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Top Self Audit Quotes

Self Audit Quotes By Neal A. Maxwell

The mortal experience ... is not like a college course which we can passively audit. Instead, we are taking life's course for credit and there are no summers off - not even semester breaks. — Neal A. Maxwell

Self Audit Quotes By Kenneth Blackwell

The reason it takes us from November the second to December the sixth to certify is because we have a very tedious, very comprehensive process where we audit by precinct, across the state, every vote that was cast to make sure that every vote that was legally cast is counted. — Kenneth Blackwell

Self Audit Quotes By Charlie Munger

You'll better understand the evil when top audit firms started selling fraudulent tax shelters when I tell you that one told me that they're better [than the others] because they only sold [the schemes] to their top-20 clients, so no-one would notice. — Charlie Munger

Self Audit Quotes By Pete Hegseth

Defense leaders should be searching for ways to reform out-of-date procurement processes, to collapse layers of Pentagon bureaucracy, and to restrain the growth in personnel and benefits costs. A critical first step in that process should be to conduct a full Pentagon audit to determine how DOD spends taxpayer dollars. — Pete Hegseth

Self Audit Quotes By John Zande

Despite ancient suspicions, nature is on inspection neither kind nor unkind. It is neither caring nor uncaring. It is not, under even the closest audit, either interested or disinterested. It is merciless, cruel, and stunningly violent, but it is also mindless and without vengeance or hate or malice. It is, from every perspective, a contrivance of dead matter simply being moved - chemically or mechanically - by the unthinking, enormously discourteous laws of the universe. — John Zande

Self Audit Quotes By Marcia Conner

Social tools leave a digital audit trail, documenting our learning journey - often an unfolding story - and leaving a path for others to follow. — Marcia Conner

Self Audit Quotes By Donald Trump

I assume I can give you a letter from a big law firm saying that we're under audit. — Donald Trump

Self Audit Quotes By Nick Turse

The DoD has never undergone an audit. In 2004, it actually pledged to undergo a full audit by 2007, but that deadline came and went, and then they moved it to 2016. No one, not even the DoD, thinks they'll actually be able to pass it in 2016. — Nick Turse

Self Audit Quotes By William Shakespeare

Against that time (if ever that time come)
When I shall see thee frown on my defects,
When as thy love hath cast his utmost sum,
Call'd to that audit by advis'd respects;
Against that time when thou shalt strangely pass,
And scarcely greet me with that sun, thine eye,
When love converted from the thing it was
Shall reasons find of settled gravity:
Against that time do I insconce me here
Within the knowledge of mine own desert,
And this my hand against myself uprear,
To guard the lawful reasons on thy part.
To leave poor me thou hast the strength of laws,
Since why to love I can allege no cause. — William Shakespeare

Self Audit Quotes By Matt Shea

We need to call what is happening out of Washington, D.C., what it is: Bureaucratic terrorism: If you want a list of stories, I could go through a bunch of them, and I could highlight a few: One of them was the IRS audit of my good friend Phil Hart, he's sitting in the audience today. That was bureaucratic terrorism. — Matt Shea

Self Audit Quotes By Jacqueline Novogratz

I was an accidental banker. To please my parents, I went for an interview with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1983. They promised to send me into their offices in more than 40 countries and essentially audit the practices. It was an extraordinary job. — Jacqueline Novogratz

Self Audit Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

When you have defined your mission, values and attitudes in the context of leadership influence and excellence, you also need to conduct a personal audit, checking how aligned they are to your current leadership practices. Where necessary, begin to make adjustments. — Archibald Marwizi

Self Audit Quotes By William Shakespeare

And how his audit stands who knows, save Heaven? — William Shakespeare

Self Audit Quotes By Paul Broun

It's absolutely critical that we audit the Fed so the American people can see what's going on over there. Do it from top to bottom so that we can have transparency in this entity called the Federal Reserve. Hopefully, the American people will see that we need to go back to the gold standard, which I've introduced, and get rid of the Fed. — Paul Broun

Self Audit Quotes By Harry Reid

I think it would be interesting to know about the Federal Reserve. I think we should audit the Federal Reserve. It's taxpayers money that is being used there — Harry Reid

