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Top Seirawan Quotes

Seirawan Quotes By George Will

The education of this president [Obama] is a protracted and often amusing process ... as he continues to alight upon the obvious with a sense of profound and original discovery. — George Will

Seirawan Quotes By Alain De Botton

A lump rises in our throat at the sight of beauty from an implicit knowledge that the happiness it hints at is the exception. — Alain De Botton

Seirawan Quotes By Carmen Electra

For some interesting reason, I also like a guy who has a littte bit of a belly. I think that's really cute. — Carmen Electra

Seirawan Quotes By Victoria Wood

If you behave normally, people treat you normally. It's only when you act as if you're someone special that they feel obliged to stand on ceremony. — Victoria Wood

Seirawan Quotes By Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

It is not easy to speak of people and land in simple terms beginnings with a beginning and ending with an end. — Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

The world championship is a disputed title. You've got a situation like boxing. Speaking as a member of the chess world, it's extremely undignified. — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

Describing one competitive advantage of IBM's Deep Blue chess computer. It has no fear. — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Natasha Bedingfield

Write your own songs. It helps you to mean what you're singing, which will then make it mean something to listeners. — Natasha Bedingfield

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

Though most people love to look at the games of the great attacking masters, some of the most successful players in history have been the quiet positional players. They slowly grind you down by taking away your space, tying up your pieces, and leaving you with virtually nothing to do! — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Pamela Anderson

My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it's like therapy. — Pamela Anderson

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

Throughout chess history, great debates have raged about the pros and cons of hanging pawns. The debates are nonsense; the answer is cut and dried. If the pawns can be attacked and forced to move forward, they are weak. If they can be defended and remain where they are, they are strong. — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Rene Russo

I always thought I'm kind of a tough girl. — Rene Russo

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

Bobby is the most misunderstood, misquoted celebrity walking the face of this earth — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Matei Calinescu

Kitsch lends itself to a definition in terms of a systematic attempt to fly from daily reality: in time and in space. — Matei Calinescu

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

Let the perfectionist play postal. — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

How come the little things bother you when you are in a bad position? They don't bother you in good positions. — Yasser Seirawan

Seirawan Quotes By Ben Robertson

It was not the goal that really concerned us, the journey was the thing. Who ever reaches any goal? From what journey can we return? We know of the poverty about us, of the work and worry, but we know of a degree of freedom, of a stunted beauty. We have warm open days and sunshine in Carolina. Much is denied us. But we have, we have. And an attitude is more powerful than any circumstance. — Ben Robertson

Seirawan Quotes By Learned Hand

If the prosecution of crime is to be conducted with so little regard for that protection which centuries of English law have given to the individual, we are indeed at the dawn of a new era; and much that we have deemed vital to our liberties, is a delusion. — Learned Hand

Seirawan Quotes By Garry Kasparov

Boris Vasilievich was the only top-class player of his generation who played gambits regularly and without fear ... Over a period of 30 years he did not lose a single game with the King's Gambit, and among those defeated were numerous strong players of all generations, from Averbakh, Bronstein and Fischer, to Seirawan. — Garry Kasparov

Seirawan Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Tate grabbed me, hugging me so hard, I knew I'd have bruises. He was probably unaware of it, not having had much time to get used to his new strength.
I pushed at him, "Tate ... you're squeezing me too hard."
He let go of me so fast I almost staggered. "Oh Christ, I can't do anything right! — Jeaniene Frost

Seirawan Quotes By Yasser Seirawan

I think a player constantly improves his understanding of chess with experience. — Yasser Seirawan