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Top Short Attention Spans Quotes

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Kalup Linzy

I almost feel like if I didn't have the gallery and museum content it would be easy to get lost. People's attention spans are so short; they see something and it trends for a few days and then it goes away and something else comes. — Kalup Linzy

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

The ultimate pitch for an era of short attention spans begins with a single word - and doesn't go any further. — Daniel H. Pink

Short Attention Spans Quotes By John Gutfreund

The media, the polls and our legislatures fortunately have short attention spans. — John Gutfreund

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Sreesha Divakaran

An ambitious, paradoxical world we live in -
of short attention spans
paired with the massive fear
of being forgotten too soon. — Sreesha Divakaran

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Bill Cosby

The problems with kids having short attention spans is driven by entertainment, reset buttons on games, games having to do with getting somewhere and heads blowing up. Everything is 'cut to the chase, cut to the chase.' — Bill Cosby

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Lorde

I'm very conscious of people having pretty short attention spans: I know, I'm guilty of it. I'm 17 now: what happens by the time I'm 21, am I a burn-out or something? Will they still listen to my record? — Lorde

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Judith Viorst

Mid-grade readers don't have short attention spans, they just have low boredom tolerance. — Judith Viorst

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Joni Mitchell

Land of snap decisions, land of short attention spans, nothing is savored long enough to really understand. — Joni Mitchell

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Ian Anderson

I don't think people really do listen. We plug into music, and we have short attention spans. We tend to download individual tracks from iTunes rather than a whole album. We buy music DVDs and watch them once, and then they disappear into a drawer, or we loan them to a friend, and we never watch it again. — Ian Anderson

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Steve Jones

In '77 there was no Internet, there was no Twitter or Facebook, and I think that, without being some old git who hates anything new, people's attention spans are too short. Back then you had 'Top Of The Pops' and 'Melody Maker,' and you had to make the effort to go to a show so that you absorbed the culture of music. — Steve Jones

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Claire Tomalin

Today's children have very short attention spans because they are being reared on dreadful television programmes which are flickering away in the corner. — Claire Tomalin

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Alexis Ohanian

Being effective at social media, whether for business or personal use, means capturing people who have short attention spans. They're only a click away from a picture of a funny cat, so you have to make your thing more compelling than that cat. And that can be a high bar. — Alexis Ohanian

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Rick Riordan

Demigods today. I blame social media for their short attention spans. When you can't even take the time to listen to a god hold forth, that's just sad. — Rick Riordan

Short Attention Spans Quotes By David Walton

In this fragmented world, with such short attention spans, you've got a couple of episodes to make an impression. And if you don't, you start to lose your audience in a big way. — David Walton

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Barbara Kruger

I want people to be drawn into the space of the work. And a lot of people are like me in that they have relatively short attention spans. So I shoot for the window of opportunity. — Barbara Kruger

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Barbara Kruger

Do you know why language manifests itself the way it does in my work? It's because I understand short attention spans. — Barbara Kruger

Short Attention Spans Quotes By John Green

There is a lot of talk in publishing these days that we need to become more like the Internet: We need to make books for short attention spans with bells and whistles - books, in short, that are as much like 'Angry Birds' as possible. But I think that's a terrible idea. — John Green

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Barbara Olson

Hopefully, at some point, people will at least credit the Republicans with carrying out their oversight responsibilities and with pursuing a principled course of action even in the face of everyone's short-attention spans. — Barbara Olson

Short Attention Spans Quotes By Yeardley Smith

It's not our fault our generation has short attention spans, Dad. We watch an appalling amount of TV. — Yeardley Smith