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Seniority Quotes By Akio Morita

Mistakes and miscalculations are human and normal, and viewed in the long run they have not damaged the company. I do not mind taking responsibilty for every managerial decision I have made. But if a person who makes a mistake is branded and kicked off the seniority promotion escalator, he could lose his motivation for the rest of his business life and depreive the company of whaever good things he may have to offer later. If the casues of the mistake are clarified and made public, the person who made the mistake will not forget it and others will not make the same mistake. I tell our people Go ahead and do what you think is right. If you make a mistake, you will learn form it. Just don't make the same mistake twice. — Akio Morita

Seniority Quotes By Doris Kearns Goodwin

I want, freshman Senator Gale McGee wrote to Johnson, to take time to convey to you my deep personal appreciation for the committee assignments. Because of these appointments we freshmen have no alibis if by the end of this session we have failed to produce - in other days I suspect freshmen Senators have been able to excuse their early actions by the heavy hand of the old seniority system - but not now. Your action has given to us both individually and collectively both the responsibility and opportunity — Doris Kearns Goodwin

Seniority Quotes By Edward Kennedy

If a legislator is safe from competition, or if he represents groups with the same economic and political beliefs, he does not have to change his ideas or respond to the needs of the broader population. He can rest content with a mediocre, absentee performance knowing he will be returned to office. And as he is returned year after year the seniority system gives him immense control over people from other parts of the country whose views he need not heed at all. — Edward Kennedy

Seniority Quotes By Jason Chaffetz

It doesn't take a lot of seniority to vote the way you promised to vote. — Jason Chaffetz

Seniority Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

We were no longer, technically, children although in many ways I am quite sure that we were. Childish has become a term of contempt.
"Don't be childish, darling."
"I hope to Christ I am. Don't be childish yourself."
It is possible to be grateful that no one that you would willingly associate with you say, "Be mature. Be well-balanced, be well-adjusted."
Africa, being as old as it is, makes all people except the professional invaders and spoilers into children. No one says to anyone in Africa, "Why don't you grow up?" ...
Men know that they are children in relation to the country and, as in armies, seniority and senility ride close together. But to have the heart of a child is not a disgrace. It is an honor. A man must comport himself as a man ... But it is never a reproach that he has kept a child's heart, a child's honesty and a child's freshness and nobility. — Ernest Hemingway,

Seniority Quotes By W. Richard Stevens

In 1975 I decided that there was no future in flying (airline jobs were impossible to get, and who wants a job where you are judged only by seniority?) and headed off to grad school. — W. Richard Stevens

Seniority Quotes By Jason Chaffetz

CNN has given me a platform to share my experiences. My Web site, YouTube Channel and Facebook page have exposed me to thousands of voters who share my concerns. My lack of seniority has not impeded my ability to communicate in any way. — Jason Chaffetz

Seniority Quotes By Chuck Todd

Some day, the public might actually revolt against the undemocratic system of seniority that allows Congress to keep the old ways of Washington ingrained into the culture of Congress. — Chuck Todd

Seniority Quotes By James Wolcott

In 2008, Barack Obama did get Democrats hyperventilating, whipped up to a creamy froth, while John McCain creaked ahead like a cranky granddad whom Republicans let move to the front of the buffet line, deferring to seniority, as they had in 1996, when Bob Dole turtled to the top of the ticket. — James Wolcott

Seniority Quotes By James Cook

Government employees move up the ladder through educational credentials rather than merit. People are given jobs and promotions based on seniority, race and gender rather than ability or talent. Such a system often overlooks the deserving and rewards the incompetent. There is no payoff for achievement. — James Cook

Seniority Quotes By Peter R. Scholtes

The common objection to seniority pay is, "It's rewarding dead wood!" My response is, "Why do you hire dead wood? Or why do you hire live wood and kill it?" — Peter R. Scholtes

Seniority Quotes By John Breaux

But we made a decision based on the fact that we have been up there a long time and that we feel that the seniority is important to the people of Louisiana. — John Breaux