Self Audit Quotes By James Dale Davidson

Just as the attempts to preserve the power of knights in armor were doomed to fail in the face of gunpowder weapons, so the modern notions of nationalism and citizenship are doomed to be short-circuited by microtechnology. Indeed, they will eventually become comic in much the way that the sixteenth century. The cherished civic notions of the twentieth century will be comic anachronisms to new generations after the transformation of the year 2000. The Don Quixote of the twenty-first century will not be a knight-errant struggling to revive the glories of feudalism but a bureaucrat in a brown suit, a tax collector yearning for a citizen to audit. — James Dale Davidson

Self Audit Quotes By Bob Corker

I have gone to great lengths, and in some cases beyond what is required by the reporting guidelines to ensure all of my filings are beyond reproach, by hiring an independent third-party accounting firm to review and audit all of my previous annual financial disclosures. — Bob Corker

Self Audit Quotes By Scott Snyder

I've always been a relatively big history buff. In college, I took a lot of history courses, and when I was in grad school, I liked to audit them. — Scott Snyder

Self Audit Quotes By Katharine Hayhoe

The first thing we can do as individuals and as communities, like a school or a university or a church, is cut our energy use. Do an energy audit or measure our carbon footprint using online carbon calculators that are free, easy, and cheap. Get a list of the ways that we can stop wasting so much energy and save money. — Katharine Hayhoe

Self Audit Quotes By Paul Silway

It takes big money to preach a big Gospel to a great big world. We have to have our own land. We have to pay electricity bills, water bills, generator bills, staff payment, security, the audit department needs money, and there are legalities that require money. — Paul Silway

Self Audit Quotes By Michael Lewis

He concluded that there was effectively no way for an accountant assigned to audit a giant Wall Street firm to figure out whether it was making money or losing money. — Michael Lewis

Self Audit Quotes By Donald Trump

I have friends that are very wealthy, and I said, do you get audited? They don't even know what I'm talking about. They have never been audited. Why am I audited every single year? And until the audit is completed, obviously, I wouldn't show anything. I will show it as soon as it's completed. I have nothing to hide. — Donald Trump

Self Audit Quotes By Lang Leav

My mind, a Venn diagram.
You, the overlap and the intersect;
a pulsating glimmer - omnipresent,
a lighthouse with its glowing breath.

You are the stone that skirts the river,
that skips along its crystal plane;
a surface skimmed by concentric shimmer,
and trembles with the touch of rain.

You are worlds that spin in orbit,
a star who rose and fell;
infinity summoned for audit -
a penny toss in the wishing well. — Lang Leav

Self Audit Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Three years later, Mr. Turley has received no reply to his letter. Nor can anybody account for the missing money: saints, it seems, are immune to audit. — Christopher Hitchens

Self Audit Quotes By Northrop Frye

Americans like to make money; Canadians like to audit it. I know no other country where accountants have a higher social and moral status. — Northrop Frye

Self Audit Quotes By Ron Paul

Quantitative easing is just the latest chapter in the Federal Reserve's hundred-year history of failure. ( ... ) The American people have suffered long enough under a monetary policy controlled by an unaccountable, secretive central bank. It is time to finally audit - and then end - the Fed. — Ron Paul

Self Audit Quotes By Donald Trump

When you're under audit, you don't give your papers. An audit is - I have been under audit for so many years. Every year, I get audited. For, I think, over 10 years, maybe even 12 years, I have been audited. And I think it's very fair. And I think I'm being singled out. — Donald Trump

Self Audit Quotes By Bob Barr

Organizations worried about the potential for e-voting problems have long-advocated for audit procedures by which votes cast by e-voting machines could be verified through audit trails. — Bob Barr

Self Audit Quotes By Pete Hegseth

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) has called for an audit of the Pentagon, so that we finally have some transparency and accountability in how DOD spends taxpayer dollars. — Pete Hegseth

Self Audit Quotes By Barton Gellman

The National Security Agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008, according to an internal audit and other top-secret documents. — Barton Gellman