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Top Short Vacation Quotes

Short Vacation Quotes By Tim Cahill

My idea of a vacation is staying home and doing short day hikes, floating the river and things like that. — Tim Cahill

Short Vacation Quotes By Elena Ferrante

Was it possible that I - short, too full-figured, wearing glasses, I diligent but not intelligent, I who pretended to be cultured, informed, when I wasn't - could have believed that he would like me even just for the length of a vacation? — Elena Ferrante

Short Vacation Quotes By Evelyn Waugh

One of the problems of the vacation is money, father."

"Oh, I shouldn't worry about a thing like that at your age."

"You see, I've run rather short."

"Yes?" said my father without any sound of interest.

"In fact I don't quite know how I'm going to get through the next two months."

"Well, I'm the worst person to come to for advice. I've never been 'short' as you so painfully call it. And yet what else could you say? Hard up? Penurious? Distressed? Embarrassed? Stony-broke?" (Snuffle.) "On the rocks? In Queer Street? Let us say you are in Queer Street and leave it at that. Your grandfather once said to me, 'Live within your means, but if you do get into difficulties, come to me. Don't go to the Jews. — Evelyn Waugh

Short Vacation Quotes By Herieth Paul

Whenever I go on vacation I like to change up my hair - I'll braid it or get dreads - but my favorite is just keeping it short and curly. — Herieth Paul

Short Vacation Quotes By Stephen King

Tyler rolls out of bed, sniffs the armpits of yesterday's T-shirt, tosses it aside, gets another out of the drawer. His dad sometimes asks him why he sets his alarm so early
it's summer vacation, after all
and Tyler can't seem to make him understand that every day is important, especially those filled with warmth and sunlight and no particular responsibilities. It's as if there's some little voice deep inside him, warning him not to waste a minute, not a single one, because time is short. — Stephen King

Short Vacation Quotes By Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher

I think that when two people are able to weave that kind of invisible thread of understanding and sympathy between each other, that delicate web, they should not risk tearing it. It is too rare, and it lasts too short a time at best ... — Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher

Short Vacation Quotes By Marcel Proust

Altogether, I had derived little benefit from being in Balbec, for which reason I was all the more determined to come back one day. I felt I had spent too short a time there. — Marcel Proust

Short Vacation Quotes By Sara Gilbert

Safe drinking water isn't just something to worry about on your tropical vacation. U.S. tap water is ridden with arsenic, lead, and pharmaceutical drugs. In short: Get a filter. — Sara Gilbert

Short Vacation Quotes By Lea Mishell

Life's short. Eat dessert first, work less and vacation MORE!! — Lea Mishell

Short Vacation Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

Your footwear tends to run on the exceedingly tall side. You know we all know you're short, right? It's not, like a secret."
"I like that you're tiny. I like that I could carry you around in my pocket."
I shove his arm with my shoulder. "I said hush."
"And if we ever vacation together, you can sit on my lap to save airfare."
I shove him harder, and he laughs. — Stephanie Perkins

Short Vacation Quotes By Heatherly Bell

Is something wrong?" Ivey asked. Lillian picked up a file, stared at it, and put it back down. "You could say that. This morning I found an orderly and a nurse in a closet, and they weren't looking for supplies. Dr. Harrison has taken an ill-timed vacation, since his wife threatened that if he didn't come along she'd go by herself and not come back. So I'm short staffed again. And then there's this desk. Who ever heard of a desk without drawers? It's beautiful, but why do I feel like I'm Uhura on Star Trek? I'd like to strangle the designer. — Heatherly Bell

Short Vacation Quotes By Victoria Chang

Sometimes people ask me to do stuff in New York, like "Can you read at this thing?" And I say, "Nooo, I can't just get on a plane with these two screaming children - I can't just get rid of them on such short notice and take vacation and fly over to New York." — Victoria Chang

Short Vacation Quotes By T.P. Grish

His cell-phone rang. Dominic fumbled for it on the nightstand next to the couch, the dim lights not helping his endeavour. He had piercing, generic, banal fluorescent lights on his face all the time at work and at University, it was so bad it made him loathe even natural sunlight. Lucky this apartment's living room light had a dimmer. He flipped open his phone and said hello. 'Hey Dom, how you doin'?' a voice boomed. It was Ben. They proceeded to talk about the upcoming exams, which were deceptively close as it was week 10 at the moment. Yes, they would be alright. Yes, they would meet up afterwards. No, he hadn't studied more than Ben had. As he clapped the phone closed after the genial conversation reached its natural nadir, he had forgotten most of what had been said — T.P. Grish

Short Vacation Quotes By Chris Lester

Will had discovered, even before coming to the City, that his muse was, like all muses, an incredibly finicky and temperamental mistress. He'd had several good short stories over the years, a few of them bordering on brilliant, and some of them had even been published; but these gifts from his imaginary goddess of inspiration were, in truth, frustratingly infrequent. She would hang around and whisper in his ears for hours, or days, or weeks, and then suddenly go off on an extended vacation without informing Will of her whereabouts or when she planned to return. — Chris Lester

Short Vacation Quotes By Michael Zadoorian

This is exactly the sort of thing that makes traveling wonderful for me, the reason I defied everyone. The two of us together like we have always been, not saying anything, not doing anything special, just on vacation. I know nothing lasts, but even when you know that things are just about over, sometimes you can run back and take a little bit more and no one will notice. — Michael Zadoorian