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Self Propelled Quotes By Pranab Mukherjee

Propelled by freedom of faith, gender equality and economic justice for all, India will become a modern nation. Minor blemishes cannot cloak the fact that India is becoming such a modern nation: no faith is in danger in our country, and the continuing commitment to gender equality is one of the great narratives of our times. — Pranab Mukherjee

Self Propelled Quotes By Nikola Tesla

The human being is a self-propelled automaton entirely under the control of external influences. Willful and predetermined though they appear, his actions are governed not from within, but from without. He is like a float tossed about by the waves of a turbulent sea. — Nikola Tesla

Self Propelled Quotes By Francis Fukuyama

It was the slave's continuing desire for recognition that was the motor which propelled history forward, not the idle complacency and unchanging self-identity of the master — Francis Fukuyama

Self Propelled Quotes By Wally Lamb

Bifurcation occurs when the environment of a potentially chaotic system destabilizes due to stress over time, or to some inciting disturbance, explosive or catastrophic. When perturbation occurs, an attractor draws the trajectories of the disturbance and, at the point of transition, the system bifurcates and is propelled to a new order of self-organization, or else it disintegrates. — Wally Lamb

Self Propelled Quotes By John Le Carre

There were times when he confronted his own image as a man confronts an empty valley, and the vision propelled him forward again to experience as despair compels us to extinction. Sometimes he was like a man in flight, but running toward the enemy, desperate to feel upon his vanishing body the blows that would prove his being; desperate to imprint upon his sad conformity the mark of real purpose, desperate perhaps, as Leclerc had hinted, to abdicate his conscience in order to discover God. — John Le Carre

Self Propelled Quotes By Erik Larson

look as if they had been plucked from the Palace of Versailles or a Jacobean mansion - that you were aboard a ship being propelled far into the bluest reaches of the ocean. — Erik Larson

Self Propelled Quotes By Nina Kuscsik

I have always sensed the exhilaration and independence of being self-propelled. Besides, you can jog while pushing a baby carriage. Maybe I'm a product of Wonder Woman comic books — Nina Kuscsik

Self Propelled Quotes By Donald Cuccioletta

The recognition that modern societies are no longer monolithic, that the
imaginary social space has mushroomed into a multitude of identities has
propelled us into a realization that we are in an era where interculturality,
transculturalism and the eventual prospect of identifying a cosmopolitan
citizenship can become a reality. However we still remain circumscribed by
our Little Italies, our China Towns etc., which beyond the pleasures of
experiencing culinary delights, nevertheless create a self illusion that we
have attained a level of cultural awareness of the other. — Donald Cuccioletta

Self Propelled Quotes By Tessa Dare

She [Susanna] realized she was still hugging the wall. Pride propelled her two steps forward. As she advanced, something bleated at her, as though chastising her for trespassing. She stopped midstep and peered at it. "Did you know there's a lamb in here?"
"Never mind it. That's dinner."
She gave it a smile and a friendly pat. "Hullo, Dinner. Aren't you a sweet thing."
"It's not his name, it's his ... function. — Tessa Dare

Self Propelled Quotes By John D'Agata

The whole movement of an essay is propelled by a fundamentally human impulse to want to figure things out. — John D'Agata

Self Propelled Quotes By Pierre Alechinsky

A very young painter is seldom alone. If he is an art student, he is in an art school with other students. He does not yet know that one day he will have to face himself as a solitary creature enclosed in a space of four walls ... and that he will have to be a self-propelled being, with no one at is side. — Pierre Alechinsky

Self Propelled Quotes By Stan Getz

My life is music, and in some vague, mysterious and subconscious way, I have always been driven by a taut inner spring which has propelled me to almost compulsively reach for perfection in music, often - in fact, mostly - at the expense of everything else in my life. — Stan Getz

Self Propelled Quotes By Balroop Singh

All people like to be praised as it boosts their self-esteem, keeps them motivated and happy but it also pushes them into the abyss of sham, which is propelled by hypocrisy and sycophancy. — Balroop Singh

Self Propelled Quotes By Heather Heffner

I clung tightly to Kwan's mane as he propelled his great serpent body through the cloud banks. The cockatrice's big green head dipped under the clouds, and I spotted an emerald island below, with dramatic peaks jutting up from the jungle. I asked the great cockatrice for the name of the isle, but he only laughed at me, saying that names changed faster than a century's wind. That didn't seem very fast to me, but I took his word for it. — Heather Heffner

