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Top Shailender Gupta Quotes

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Bill Hybels

I can write about prayer, you can read about prayer ... but sooner or later you have to fall to your knees and just plain pray. Then, and only then, will you begin to operate in the vein of God's miracle-working ways. — Bill Hybels

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Charles Dickens

I only hope, for the sake of the rising male sex generally, that you may be found in as vulnerable and soft-hearted a mood by the first eligible young fellow who appeals to your compassion. — Charles Dickens

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Sue Grafton

The tricky part of any lie is trying to figure out how you'd behave if you were innocent. — Sue Grafton

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Brian Falkner

Life is like a book. There are good chapters, and there are bad chapters. But when you get to a bad chapter, you don't stop reading the book! If you do ... then you never get to find out what happens next! — Brian Falkner

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Martin Seligman

The drive to resist compulsion is more important in wild animals than sex, food, or water ... The drive for competence or to resist compulsion is a drive to avoid helplessness. — Martin Seligman

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Your ability to survive anything that gets thrown at you sometimes leaves the rest of us swallowing ulcer medication for days afterward. I don't like the taste of Maalox. — Patricia Briggs

Shailender Gupta Quotes By J. Lynn

And yes, there is such a thing as stupid questions. That was one of them. — J. Lynn

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Cavett Robert

Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed. — Cavett Robert

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Steven R. McQueen

For me, my favorite scenes, when I'm in my comfort zone, are the fighting scenes Those are my favorite to do, so I'd love to have more of those. — Steven R. McQueen

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Vladimir Putin

Yes, life in Chechnya so far looks more like a life after a natural disaster. — Vladimir Putin

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Alas, I had always loved sorrow and grief, but only for myself, for myself; for them I wept in my pity. I stretched out my arms to them in my despair, accusing, cursing, and despising myself. I told them that I had done all this, I alone, that I had brought them corruption, contagion, and lies! — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Like all other lonely or hungry things, ego loves the light. It sees light, and the possibility of being close to the soul, and it creeps up to it and steals one of its essential camouflages. In a hunger for soul, our own ego-self steals the pelt — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Hanadi Falki

India has many customs and rituals that may seem bizarre to anyone not used to its distinctive culture. It is a strange combination of being a young nation as well as an ancient country. — Hanadi Falki

Shailender Gupta Quotes By H. Rider Haggard

Young sir, this merchant is in the right, and whatever his trade may be, his blood is as good as your own. After your brave words, either you should fight him or take back the blow you gave. Then he leaned down — H. Rider Haggard

Shailender Gupta Quotes By Hank Stuever

I don't have scientific data, but I think plenty of perfectly nice weekends are being given over to the binge craze. — Hank Stuever