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Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Max J. Birchwood

The changes that occur during the prodromal phase have been broadly characterised by Hafner and colleagues (Hafner et al., 1995), though other more intensive studies are reviewed and summarised in Yung et al. (1996). These and other studies (Jones et al., 1993) showed that although diagnostic specificity and ultimately potentially effective treatment comes with the later onset of positive psychotic symptoms, most of the disabling consequences of the underlying disorder emerge and manifest well prior to this phase. In particular, deficits in social functioning occur predominantly during the prodromal phase and prior to treatment. Hafner et al.
(1995) demonstrated clearly that the main factor determining social outcome two years after first admission for schizophrenia is acquired social status during the prodromal phase of the disorder. The importance of this phase was previously poorly appreciated because no conceptual — Max J. Birchwood

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Jennifer Ryan

She didn't say anything, just a long, quiet "shhhh," as if she had learned that the troubles of the world could be absorbed and deafened by slow, steady wistfulness, and I suddenly understood that she'd been silencing the noise for the past twenty years. — Jennifer Ryan

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Nicholas Negroponte

But just as elevators have changed the shape of buildings and cars have changed the shape of cities, bits will change the shape of organizations, be they companies, nations, or social structures. — Nicholas Negroponte

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Jonathan M. Metzl

As but one example, the title of this book comes from a 1968 article that appeared in the prestigious Archives of General Psychiatry, in which psychiatrists Walter Bromberg and Frank Simon described schizophrenia as a "protest psychosis" whereby black men developed "hostile and aggressive feelings" and "delusional anti-whiteness" after listening to the words of Malcolm X, joining the Black Muslims, or aligning with groups that preached militant resistance to white society. According to the authors, the men required psychiatric treatment because their symptoms threatened not only their own sanity, but the social order of white America. Bromberg and Simon argued that black men who "espoused African or Islamic" ideologies, adopted "Islamic names" that were changed in such a way so as to deny "the previous Anglicization of their names" in fact demonstrated a "delusional anti-whiteness" that manifest as "paranoid projections of the Negroes to the Caucasian group."10 — Jonathan M. Metzl

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Jesmyn Ward

Love don't just go away like that, Cille," Sandman said.
"It do. — Jesmyn Ward

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Radha Mitchell

Well, obviously I was excited by the idea that Woody Allen was going to direct it. But at the same time, the script itself and the character was really interesting. — Radha Mitchell

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By John Forbes Nash

I would not dare to say that there is a direct relation between mathematics and madness, but there is no doubt that great mathematicians suffer from maniacal characteristics, delirium and symptoms of schizophrenia. — John Forbes Nash

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Mandy Hale

So you're a little weird? Work it! A little different? OWN it! Better to be a nerd than one of the herd! — Mandy Hale

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Ayelet Waldman

In a perfect world, probably we'd never yell, we'd just be firm and dispassionate. But of course, everyone yells at their children. — Ayelet Waldman

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By James A. Chu

Dissociative symptoms - primarily depersonalization and derealization - are elements in other DSM-IV disorders, including schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder, and in the neurologic syndrome of temporal lobe epilepsy, also called complex partial seizures. In this latter disorder, there are often florid symptoms of depersonalization and realization, but most amnesia symptoms derive from difficulties with focused attention rather than forgetting previously learned information. — James A. Chu

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Gregory Bateson

its nature, etiology, and the kind of therapy to use for it
remains one of the most puzzling of the mental illnesses. The theory of schizophrenia presented here is based on communications analysis, and specifically on the Theory of Logical Types. From this theory and from observations of schizophrenic patients is derived a description, and the necessary conditions for, a situation called the "double bind"
a situation in which no matter what a person does, he "can't win." It is hypothesized that a person caught in the double bind may develop schizophrenic symptoms — Gregory Bateson

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Paul H Blaney

Despite the growing clinical and research interest in dissociative symptoms and disorders, it is also true that the substantial prevalence rates for dissociative disorders are still disproportional to the number of studies addressing these conditions.
For example, schizophrenia has a reported rate of 0.55% to 1% of the normal population (Goldner, Hus, Waraich, & Somers, more or less similar to the prevalence of DID. Yet a PubMed search generated 25,421 papers on research related to schizophrenia, whereas only 73 publications were found for DID-related research. — Paul H Blaney

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Amy Childs

I need to tone up, as I eat a lot of fast food. I love Maccy D's, Subway and Domino's. — Amy Childs

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Jennifer Lee

Headline writing is an art form. — Jennifer Lee

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Lysander Spooner

The secret ballot makes a secret government; and a secret government is a secret band of robbers and murderers. — Lysander Spooner

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Edmundo Desnoes

The richness of our contemporary visual world must be seen as a danger. It is an overwhelming and oppressive world. A world that manifests itself fundamentally through the image is only a few steps from totalitarian manipulation. — Edmundo Desnoes

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By David Levithan

Epithet, n.
I think the worst you ever called me was a "cunt rag."
"You mean I'm a tampon?" I asked. "I'm a tampon for not letting you drive?"
I laughed. You didn't. At least, not until you sobered up. — David Levithan

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Wes Craven

My brother and I both used to worry about dying at 40 because our father died at 40. That probably wasn't terribly rational, since my father led a rather unhealthy lifestyle, shall we say. — Wes Craven

Schizophrenia Symptoms Quotes By Jessica Szohr

Ghost stories always creep me out and weird me out. Those are always interesting to watch. — Jessica Szohr