemy cannot rival. — Anonymous

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

Trusting people to pursue their own futures invariably provides better outcomes. Money goes where it is needed, rather than being absorbed by administration costs. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Nihad Sirees

Naming can satisfy a need, it can shorten a conversation that otherwise might go on for hours. — Nihad Sirees

Shorten Quotes By Michael Nava

Is that why you do good deeds, Richie? To shorten your time in Purgatory?' 'Oh, honey,' he said, brushing lint from an orange sleeve. 'I'm going to hell. That's where the action is. — Michael Nava

Shorten Quotes By Chelsea M. Cameron

There must be a mistake," I said.
He adjusted his bag on his shoulder. "That's a creative name. What do you shorten it to? Missy? — Chelsea M. Cameron

Shorten Quotes By Immanuel Kant

A man reduced to despair by a series of misfortunes feels wearied of life, but is still so far in possession of his reason that he can ask himself whether it would not be contrary to his duty to himself to take his own life. Now he inquires whether the maxim of his action could become a universal law of nature. His maxim is: From self-love I adopt it as a principle to shorten my life when its longer duration is likely to bring more evil than satisfaction. It is asked then simply whether this principle founded on self-love can become a universal law of nature. Now we see at once that a system of nature of which it should be a law to destroy life by means of the very feeling whose special nature it is to impel to the improvement of life would contradict itself, and therefore could not exist as a system of nature; hence that maxim cannot possibly exist as a universal law of nature, and consequently would be wholly inconsistent with the supreme principle of all duty. — Immanuel Kant

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

What really matters in a workplace, what helps an employer if you've got a unionised workforce is if your shop stewards know the rules of the game, if your safety reps are taught to be able to examine situations to make sure the workplace is more safety. Better informed delegates, better workplace safety saves companies money. Unions are very good at safety. We are good at teaching delegates how to resolve disputes. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Opulence and fame will shorten your life, ask for long life, and you'll enjoy the former in small quantities, for it is a substitute. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Shorten Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

And I, God-hated,
I could not rest
Content seizing the rocks merely
And shattering them to smithereens, I must
Undermine her too, her peace.
So she is hell's demanded sacrifice.
Devil, now help me shorten the time of dread.
Let what must happen happen now,
Let her fate break around my head,
Let her come to perdition as I do. — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Shorten Quotes By William Shakespeare

Shorten my days thou canst with sullen sorrow,
And pluck nights from me, but not lend a morrow;
Thou canst help time to furrow me with age,
But stop no wrinkle in his pilgrimage. — William Shakespeare

Shorten Quotes By Abigail Roux

Where do we have it? Do we do the whole nine yards or shorten the ceremony? Do we try to make it religious or keep it nondenominational? Do you have a best man or do you ask Annie to stand with you? Do we involve our families, make one of them travel? Does Chester get to put a corsage on his shovel? If we have to go to Texas, can I put Barnum in a bow tie and have him be the bouncer for the reception? — Abigail Roux

Shorten Quotes By Josemaria Escriva

Many Christians take their time and have leisure enough in their social life (no hurry here). They are leisurely, too, in their professionally activities, at table and recreation (no hurry here either). But isn't it strange how those same Christians find themselves in such a rush and want to hurry the priest, in their anxiety to shorten the time devoted to the most holy sacrifice of the altar? — Josemaria Escriva

Shorten Quotes By Laurie Graham

As one ages, eventually, no matter what regime you've followed, no matter how fiercely you've fought the fight, good health becomes harder to maintain. It may disappear overnight or simply dwindle, but with every year that passes, the odds shorten. — Laurie Graham

Shorten Quotes By Cherie Burns

life seems to shorten itself, and all of a sudden — Cherie Burns

Shorten Quotes By Salvador Plascencia

But there are forces that don't let you turn back and undo things, because to do so would be to deny what is already in motion, to unwrite and erase passages, to shorten the arc of a story you don't own. — Salvador Plascencia

Shorten Quotes By Harry Truman

worked, the bomb, in all probability, would shortenHarry Truman

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

Labor should not be about creating monuments on hills or statues in parks. Labor's monuments and statues are when a young person can find a job, when a person with disability can get access to the ordinary life that others take for granted. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Percy Williams Bridgman

