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Top Shoehorn Quotes

Shoehorn Quotes By Alan Parry

It's going to take a shoehorn to prise these two teams apart — Alan Parry

Shoehorn Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Consummation Of Grief

I even hear the mountains
the way they laugh
up and down their blue sides
and down in the water
the fish cry
and the water
is their tears.
I listen to the water
on nights I drink away
and the sadness becomes so great
I hear it in my clock
it becomes knobs upon my dresser
it becomes paper on the floor
it becomes a shoehorn
a laundry ticket
it becomes
cigarette smoke
climbing a chapel of dark vines. . .
it matters little
very little love is not so bad
or very little life
what counts
is waiting on walls
I was born for this
I was born to hustle roses down the avenues of the dead. — Charles Bukowski

Shoehorn Quotes By Elizabeth Kolbert

Even very smart people can try to shoehorn new information that just doesn't fit into an existing paradigm.For a long time the story that we've been telling ourselves is that humans are just another animal. We evolved from other animals and our place in the universe isn't particularly special. What I'm trying to convey my book [The Sixth Extinction] is that we are unusual. — Elizabeth Kolbert

Shoehorn Quotes By Muhammad Ali

I'll beat him so bad he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on. — Muhammad Ali

Shoehorn Quotes By Douglas Preston

You just put your boot so far up his ass, he'll have to eat his dinner with a shoehorn." "I can always count on you for a suitable bon mot. — Douglas Preston

Shoehorn Quotes By A. J. Jacobs

One of my biggest challenges is figuring out how to shoehorn my newfound knowledge into conversations. — A. J. Jacobs

Shoehorn Quotes By John Taylor Gatto

The premise upon which mass compulsion schooling is based is dead wrong. It tries to shoehorn every style, culture, and personality into one ugly boot that fits nobody. — John Taylor Gatto

Shoehorn Quotes By Terry Pratchett

One of the highlights of the first Good Omens tour was Neil and I walking through New York singing Shoehorn with Teeth. Well, we'd had a good breakfast. And you don't get mugged, either. — Terry Pratchett

Shoehorn Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Another afternoon: I'm unshaven, dishes are fermenting in the kitchen sink and my shirt smells like a teenage boy's bedroom. There were no clean spoons around the house so I ate cottage cheese with a plastic tortoiseshell shoehorn that was lying next to the couch - so I guess I've hit a new personal low. — Douglas Coupland

Shoehorn Quotes By Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

The Roses of Saadi
I wanted you to have roses this morn,
And stuffed a lot of them in my snug dress,
In my tight belt I could not all shoehorn.
The knots gave way, and threw them all around,
To wind and sea they were all gone forlorn
To flow with water, never will come round.
The waves were crimson red as if on fire.
This eve my dress is drenched in their fragrance,
Breathe it and keep it to your heart's desire. — Marceline Desbordes-Valmore