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Shaftesbury High School Quotes & Sayings

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Top Shaftesbury High School Quotes

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Jojo Moyes

The morning sagged and decided to last for several years. I couldn't remember the last time minutes and hours stretched so interminably. — Jojo Moyes

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Arthur C. Clarke

Civilization will reach maturity only when it learns to value diversity of character and of ideas. — Arthur C. Clarke

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Jonah Hill

I think a lot of actors, sometimes what happens I think is that actors finish a movie and they go, 'Oh my god, I'm never going to work again,' even big huge actors, and so they'll take something thinking that something else will never come along. — Jonah Hill

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Elizabeth Price

Because it's difficult to have a career as an artist, and in every situation where it's difficult to have a career, it's even harder for women, for all the other reasons that it's harder in other fiercely contested fields. — Elizabeth Price

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Citizens as conceived by governments are persons who admire the status quo and are prepared to exert themselves for its preservation. Oddly enough, while all governments aim at producing men of this type to the exclusion of all other types, their heroes in the past are of exactly the sort that they aim at preventing in the present. Americans admire George Washington and Jefferson, but imprison those who share their political opinions. — Bertrand Russell

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Pamela Clare

I'm a park ranger. He's a Special Forces veteran, a SWAT sniper, and an ex-con. If he can't shoot this guy, he can beat the shit out of him in a hundred dirty ways you and I can't imagine. — Pamela Clare

Shaftesbury High School Quotes By Rick Shapiro

My bullshit was that I adore you and I don't have fingers or eyes how to deal with it. — Rick Shapiro