Self Propelled Quotes By Ray Bradbury

I've never worked a day in my life. The joy of writing has propelled me from day to day and year to year. I want you to envy me, my joy. Get out of here tonight and say: 'Am I being joyful?' And if you've got a writer's block, you can cure it this evening by stopping whatever you're writing and doing something else. You picked the wrong subject. — Ray Bradbury

Self Propelled Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

Especially she dreaded the isolation of the swimmer, amid propelled and splashing figures yet she was isolated, always one isolated in the water where thoughts await like froth on the surface of the water that smelled like chemicals. — Joyce Carol Oates

Self Propelled Quotes By James S.A. Corey

Amos took a high-caliber automatic that fired self-propelled rounds, recoilless and designed for use in zero g. Old-fashioned slug throwers were more reliable, but in null gravity they were also maneuvering thrusters. — James S.A. Corey

Self Propelled Quotes By V.E Schwab

They crashed into each other as if propelled by gravity, and he didn't know which one of them was the object and which the earth, only that they were colliding. The kiss was Lila pressed into a single gesture. Her brazen pride and her stubborn resolve, her recklessness and her daring and her hunger for freedom. It was all those things, and it took Kell's breath away. — V.E Schwab

Self Propelled Quotes By Venus Williams

Losses have propelled me to even bigger places, so I understand the importance of losing. You can never get complacent because a loss is always around the corner. It's in any game that you're in - a business game or whatever - you can't get complacent. — Venus Williams

Self Propelled Quotes By Nick Spalding

I was consumed by some kind of unholy, indignant rage that propelled me through the confrontation to its successful conclusion - and out the other side into the cool, calm lagoon of reflective dread known as the 'what the fuck have I just done?' feeling. — Nick Spalding

Self Propelled Quotes By Robert Loggia

I think there were some dubious feelings about it, that the first 'Scarface' would not be surpassed by the second 'Scarface.' We were wrong; it surpassed it. The acting talent, the cinematography - we were propelled into a real class action film. Long after I kick the bucket, it'll be played. — Robert Loggia

Self Propelled Quotes By Stephen Jay Gould

I was lucky to wander into evolutionary theory, one of the most exciting and important of all scientific fields. I had never heard of it when I started at a rather tender age; I was simply awed by dinosaurs. I thought paleontologists spent their lives digging up bones and putting them together, never venturing beyond the momentous issue of what connects to what. Then I discovered evolutionary theory. Ever since then, the duality of natural history-richness in particularities and potential union in underlying explanation-has propelled me. — Stephen Jay Gould

Self Propelled Quotes By Kristin Cashore

Propelled by nothing more than a drab sense of duty not to die if she didn't have to, Fire turned [...] — Kristin Cashore

Self Propelled Quotes By M. Scott Peck

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers. — M. Scott Peck

Self Propelled Quotes By Craig Venter

One of the fundamental discoveries I made about myself - early enough to make use of it - was that I am driven to seize life and to understand it. The motor that pushes me is propelled by more than scientific curiosity. — Craig Venter

Self Propelled Quotes By Robert Draper

I think there's an underlying insecurity to Bush with a rather classical genesis - namely his being the eldest son of a famous father. I think this has propelled his need to be distinctive, to do big things. — Robert Draper

Self Propelled Quotes By Kiesza

People have mentioned, 'Maybe you should try to be more sexy. Look at how this butt stuff propelled this person to the top of the chart; it's amazing!' And I'm like, 'What if I really want to sing something to people?' I speak my mind. I want to be that person people feel they can listen to. — Kiesza

Self Propelled Quotes By Howard Gardner

My belief in why America has been doing so well up to now is that we have been propelled by our immigrants and our encouragement of technical innovation and, indeed, creativity across the board. — Howard Gardner

Self Propelled Quotes By Denis Waitley

Champions are propelled by desire, not compelled by fear — Denis Waitley

Self Propelled Quotes By Jim Rowe

Van Gogh is the best example of how a person can be on the right track, propelled by gut feeling and some kind of strange obsessive stubborn conviction, that no one seems to understand. — Jim Rowe

Self Propelled Quotes By Corey Reynolds

I feel like a lot of the portrayals of, in particular, younger minority ethnic characters on television, a lot of their dialogue, a lot of their characteristics, a lot of their personality in a writer's eyes, is kind of propelled through their ethnicity. — Corey Reynolds

