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Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By M.K. Schiller

The woman at the next table is making eyes at you," Lanie said, whispering conspiratorially.

"Really? What does she make them out of? Cloth? — M.K. Schiller

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Paddy Ashdown

We who came here saw what was happening. This was far more than a war in a faraway place. This was a moral imperative, a terrible vision of the future. — Paddy Ashdown

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Kirsty Moseley

This girl and this baby were my world, and the only things I needed out of life. I just hoped I could somehow make them as happy as they both made me. — Kirsty Moseley

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Robert Farrar Capon

The world has taken a five-thousand-year bath in wisdom and is just as grimy as ever. — Robert Farrar Capon

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Whoopi Goldberg

[On writing to Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple:] I told her I would play a Venetian blind, dirt on the floor, anything. — Whoopi Goldberg

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Ken Lukowiak

We piled aboard the small chopper and after a bit of map pointing to the pilot we lifted off.
"I love the RAF," said Jed.
"I love them too, sir," said I.
After a short flight the chopper landed. We all got out and waved our thanks and farewells to the crew and Major Jenner checked his map. After a quick examination he announced that we had been dropped in the wrong place.
"I fucking hate the RAF," said Jed.
"I fucking hate them too, sir," said I. — Ken Lukowiak

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Iris Origo

The biographer's real business - if it is not too arrogant to say so - is simply this: to bring the dead to life. — Iris Origo

Scott Kardashian Funny Quotes By Y.S. Lee

Calmly, slowly, she reached behind with her left hand and came up against - yes, fabric. Fine linen, to be precise. So far, so good: she was inside a wardrobe, after all. The only problem was that this linen was oddly warm. Body warm. Beneath the tentative pressure of her palm, it seemed to be moving ...
With terrifying suddenness, an ungloved hand clamped roughly over her nose and mouth. A long arm pinned her arms against her sides. She was held tightly against a hard, warm surface.
"Hush," whispered a pair of lips pressed to her left ear. "If you scream, we are both lost. — Y.S. Lee