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Short Hermetic Quotes By Rosa Luxemburg

Freedom for supporters of the government only, for members of one party only no matter how big its membership may be is no freedom at all. Freedom is always freedom for the man who thinks differently. — Rosa Luxemburg

Short Hermetic Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

Speciation does not necessarily promote evolutionary change; rather, speciation 'gathers in' and guards evolutionary change by locking and stabilization for sufficient geological time within a Darwinian individual of the appropriate scale. If a change in a local population does not gain such protection, it becomes-to borrow Dawkins's metaphor at a macroevolutionary scale-a transient duststorm in the desert of time, a passing cloud without borders, integrity, or even the capacity to act as a unit of selection, in the panorama of life's phylogeny. — Stephen Jay Gould

Short Hermetic Quotes By Julian Ovenden

There are lots of good directors I would like to work with; I want to be inspired and challenged by them. — Julian Ovenden

Short Hermetic Quotes By Grace Lee Boggs

Don't get stuck in old ideas. Keep recognizing that reality is changing and that your ideas have to change. — Grace Lee Boggs

Short Hermetic Quotes By Sid Vicious

We're really quite nice and friendly, but everyone has a beastly side to them, don't they? — Sid Vicious

Short Hermetic Quotes By Christy Pastore

Stop smiling at me, you handsome devil. — Christy Pastore

Short Hermetic Quotes By Robert B. Reich

Be patient. Changes that alter the structure of power and widen opportunity require years of hard work, as those who toiled for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, or have been working for the rights of the disabled and gays, would tell you. It took thirty years of continuous fulmination for women to get the right to vote; fifty years of agitation before employers were required to bargain with unionized workers. Those who benefit from the prevailing allocation of power and wealth don't give up their privileged positions without a fight, and they usually have more resources at their disposal than the insurgents. Take satisfaction from small victories, but don't be discouraged or fall into cynicism. And don't allow yourself to burn out. I — Robert B. Reich

Short Hermetic Quotes By Belle Winters

Anything that becomes unscrewed can easily be re-screwed. -RZ — Belle Winters

Short Hermetic Quotes By Joan Littlewood

Good theatre draws the energies out of the place where it is and gives it back as joie de vivre. — Joan Littlewood