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Sever All Ties Quotes By Manuela George-Izunwa

Sever the ties to your comfort zone.
Stretch yourself to see the wonders for you beyond the horizons.
Get up on your tiptoes
Reach up to the Lord
Great things await only those who see and believe.
It's only them that can receive. — Manuela George-Izunwa

Sever All Ties Quotes By Michael Booth

Everything I read about the Swedish Social Democratic government of the last century suggested an organization that was driven by one single, overarching goal: to sever the traditional, some would say natural, ties between its citizens, be they those that bound children to their parents, workers to their employers, wives to their husbands, or the elderly to their families. — Michael Booth

Sever All Ties Quotes By Tim Bishop

Hopefully, Serbia's political leaders will not only recognize the seriousness which we attach to this case but also understand that it is in Serbia's interest to let justice work to sever the ties with the Milosevic past that have held the country back from a Europe where it otherwise belongs. — Tim Bishop

Sever All Ties Quotes By Carlos Wallace

When you sever ties with the unit purely for self-serving intentions, you are likely to find yourself stranded and struggling to survive; fighting to keep your head above water. What's more, there is no one to save you because you've turned your back on your comrades and snubbed your support system. — Carlos Wallace

Sever All Ties Quotes By Paula Daly

I used to think it bordered on tragedy the way families lose touch, the way people sever ties, putting a pretty place to live above being together. But now I realize that's just how people like it. They don't always want to be together. — Paula Daly

Sever All Ties Quotes By W. Somerset Maugham

When married people don't get on they can separate, but if they're not married it's impossible. It's a tie that only death can sever. — W. Somerset Maugham

Sever All Ties Quotes By John C. Calhoun

If not met promptly and decidedly, the two portions of the Union will gradually become thoroughly alienated, when no alternative will be left to us, as the weaker of the two, but to sever all political ties or sink down into abject submission. — John C. Calhoun

Sever All Ties Quotes By Bentley Little

I think readers appreciate those of us who stay in the trenches and fight the good fight even when times get tough. I know that I, personally, lost respect for writers who, when there was a downturn in the market, started shouting from the rooftops that they wrote thrillers and suspense novels rather than horror. As far as I'm concerned, those wussboys should sever all ties with the horror community if that's the way they feel and get out of the way so real horror writers can do their work. — Bentley Little

Sever All Ties Quotes By Patricia Hampl

It is hard to sever the cords that tie us to our slavery and leave intact those that bind us to ourselves. — Patricia Hampl

Sever All Ties Quotes By Robert Goolrick

Even if we choose to sever the ties to all we ever knew as home, to redefine the spaces we live in, the emotions that seem most natural to us, the ways we have of loving, there is a haunting feeling of loss and admiration for the people we knew first and best. Even if we never speak to them again, they are our first and purest loves. There is, for all of us, a time in which they meant the world. Sometimes, that time lasts as long as we live. It is eternal as breath. It is changeless and deathless. Sometimes, it ends at a very early age. Sometimes, we cannot help ourselves. Things happen. (203) — Robert Goolrick

Sever All Ties Quotes By Robin Hobb

As much as I had always longed to be freed of my duties and obligations, being released from such bonds was as much a severing as an emancipation. — Robin Hobb

Sever All Ties Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

God's children are God's children anywhere and everywhere, and shall be even unto the end. Nothing can sever that sacred tie, or divide us from his heart. — Charles Spurgeon

Sever All Ties Quotes By Antonin Artaud

These terrifying forms which advance on me, I feel that the despair they bring is alive. It slips into this nucleus of life beyond which the paths of eternity extend. It is truly an eternal separation. They slip their knives into this center where I feel myself a man, they sever those vital ties which bind me to the dream of my lucid reality. — Antonin Artaud

Sever All Ties Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Well," he said, trying to sound as though he found the whole thing a joke, "if you want to
what is it?" (He checked Percy's letter.) "Oh yeah
'sever ties' with me, I swear I won't get violent."
"Give it back," said Ron, holding out his hand. He is
" Ron said jerkily, tearing Percy's letter in half, "the world's"
he tore it into quarters
he tore it into eighths
"git." He threw the pieces into the fire. — J.K. Rowling

Sever All Ties Quotes By Patti Smith

He had told me I had nothing to worry about, but in the end I did. Yet I understood why he couldn't tell me. I think having to define his impulses and confine his identity in terms of sexuality was foreign to him. His drives toward men were consuming but I never felt loved any less. It wasn't easy for him to sever our physical ties, I knew that. — Patti Smith

Sever All Ties Quotes By John Quincy Adams

If slavery be the destined sword of the hand of the destroying angel which is to sever the ties of this Union, the same sword will cut in sunder the bonds of slavery itself. A dissolution of the Union for the cause of slavery would be followed by a servile war in the slave-holding States, combined with a war between the two severed portions of the Union. It seems to me that its result might be the extirpation of slavery from this whole continent; and, calamitous and desolating as this course of events in its progress must be, so glorious would be its final issue, that, as God shall judge me, I dare not say that it is not to be desired. — John Quincy Adams