Self Propelled Quotes By Philip Roth

But I never did escape from this plot-driven world into a more congenial, subtly probable, innerly propelled narrative of my own devising
didn't make it to the airport, ...
and that was because in the taxi I remembered a political cartoon I'd seen in the British papers when I was living in London during the Lebanon war, a detestable cartoon of a big-nosed Jew, his hands meekly opened out in front of him and his shoulders raised in a shrug as though to disavow responsibility, standing atop a pyramid of dead Arab bodies. Purportedly a caricature of Menachem Begin, then prime minister of Israel, the drawing was, in fact, a perfectly realistic, unequivocal depiction of a kike as classically represented in the Nazi press. The cartoon was what turned me around. Barely ten minutes out of Jerusalem, I told the driver to take me back to the King David Hotel. — Philip Roth

Self Propelled Quotes By Ruta Sepetys

I tried to sketch but couldn't. When I started to draw, the pencil moved by itself, propelled by something hideous that lived inside of me. — Ruta Sepetys

Self Propelled Quotes By Dan Groat

The gear teeth of his mind, the cogs of the brain's machinery that propelled his thoughts, were grinding to a halt, too long forced to fight against the friction of agony without the aid of hope, the lubricant for the soul. — Dan Groat

Self Propelled Quotes By Tim Powers

When they'd gone the old man turned around to watch the sun's slow descent. The Boat of Millions of Years, he thought; the boat of the dying sungod Ra, tacking down the western sky to the source of the dark river that runs through the underworld from west to east, through the twelve hours of the night, at the far eastern end of which the boat will tomorrow reappear, bearing a once again youthful, newly reignited sun.
Or, he thought bitterly, removed from us by a distance the universe shouldn't even be able to encompass, it's a vast motionless globe of burning gas, around which this little ball of a planet rolls like a pellet of dung propelled by a kephera beetle.
Take your pick, he told himself as he started slowly down the hill ... But be willing to die for your choice. — Tim Powers

Self Propelled Quotes By Shia Labeouf

All of the things that have happened in my life have been self-propelled. I can't blame anybody else or point a finger at anybody. — Shia Labeouf

Self Propelled Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Butterflies are not insects,' Captain John Sterling said soberly. 'They are self-propelled flowers. — Robert A. Heinlein

Self Propelled Quotes By David Byrne

There's a certain amount of freedom involved in cycling: you're self-propelled and decide exactly where to go. If you see something that catches your eye to the left, you can veer off there, which isn't so easy in a car, and you can't cover as much ground walking. — David Byrne

Self Propelled Quotes By Lawrence Lessig

On December 17, 1903, on a windy North Carolina beach for just shy of one hundred seconds, the Wright brothers demonstrated that a heavier-than-air, self-propelled vehicle could fly. The moment was electric and its importance widely understood. Almost immediately, there was an explosion of interest in this newfound technology of manned flight, and a gaggle of innovators began to build upon it. — Lawrence Lessig

Self Propelled Quotes By Steve Maraboli

I am self-propelled; fueled from within. I appreciate people's opinions, but I'm not attached to them. I learned a long time ago that if I give them the power to feed me, I also give them the power to starve me. — Steve Maraboli

Self Propelled Quotes By Jeff Edwards

Robert Whitehead built the first self-propelled torpedo. — Jeff Edwards

Self Propelled Quotes By Katharine Tynan

Often our bad moments are self-propelled ... And the drama is almost exclusively within our heads and hearts. — Katharine Tynan

Self Propelled Quotes By Walter Bagehot

Capital must be propelled by self-interest; it cannot be enticed by benevolence. — Walter Bagehot

Self Propelled Quotes By Randy Schekman

The idea that I could push the envelope using dedication and research and endless curiosity has propelled me in my life's work. — Randy Schekman

Self Propelled Quotes By Katherine Applegate

So, you propel rocks at me! You'll be very sorry you ever propelled a rock at me, human. — Katherine Applegate

Self Propelled Quotes By A. N. Wilson

In the 18th century, James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny, and Richard Arkwright pioneered the water-propelled spinning frame which led to the mass production of cotton. This was truly revolutionary. The cotton manufacturers created a whole new class of people - the urban proletariat. The structure of society itself would never be the same. — A. N. Wilson