Seniority Quotes By William A. Rusher

Well, you have to remember that until 1948, when Hubert Humphrey and others forced the Democratic Party to adopt a new policy on civil rights, the Democratic Party was the party of the old solid South. All of the racists, all of the Cottonhead Smith types and so on were Democrats, allies of Franklin Roosevelt - because of their seniority - of all the major committees of the Congress. — William A. Rusher

Seniority Quotes By Meryl Streep

I'm older. There's some sort of seniority. As a matter of fact, the seniority ebbs as you get older. — Meryl Streep

Seniority Quotes By Mark Kostabi

Teaching, the most noble profession, should be rewarded based on merit alone, not seniority. — Mark Kostabi

Seniority Quotes By Wanderlust Pocket Guides

Ryogoku Kokugikan* Ryogoku, the largest sumo stadium in Japan with a capacity of 10,000 spectators, holds grand tournaments of basho in January, May and September. These magnificent 15-day long tournaments are filled with ceremonies and rituals that are as interesting as the wrestling matches themselves. The competition begins around 9am each day, with amateur matches, and progress in order of seniority as the day continues. — Wanderlust Pocket Guides

Seniority Quotes By Robert A. Caro

Decades of the seniority rule had conferred influence in the Senate not on men who broke new ground but on men who were careful not to. — Robert A. Caro

Seniority Quotes By Harry S. Truman

Term limits would cure both senility and seniority- both terrible legislative diseases. — Harry S. Truman

Seniority Quotes By Scott Walker

Now things have changed for the better. Our reforms end seniority and tenure so we can hire and fire based on merit and pay based on performance. That means we can put the best and the brightest in our classrooms - and we can keep them there. — Scott Walker

Seniority Quotes By Jon Meacham

On Wednesday, April 9, 1969, Bush, who was just beginning his second term as a congressman, flew to see the former president at LBJ's ranch at Stonewall, Texas, about 220 miles from Houston. "Mr. President, I've still got a decision to make and I'd like your advice," Bush said. "My House seat is secure - no opposition last time - and I've got a position on Ways and Means. I don't mind taking risks, but in a few more terms, I'll have seniority on a powerful committee. I'm just not sure it's a gamble I should take, whether it's really worth it." "Son," Johnson said, "I've served in the House. And I've been privileged to serve in the Senate, too. And they're both good places to serve. So I wouldn't begin to advise you what to do, except to say this - that the difference between being a member of the Senate and a member of the House is the difference between chicken salad and chicken shit." The former president paused. "Do I make my point? — Jon Meacham

Seniority Quotes By Nora Roberts

That's what I used to tell her. And she'd say it's not the age, it's the seniority."
"She loves you. A lot."
"Feeling's mutual. What're you smiling at? — Nora Roberts

Seniority Quotes By Jim Webb

I am a junior senator, ninety-fifth on the seniority list, and so by Senate standards, my office in the Russell Senate Office Building is less than splendid. — Jim Webb

Seniority Quotes By Jason Chaffetz

If we're going to win this battle over fiscal responsibility, we need more of the people who vote right and fewer of those whose seniority is their only selling point. — Jason Chaffetz

Seniority Quotes By Bob Dole

I used to think that seniority was a terrible thing when I didn't have any. — Bob Dole

Seniority Quotes By Bob Dole

No more verbally incomprehensible no more devoid of the vision thing and no more the cautious pragmatist proudly displaying the virtues of tradition and the advantages of biological seniority. — Bob Dole

Seniority Quotes By Glenn Beck

In the Westerville, Ohio, school district, for example, a union contract provision stipulated that a coin flip would be used to determine seniority if two teachers were hired on the same day. One might be a great teacher, the other awful; it makes no difference. That is how much importance unions place on teacher quality. — Glenn Beck

Seniority Quotes By Ann Leckie

You do have a thousand years' seniority, after all."
"A thousand years' back pay," said a dock inspector, in an awed voice. — Ann Leckie

Seniority Quotes By Robert Gandt

If nobody is happy, then it's an equitable merger. - Maxim of airline seniority list arbitration — Robert Gandt

