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Top Schnitzel Quotes

Schnitzel Quotes By Christopher Isherwood

And at this very moment, like a miracle, the rail-bus appeared. We waved our arms frantically, hardly daring to hope that it would stop. It did stop. We scrambled thankfully on board.
That is the irony of travel. You spend your boyhood dreaming of a magic, impossibly distant day when you will cross the Equator, when your eyes will behold Quito. And then, in the slow prosaic process of life, that day undramatically dawns - and finds you sleepy, hungry and dull. The Equator is just another valley; you aren't sure which and you don't much care. Quito is just another railroad station, with fuss about baggage and taxis and tips. And the only comforting reality, amidst all this picturesque noisy strangeness, is to find a clean pension run by Czech refugees and sit down in a cozy Central European parlor to a lunch of well-cooked Wiener Schnitzel. — Christopher Isherwood

Schnitzel Quotes By Heidi Klum

I'd say I'm a good cook. I have a lot of German recipes that I can make - schnitzel, meatballs and things with cabbage. I love cabbage. — Heidi Klum

Schnitzel Quotes By Wolfgang Puck

I grew up in Austria, and for me real comfort food is Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener Schnitzel and mashed potatoes because it reminds me of my youth ... It reminds me when I grow up and it feels very comforting. — Wolfgang Puck

Schnitzel Quotes By Theodore Beale

The French - cheese-eating surrender monkeys. The Germans - schnitzel snarfing stormtrooper spawn. — Theodore Beale

Schnitzel Quotes By Arundhati Roy

(1) Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. (2) Wild geese that flew with the moon on their wings. (3) Bright copper kettles. (4) Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles. — Arundhati Roy

Schnitzel Quotes By James Ellroy

All I want to do is make serious movies that explore social issues and turn a profit, and slip the schnitzel to Jane DePugh. — James Ellroy

Schnitzel Quotes By Beatriz Williams

...the predominant odors of sauerkraut and schnitzel that had always made me feel a part of my mother's life, the part before she met my father and the brackets of disappointment that marked each side of her mouth had become permanent. — Beatriz Williams

Schnitzel Quotes By Navid Negahban

I lived with a German family. I learned about schnitzel from Ritta Seiffer. When she cooked she'd get the oil really hot so that it sealed everything and in the middle was very juicy. That's the secret to a great schnitzel. — Navid Negahban