Self Propelled Quotes By Leona Lewis

I believe I could have had a career in the music industry without 'X Factor,' but it was an amazing platform that propelled me to where I am now. — Leona Lewis

Self Propelled Quotes By Douglas Murray

On 11 September 2012 crowds of friendly locals in Kabul, Afghanistan, were chanting the usual 'Death to America' slogans. At the same time American flags were torched from London to Sydney. And in Benghazi, Libya, a group of 'spontaneous protesters' arrived at the US consulate with rocket-propelled grenades and savagely murdered the US ambassador. In Washington, members of the Obama administration were, as we have already seen, showing that they weren't taking any of this personally. It wasn't about them and it certainly wasn't about their ambassador, who had in fact been murdered by terrorists in a pre-planned attack. The administration was still claiming all this was caused by an excerpt from an amateur film which had been up on YouTube for weeks. — Douglas Murray

Self Propelled Quotes By Albert Camus

Reality is a perpetual process of
evolution, propelled by the fertile impact of antagonisms which are resolved each time into a superior
synthesis which, itself, creates its opposite and again causes history to advance. What Hegel affirmed
concerning reality advancing toward the spirit, Marx affirms concerning economy on the march toward
the classless society; everything is both itself and its opposite, and this contradiction compels it to become
something else. Capitalism, because it is bourgeois, reveals itself as revolutionary and prepares the way
for communism. — Albert Camus

Self Propelled Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Butterflies are self propelled flowers. — Robert A. Heinlein

Self Propelled Quotes By Jennifer DeLucy

He smirked and that was it. I propelled myself forward and into his arms, our mouths instantly locking in a frenzied kiss, my hands grasping his collar, his shirt, his hair, his anything. — Jennifer DeLucy

Self Propelled Quotes By Niall Ferguson

Just as Hitler had predicted, it was rival empires more than indigenous nationalists who propelled the process of decolonization forward. — Niall Ferguson

Self Propelled Quotes By Ron Paul

Congress remains in total denial as our liberties are rapidly fading before our eyes. The process is propelled by unwarranted fear and ignorance as to the true meaning of liberty. It is driven by economic myths, fallacies and irrational good intentions. — Ron Paul

Self Propelled Quotes By James Luceno

Propelled by fear or hatred, even a Jedi can pass beyond the constraints of the Order's teachings and discover power of a more profound sort. But no Jedi who arrives at that place, who has risen above his or her allegiance to peace and justice, who kills in anger or out of desire, can lay real claim to the dark side of the Force. Their attempts to convince themselves that they fell to the dark side, or that the dark side compelled their actions, are nothing more than pitiful rationalizations. That is why the Sith embrace the dark from the start, focusing on the acquistion of power. We make no excuses. The actions of a Sith begin from the self and flow outward. We stalk the Force like hunters, rather than surrender like prey to its enigmatic whims. — James Luceno

Self Propelled Quotes By Nicole Krauss

She [my mother] was the force around which our world turned. My mother was propelled through the universe by the brute force of reason. She was the judge in all our arguments. One disapproving word from her was enough to send us off to hide in a corner, where we would cry and fantasize our own martyrdom. And yet. One kiss could restore us to princedom. Without her, our lives would dissolve into chaos. — Nicole Krauss

Self Propelled Quotes By Madeleine M. Kunin

A desire to succeed in politics is propelled by these two seemingly contradictory forces, which frequently change places and sometimes coexist: to save others and to save oneself. — Madeleine M. Kunin

Self Propelled Quotes By W.E.B. Du Bois

Before and after emancipation, the Negro, in self-defense, was propelled toward the white employer. The endowments of wealthy white men have developed great institutions of learning for the Negro, but the freedom of action on the part of these same universities has been curtailed in proportion as they are indebted to white philanthropies. — W.E.B. Du Bois

Self Propelled Quotes By May Sarton

Each new poem is partly propelled by the formal energies of all the poems that have preceded it in the history of literature. — May Sarton

Self Propelled Quotes By Steve Maraboli

The dream is yours ... why are you asking others to validate or nourish it? Your journey must be self-propelled. It must be fueled from within. — Steve Maraboli

Self Propelled Quotes By Jef Mallett

Mach-5, the speed at which stress can't keep up, is simply forward motion. But it has to be self- propelled. Note that people in cars are still stressed. — Jef Mallett

Self Propelled Quotes By Lisi Harrison

She raced for him, propelled by the strength of a thousand regrets. — Lisi Harrison