By far the most important consequence of the conceptual revolution brought about in physics by relativity and quantum theory lies not in such details as that meter sticks shorten when they move or that simultaneous position and momentum have no meaning, but in the insight that we had not been using our minds properly and that it is important to find out how to do so. — Percy Williams Bridgman

Shorten Quotes By Francis Quarles

It lies in the power of man, either permissively to hasten, or actively to shorten, but not to lengthen or extend the limits of his natural life. He only (if any) hath the art to lengthen out his taper that puts it to the best advantage. — Francis Quarles

Shorten Quotes By Catherine Of Aragon

My tribulations are so great, my life so disturbed by the plans daily invented to further the King's wicked intention, the surprises which the King gives me, with certain persons of his council, are so mortal, and my treatment is what God knows, that it is enough to shorten ten lives, much more mine. — Catherine Of Aragon

Shorten Quotes By Emayatzy Corinealdi

Not long ago someone said I should shorten it to just Emma. But I really, really love my name. From as far as I can remember, my parents have taught me to be really proud of my name. — Emayatzy Corinealdi

Shorten Quotes By Carl Linnaeus

It is not God, but people themselves who shorten their lives by not keeping physically fit. — Carl Linnaeus

Shorten Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

Philip remembered the story of the Eastern King who, desiring to know the history of man, was brought by a sage five hundred volumes; busy with affairs of state, he bade him go and condense it; in twenty years the sage returned and his history now was in no more than fifty volumes, but the King, too old then to read so many ponderous tomes, bade him go and shorten it once more; twenty years passed again and the sage, old and gray, brought a single book in which was the knowledge the King had sought; but the King lay on his death-bed, and he had no time to read even that; and then the sage gave him the history of man in a single line; it was this: he was born, he suffered, and he died. — W. Somerset Maugham

Shorten Quotes By Anne Bradstreet

And although thus short, we shorten many ways,
Living so little while we are alive;
In eating, drinking, sleeping, vain delight
So unawares comes on perpetual night,
And puts all pleasures vain unto eternal flight. — Anne Bradstreet

Shorten Quotes By Idries Shah

Day and Night
The night is long: do not shorten it by sleep. The day is fair: do not darken it with wrongdoing. — Idries Shah

Shorten Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I like that he calls her Issa, which I'm assuming is short for Allysa. I think about my own name and if I'll ever find a guy who could shorten it into a sickeningly cute nickname. Illy.
Nope. Not the same — Colleen Hoover

Shorten Quotes By Hassan Rouhani

If the people of the United States come to Iran and see its ancient history and nature of Iran, and the people of Iran go to the United States to see America, this can shorten the walls of mistrust and improve the situation for the future. — Hassan Rouhani

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

I'm proud of my record of negotiating agreements, representing people and making sure that both employers and employees could get the best out of going to work every day. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Bill Shorten

Productivity is driven at the enterprise level. Better wages, better performing workplaces, are driven at the workplace level. — Bill Shorten

Shorten Quotes By Myron Scholes

Building a road might create temporary jobs, but does it really create wealth if it doesn't also shorten commute times or otherwise make society better off? — Myron Scholes

Shorten Quotes By Andrew Coyle Bradley

In approaching our subject it will be best, without attempting to shorten the path by referring to famous theories of the drama, to start directly from the facts, and to collect from them gradually an idea of Shakespearean Tragedy. — Andrew Coyle Bradley

Shorten Quotes By Gil Kane

But I was also a big mouth, I started to develop a troubled relationship with Harry Shorten. — Gil Kane

Shorten Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

I knew his face when he came. Of course I knew it. Even a Star dreams. I have been dreaming a long time, and I watched the glittering cord of that man's life spool out until it intersected with mine, and how the sparks lit the grass at my feet! I looked at this man and thought: Oh, how we are going to hurt each other. But Stars, you know, are fixed in their courses, and we can no more change the throttling paces of orbit than a rabbit can shorten its ears. I saw his cord lashing and snapping in the dark, and could do nothing. — Catherynne M Valente

Shorten Quotes By David Shore

Shorten the runway and you have fewer takeoffs and landings, shorten the runway and you enhance safety and reduce the noise, ... It also reduces the justification for the buyout as it is now being proposed. — David Shore

Shorten Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Mercy is not a proper Indian name." ... "Rash Coyote Who Runs With Wolf. We could shorten it to Dinner Woman. — Patricia Briggs