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Top Senescence Quotes

Senescence Quotes By Jean Kerr

An actor can remember his briefest notice well into senescence and long after he has forgotten his phone number and where he lives. — Jean Kerr

Senescence Quotes By Sherwin B. Nuland

Whether the result of wear, tear, and exhaustion of resources or whether genetically programmed, all life has a finite span and each species has its own particular longevity. For human beings, this would appear to be approximately 100 to 110 years. This means that even were it possible to prevent or cure every disease that carries people off before the ravages of senescence do, virtually no one would live beyond a century or a bit more. — Sherwin B. Nuland

Senescence Quotes By Anthony Burgess

As we grow older, the memories of early life brighten, those of maturity and senescence grow dim and confused. — Anthony Burgess

Senescence Quotes By Robertson Davies

I confess I have been a rake at reading. I have read those things which I ought not to have read, and I have not read those things which I ought to have read, and there is no health in me
if by health you mean an inclusive and coherent knowledge of any body of great literature. I can only protest, like all rakes in their shameful senescence, that I have had a good time. — Robertson Davies

Senescence Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Organized shuffleboard has always filled me with dread. Everything about it suggests infirm senescence and death: it's a game played on the skin of a void, and the rasp of the sliding puck is the sound of that skin getting abraded away bit by bit. — David Foster Wallace

Senescence Quotes By Ogden Nash

Senescence begins
And middle-age ends
The day your descendants
Outnumber your friends — Ogden Nash

Senescence Quotes By Marcel Proust

And the others too were beginning to remark in Swann that abnormal, excessive, shameful and deserved senescence of bachelors, of all those for whom it seems that the great day which knows no morrow must be longer than for other men, since for them it is a void of promise, and from its dawn the moments steadily accumulate without any subsequent partition among offspring. — Marcel Proust

Senescence Quotes By Ray Kurzweil

De Grey describes his goal as "engineered negligible senescence" - stopping the body and brain from becoming more frail and disease-prone as it grows older.18 As he explains, "All the core knowledge needed to develop engineered negligible senescence is already in our possession - it mainly just needs to be pieced together."19 De Grey believes we'll demonstrate "robustly rejuvenated" mice - mice that are functionally younger than before being treated and with the life extension to prove it - within ten years, and he points out that this achievement will have a dramatic effect on public opinion. Demonstrating that we can reverse the aging process in an animal that shares 99 percent of our genes will profoundly challenge the common wisdom that aging and death are inevitable. Once robust rejuvenation is confirmed in an animal, there will be enormous competitive pressure to translate these results into human therapies, which should appear five to ten years later. — Ray Kurzweil

Senescence Quotes By Mircea Eliade

And since a more convincing argument could not be found - aside from a fatal accident or suicide - this way was chosen: a process of galloping senescence. — Mircea Eliade

Senescence Quotes By S. Jay Olshansky

You can open up a centenarian's brain, and you'll see some areas that look like that of a 50-year-old or of a 110-year-old. You can have variation in the basic process of aging, called senescence, in different parts of the same body. — S. Jay Olshansky

Senescence Quotes By Dara Torres

I'd proven to the world that maturity, experience, dedication, and ingenuity can make up for a little senescence. Muscle tightening is not the only thing that happens to our bodies over time. We gain knowledge, focus, and understanding, and those things can help us win. — Dara Torres

Senescence Quotes By Jay McInerney

From the window, Luke looked out over the water towers of Fifth Avenue to the park, studying the senescence of the daylight, which seemed almost viscous, ready to coagulate - trying to register that perfect moment of transition from day to evening, that instant when the light, in dying, was most nearly itself. — Jay McInerney

Senescence Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

PATRIOTIC AND TRIBAL feelings belong to the squalling childhood of the human race, and become no more charming in their senescence. — Christopher Hitchens

Senescence Quotes By George C. Williams

The general rule is that anything that is passed on in reproduction does not undergo senescence. — George C. Williams

Senescence Quotes By Matthew Thomas

He was smarter than most, more sensitive. In that regard he was more prepared for the loneliness of senescence than she was. He'd been a stranger in the world for most of his life. — Matthew Thomas

Senescence Quotes By Nick Lane

All complex life shares an astonishing catalogue of elaborate traits, from sex to cell suicide to senescence, none of which is seen in a comparable form in bacteria. — Nick Lane

Senescence Quotes By Aubrey De Grey

We've spent the last few millennia aware that senescence is horrible but knowing nevertheless that it's inevitable. We've had to find some mechanism to put it out of our minds so we can get on with our miserably short lives. — Aubrey De Grey

Senescence Quotes By S. Jay Olshansky

The evolutionary theory of senescence can be stated as follows: while bodies are not designed to fail, neither are they designed for extended operation. — S. Jay Olshansky

Senescence Quotes By Julian Barnes

For Montaigne, the death of youth, which so often takes place unnoticed is the harder death; what we habitually refer to as 'death' is no more than the death of old age ... The leap from the attenuated survival of senescence into nonexistence is much easier than the sly transition from heedless youth crabbed and regretful age. — Julian Barnes

Senescence Quotes By Sathya Sai Baba

Man has boyhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and senescence, as stages of growth; there are also corresponding stages in the growth of wisdom in him. — Sathya Sai Baba