Seniority Quotes By Rhys Bowen

It had been unusually hot all summer. Ben Cresswell could feel the sun scorching his thighs through his cricket whites as he sat on the clubhouse veranda, waiting for his turn at bat. Colonel Huntley sat beside him, mopping his red and sweaty face. He was wearing pads because he was next up at bat. He wasn't as good a batsman as Ben, but he was team captain, and in village cricket, seniority often took precedence over ability. Only — Rhys Bowen

Seniority Quotes By John Berger

I have never thought of writing as a profession. It is a solitary independent activity in which practice can never bestow seniority. — John Berger

Seniority Quotes By Milton Friedman

With respect to teachers' salaries ... Poor teachers are grossly overpaid and good teachers grossly underpaid. Salary schedules tend to be uniform and determined far more by seniority. — Milton Friedman

Seniority Quotes By Antonio Villaraigosa

Look, you're not going to get me to say that Democrats don't make mistakes. We do. I mentioned two areas - pension reform and seniority and tenure. I've done both - I've advocated for both. I've advocated for - seek for reform as well. — Antonio Villaraigosa

Seniority Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

Seniority has nothing to do with intellectuality, your individuality wins the majority or minority, simply because you maintained the status quo of your peculiarity. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Seniority Quotes By Robert Caro

Everyone believed the Senate could not really be led. It used to take so long to rise up through seniority. In two years Lyndon Johnson is assistant leader of his party. In four years he is the leader of his party. — Robert Caro

Seniority Quotes By Nancy Pelosi

We're sad about some of the losses of members of great seniority and distinction in the Congress, and some very new members, who will no longer be serving with us. — Nancy Pelosi

Seniority Quotes By Ben Affleck

I recognize that Hollywood is not about seniority. Often it's not even a meritocracy. It's about what you did yesterday. You have a couple of misses, and suddenly it's impossible to find a hit. So the swings are gigantic. But I've always understood it as such, and navigated it as such. — Ben Affleck

Seniority Quotes By Luke Harding

Germany's hierarchical reverence for seniority may have something to do with the fact that everything here happens relatively late. Germans start school at six, graduate in their late 20s, and get their first proper jobs in their 30s. Adolescence can go on a long time. It is rare for anyone to achieve responsibility before their 50s. — Luke Harding

Seniority Quotes By Noam Chomsky

The legislation, essentially bipartisan, drives new fiscal policies, tax changes, also rules of corporate governance, and deregulation. Alongside of this began the very sharp rise in the costs of elections, which drives the political parties even deeper than before into the pockets of the corporate sector. The parties dissolved, essentially, in many ways. It used to be that if a person in Congress hoped for a position such as a committee chair or some position of responsibility, he or she got it mainly through seniority and service. Within a couple of years, they started having to put money into the party coffers in order to get ahead, a topic studied mainly by Tom Ferguson. That just drove the whole system even deeper into the pockets of the corporate sector, increasingly the financial sector. — Noam Chomsky

Seniority Quotes By Christopher Paul Curtis

Dad was in the United Auto Workers at work so seniority was real important in our house. — Christopher Paul Curtis

Seniority Quotes By E.B. White

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority. — E.B. White

Seniority Quotes By Glenn Beck

In 2012 the NEA spent $18.1 million on political contributions (95 percent of it going to Democratic candidates) and another $5.9 million on lobbying. Without these payments it's very possible that politicians might finally stop pretending that ideas like tenure and seniority pay make sense for our kids. — Glenn Beck

Seniority Quotes By Gene Brown

The toughest thing about raising kids is convincing them that you have seniority. — Gene Brown

Seniority Quotes By Antonio Villaraigosa

But I will say, I think there are some Democrats that don't want to address pension reform. I have taken on the issue of seniority and tenure. I think we have to address entitlements and the president has done that in his budget. I think we have to extend Medicare and the president has done that. But also reinvest in that program. — Antonio Villaraigosa

Seniority Quotes By Bill Hicks

Surgeon General's warning ought to read: Smoking has been determined t0 cause cancer, heart disease & rednecks with seniority. — Bill Hicks