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Top Sharpening Pencil Quotes

Sharpening Pencil Quotes By Glen Duncan

Mailer famously labeled writing the spooky art. He was right. There's a lot of frontal lobe blather, a lot of pencil-sharpening and knuckle-cracking and drafting and chat, but the big decisions are made in the locked subconscious, decisions not just on the writing but on the conditions for writing: I resolve on the one story I've never told and lo! Here I sit, holed up in a house that means nothing to me, bone-certain no other places will do. Art, even the humble autobiographer's, invokes occult necessities. — Glen Duncan

Sharpening Pencil Quotes By David Rees

I talked to people in the pencil industry and I talked to people as I was sharpening their pencils about the frustrations they have with pencils, so I really did do my research and I do know more about pencils than most people. — David Rees

Sharpening Pencil Quotes By David Rees

The time that I would spend revisiting my old Get Your War On strips is more profitably spent Googling myself and reading comments about how people hate my pencil-sharpening business. — David Rees

Sharpening Pencil Quotes By David Rees

I've been really surprised about a lot of the negative comments about artisanal pencil sharpening. Like, it really rubs some people the wrong way. — David Rees

Sharpening Pencil Quotes By Munia Khan

Sharpen your life always; even though it will come to an end like a pencil, we have to keep on writing — Munia Khan

Sharpening Pencil Quotes By David Rees

To me, if you're lucky enough to make stuff that people will pay money for, do a good job. Really do a good job. Especially if you're talking about real stuff, like terror atrocities and human rights abuses and pencil-sharpening techniques. — David Rees