Self Propelled Quotes By David Mitchell

Earlier, I stepped on a squid that had propelled itself over the bulwarks! (Its eyes & beak reminded me of my father-in-law.) — David Mitchell

Self Propelled Quotes By Earl Scruggs

I think Earl Scruggs playing propelled bluegrass and Bill Monroe's music to the level that - where we're all still talking about it. — Earl Scruggs

Self Propelled Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Hawk ignored my glare and I knew he was doing this when he got close, hooked me around the neck, yanked me to his side and propelled me to the table, head bent to my ear where he murmured, "See you're stressy and in a bad mood."
He lifted his head and I twisted my neck to look up at him and see he was grinning.
"Just curious, but do you know how much contract killers cost and and, incidentally, would you have a recommendation? — Kristen Ashley

Self Propelled Quotes By Barry Lopez

Watching the animals come and go, and feeling the land swell up to meet them and then feeling it grow still at their departure, I came to think of the migrations as breath, as the land breathing. In spring a great inhalation of light and animals. The long-bated breath of summer. And an exhalation that propelled them all south in the fall. — Barry Lopez

Self Propelled Quotes By Bryan Perrett

Type 94 Class, more commonly the Type 95 light tanks, and the general purpose medium Type 97s. A self-propelled gun based on the Type 97 was also encountered, and a further ageing medium, the Type 89B, was — Bryan Perrett

Self Propelled Quotes By Reinhard Bonnke

The vision of a blood-washed Africa propelled me to go from Cape Town to Cairo and start Christ for all Nations. — Reinhard Bonnke

Self Propelled Quotes By Neal Shusterman

It was the very rightness of the idea that made Nelson become a Juvey-cop to begin with. The knowledge that he would leave the world a cleaner, brighter place by dredging the dregs from the streets was what propelled him into the police academy. Eventually, though, his ideals were replaced by an abiding hatred for those marked for unwinding. They were all alike, these Unwinds; sucking valuable resources from those more deserving, and clinging to their pathetic individuality, rather than accepting peaceful division. — Neal Shusterman

Self Propelled Quotes By Pedro Antonio De Alarcon

We have a long distance to travel,' said the Angel of Death to our friend Gil, as soon as they had left the Villa. 'I will order my chariot.' And he struck the ground with his foot.
A hollow rumbling, like that which precedes an earthquake, sounded under the ground. Presently there rose round the two friends an ash-colored cloud of vapor, in the midst of which appeared a species of ivory chariot, resembling the chariots we see in the bas-reliefs of antiquity.
A brief glance would have sufficed (we will not disguise the fact from out readers) to show that the chariot was not made of ivory, but solely and simply of human bones polished and joined together with exquisite skill, but retaining still their natural form.
The Angel of Death gave his hand to Gil and they ascended the chariot, which rose into the air like the balloons of the present day, but with the difference that it was propelled by the will of its occupants. ("The Friend of Death") — Pedro Antonio De Alarcon

Self Propelled Quotes By Steven Pressfield

I believe in previous lives and the Muse - and that books and music exist before they are written and that they are propelled into material being by their own imperative to be born, via the offices of those willing servants of discipline, imagination and inspiration whom we call artists. — Steven Pressfield

Self Propelled Quotes By Adam Hart-Davis

Whittle was an amazing chap. Tiny, stubborn, unstoppable - jet-propelled! It's amazing the impact his invention has had upon the world. — Adam Hart-Davis

Self Propelled Quotes By Sandra Gulland

The Confessions of Catherine de Medici is a dramatic, epic novel of an all-too-human woman whose strength and passion propelled her into the center of grand events. Meticulously-researched, this engrossing novel offers a fresh portrait of a queen who has too often been portrayed as a villain. Bravo Mr. Gortner! — Sandra Gulland

Self Propelled Quotes By K.J. Bishop

I have come to believe that we steer our individual spheres of being through the spectra of possible worlds via the choices we make, the acts we perform. Most people stick to known routes, and therefore cannot travel far. They live too modestly, and perhaps too privately. Only by being strange can we move, for strange acts cause us to be rejected by whatever normality we have offended, and to be propelled towards a normality that can better accommodate us. — K.J. Bishop

Self Propelled Quotes By Lynsey Addario

We had learned from the killing of a Reuters photographer on the balcony of the Palestine Hotel that a long lens could be mistaken for a rocket-propelled grenade. — Lynsey Addario