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Segenggam Setia Quotes & Sayings

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Top Segenggam Setia Quotes

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Laurence J. Peter

There are two sorts of losers - the good loser, and the one who can't act. — Laurence J. Peter

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Peter Kreeft

If you want to get wet, go out to where it is raining; If you want to be a saint, find one and hang out with him. — Peter Kreeft

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Samuel Goldwyn Jr.

I'm exhausted from not talking. — Samuel Goldwyn Jr.

Segenggam Setia Quotes By James Thurber

I'll never know the right answer for sex and marriage, sense and mirage. — James Thurber

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Joy is the grace we say to God. — Ray Bradbury

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

Question: What is the white stuff in bird poop?
Answer: That is bird poop, too. — Kurt Vonnegut

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Gore Vidal

It's odd to meet a rather elderly man who says, 'I've been reading you all my life.' It makes you feel a slight chill. — Gore Vidal

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Georges Braque

Perspective starts from one viewpoint and never gets away from it. But the viewpoint is quite unimportant. It is though someone were to draw profiles all his life, leading people to think that a man has only one eye ... — Georges Braque

Segenggam Setia Quotes By T.E. Lawrence

Author says he suffered from both "a craving to be famous" and "a horror of being known to like being known. — T.E. Lawrence

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Arthur Japin

That, darling, is the only thing that counts for someone to see more in you than you ever imagined was there. — Arthur Japin

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Balthazar Getty

Life started getting good when I started making money. — Balthazar Getty

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Eliezer Yudkowsky

Someday," said the Boy-Who-Lived, "when the distant descendants of Homo sapiens are looking back over the history of the galaxy and wondering how it all went so wrong, they will conclude that the original mistake was when someone taught Hermione Granger how to read. — Eliezer Yudkowsky

Segenggam Setia Quotes By Sui Ishida

Something this rare... Nobody can have him but me... — Sui Ishida