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Top Self Aggrandisement Quotes

Self Aggrandisement Quotes By Susan Edmonstone Ferrier

I'll suffer no daughter of mine to play the fool with her heart, indeed! She shall marry for the purpose for which matrimony was ordained amongst people of birth
that is, for the aggrandisement of her family, the extending of their political influence
for becoming, in short, the depository of their mutual interest. These are the only purposes for which persons of rank ever think of marriage. — Susan Edmonstone Ferrier

Self Aggrandisement Quotes By Peter Ackroyd

I detest self-regard. If my work has taught me anything, it is that self-aggrandisement is completely unhistorical. — Peter Ackroyd

Self Aggrandisement Quotes By Dave Mearns

Self-acceptance should not be confused with an over-vaulting aggrandisement of self over others. That individual's exaggerated positive view of self relies upon a comparison with others - they sustain their own positive self-view, relatively, by maintaining a negative view of others. — Dave Mearns

Self Aggrandisement Quotes By Hilary Mantel

A decade of self-aggrandisement, since his daughter flashed her cunny at the king, has made Boleyn rich and settled and confident. — Hilary Mantel

Self Aggrandisement Quotes By Thomas Paine

Nothing can appear more contradictory than the principles on which the old governments began, and the condition to which society, civilisation and commerce are capable of carrying mankind. Government, one the old system, is an assumption of power, for the aggrandisement of itself; on the new, a delegation of power for the common benefit of society. The former supports itself by keeping up a system of war; the later promotes a system of peace, as the true means of enriching a nation. The one encourages national prejudices; the other promotes universal society, as the means of universal commerce. The one measures its prosperity, by the quantity of revenue it extorts; the other proves its excellence, by the small quantity of taxes it requires. — Thomas Paine

Self Aggrandisement Quotes By Alexander Payne

I like to think of film-making not just as an act of personal self-aggrandisement but rather as an act of public service. — Alexander Payne